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Jesus. I will Kickstarter this. Justice League Dark(er): Once More With Tentacles.

You have no idea how desperately I wish this was a real series. It would be all of my favorite things. Dead sidekicks! Magic! Complaining about Batman while also admiring Zee’s shapely legs in a gentlemanly fashion! It would be grimdark but good.

See, I feel like Jason had a breakdown after Bruce died—he didn’t get his closure, and realized he never would. Bruce would never make the choice he needed him to make, so Jason didn’t know what to do with himself. So maybe instead of having ~outlaw adventures~, he decides to have a soul-searching globetrot to find out how it is that he came back to life. He finds John, and John tells him that he’s alive because Superboy punched the timespace continuum.

And Jason is just like you lying motherfucker, TELL ME THE TRUTH DO YOU THINK I AM STUPID OR SOMETHING

And John just laughs obnoxiously and makes him buy another round. By the end of the night, they decide they like each other. Jason would ask John if he has a problem with killing, and John would promptly laugh himself sick. And then they would have adventures.

Add this one to Things We Wish the New 52 Had.

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and that was how Jason Todd became the new Dr. Fate. Or Spectre. Or both.

Oh no, I can’t. Spectre!Jason. Help. I need this. Krafty, why.