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“I have always felt in extremes, it’s like there’s this electricity in my bloodstream. I just want to scream.” - a jason todd moodboard (s) for @hsinlvegas bc her presents are going to be hella late so i’m giving her this. ily!

pjo hogwarts!au for my wife’s birthday<3 featuring: post-battle grief, quidditch, leo being a little shit, slytherin captain/big brother!percy and last, but not least, jasiper.

“You punched him. Twice. Got yourself banned from playing Quidditch for the rest of the term. Mister. Grace.” If Professor Lupa’s voice dropped any lower, Jason is sure it would have sounded like a growl. But Jason doesn’t intimidate easily–does anyone in his place? One word to his father about this would have her sacked from her position. But that thought doesn’t even cross Jason’s mind, and all thoughts like it, no matter how mild in bitterness or how rage-satisfying they might be, would stay out of this boy’s brain. Jason was not one to abuse his power. Ever.

Maybe punching Octavian and calling it ‘upholding school values’ had been a little…unnecessary. It had made Percy laugh, and had certainly knocked the little wart back on his ass. Piper, however, hadn’t reacted, but she had eyes full of angry tears at the time, and that more than anything, was what had guided his knuckles right into Octavian’s nose.


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