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Think of that one kid that loved Jason Todd. The kid that wanted to be strong and brave like Robin.

Think of that kid learning of the vote for Jason’s life. Think of that kid calling in dozens of times voting for Jason to live.

Think of that kid getting the issue, confident that he saved his hero. Think of that kid watching his idol die.

That’s why I hate Jason’s death.

Jason saying 'I love you' Headcanons

Jason Todd telling his S/O he loves them would include:

> Jason isn’t one to tell his s/o how he feels because he doesn’t really like feelings at all. Or Jason just doesn’t like to express them.

> So when he does say it on those very rare occasions it usually slips out, he does say it genuinely and purposefully sometimes though.

> The first time he said it sounded like an accident. Jason was on a mission along with Nightwing and Red Robin at the time, you had been called up for some quick information.
“Yeah Jay, check the apartment to left - trust me, but avoid the guards who patrol every 20 minutes.”
“This is why I love you, in a bit (y/n).” And then he hung up.

> Everyone had froze, Jason took a few seconds to realise what he’d said then he instantly panicked, accompanied by a string of curse words. Nightwing seemed incredibly amused and was honestly so proud whilst Red Robin was still in awe of the revelation that his brother had a heart.

> Jason had redialled your number in less than 3 seconds with every ring being agonisingly painful. You had heard his last statement perfectly, and the phone was still in your hand and you were also in a state of shock but felt a sense of satisfaction.

> You answered the phone and were welcomed by an apology.
“Shit (y/n), I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for it to slip out! I don’t want to ruin what we’ve got and I -”
“It’s ok, I love you too Jason.” Then after cutting him off you hung up.

> Jason was undeniably stunned with a burning contentment settling within him. His brothers remained expectant for some sort of answer about what you had said.
“What the hell are you staring at? We’ve got a job to do.”
“What did (y/n) say? You can’t just leave us hanging!” Nightwing practically pleaded.
“Yes he can. I need a good fight to knock me out of my shock.” Tim grinned.
“I will shoot you both.”

> He’s more open to saying it now, though not in front of people if he can help it. Sometimes, he has these genuine moments where ‘I love you’ is so meaningful and he looks at you with such admiration it’s unbelievable.

> On other occasions, it’s really quick as he leaves for patrol like a simple “Love ya”

Decisions Decisions-Jason Blossom

Riverdale Imagine:#2

Word Count: 2,889 (idk what happened tbh…)

Warnings: Underage drinking, Implied sex.

Summary: After finding out the family business is a front for a drug ring Jason goes to the one person he knows he can trust.

A/n: I hope you all like this. I love Jason Blossom and I don’t think there is enough of him in the world so I am going to provide!!! 

Let me know what you think and remember…



Last Imagine

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litnerdhood  asked:

6 + bruce and jay platonic ofc!!

Bruce’s heavy lids fought against the current of sleep and thick blood as he came to again, blinking into darkness. 

The sharp tang of sterilising liquids and metal permeated the damp cave, bringing his senses to back into focus. Pain shuddered through bone and flesh with every inhale and exhale of his breath. Bruce tried not to breathe, and failed. But he remembered that failure was something he was well accustomed to, and so he surrendered to it.

He became aware of a presence beside him, a source of warmth, of life, and reached out for it, a groan escaping his parched lips.

Shit,” a low voice swore in a flurry of movement. A firm but gentle hand was pressed against his chest, coaxing him back down to the table. “Don’t move, B. Just… stay put, okay? We’re gonna get you patched up.”

“Jason…” Bruce said, grimacing as he lay his head down. “What… happened?”

“You tell me,” Jason said roughly. “Oracle called me saying you had gone rogue and cut all communications with her and he others. She sent me to make sure you were okay and I found you unconscious in the batmobile. Had to drag your sorry ass back to the cave myself.”

Bruce blinked at him, confused, still light-headed from the blood loss.

“Where’s Alfred?”

“Sick. Remember?” Jason’s voice was still, subdued as he cut strips of gauze with his back turned to Bruce. “He caught the flu yesterday and you sent him straight to bed. Well, more like, you requested he go straight to bed, and Alfie only complied after a snarky comment and finishing the dishes.”

Jason returned to Bruce’s side as he talked and began to carefully dress every small cut in practiced, routine movements. Bruce saw the small smile that tugged at the corner of Jason’s face disappear, a brooding look settling in his son’s eyes.

“Is he okay?” he pressed, suddenly concerned. 

“Alfie’s fine. He’s still asleep and doesn’t know you almost died… so you’re welcome.”

Bruce relaxed with a small sigh, once again able to focus on his own pain instead of worrying about the pain of others. “Thank you.” 

“Why the hell didn’t you just call for backup?” 

Bruce opened his mouth to respond, but closed it again, knowing that every word spoken in his own defence would merely antagonise Jason more. And in this case, rightly so. So instead he watched Jason as he continued to clean the cuts on his face, taking in every small detail about his son.

The tired, yet ever-sharp eyes that seemed to see straight through him, as if he were transparent. Olive-toned skin, scarred in memories that were best forgotten, memories that neither of them talked about anymore. The strong jaw, set firmly in anger, and whatever other emotion was churning beneath that silent, dangerous demeanour of his.

“It was the Joker. I didn’t want him near any of you.”

At the sound of his name, Jason’s body tensed up in a reflexive, sickening rush of anger and gut-clenching fear, and Bruce hated himself for it. They sat there in a long moment of silence, water dripping from somewhere in the cave, the sound of bats’ wings rustling in the air above them. 

“You needed our help, Bruce…” Jason’s voice rising with emotion, burning as he repeated his previous question. “Why.

Bruce said nothing. Was determined to say nothing. He scrambled for any other excuse, for the one’s he had used a million times… but looking into the eyes of his son, he knew there was no hiding the truth from Jason. He closed his eyes, swallowing back the nausea, fingers trembling as those two words pressed against the roof of his mouth. 

Jason deserves the truth. They all do. 

“I’m afraid,” Bruce finally responded in a whisper. “I’m afraid, Jay. I… I can’t lose any of you again.” 

Jason hung his head with a shaky sigh, bent over, broken as he hid his face in his hands. 

And Bruce hated himself once again. 

He gritted his teeth, mind racing through contingencies, mapping out every route, every end point for this interaction until he had prepared himself for every possible scenario. Every eventuality. 

He was ready for Jason to storm out of the room, to yell at him, to cry, to go on a viscous and well-deserved tirade against him for how selfish he was being. 

He was prepared for every response… except one. 

Bruce felt his breath catch in his chest as Jason leaned down beside him, slow, intentional. Their cheeks touched softly, and Jason placed a kiss in the air between them before pulling back and resuming his work, avoiding eye contact as he took Bruce’s arm and began to stitch up an open wound. 

Neither of them said a word. Not even as the tears began to trace down Bruce’s face in constellations of release. He didn’t even bother to turn away. Jason didn’t pry. 

Father bled for son as son had bled for his father… and together, they shared their pain. 

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All’s Well that Ends Well [Batfam/Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: So I had an anon send me a message about writing a Part 2 to An Off Day. It got me thinking and I came up with an idea for a part 2. Hope you all like it!

(thank you @memento-scribet for reading it over for me! Love ya <3)

Warning: Not quite NSFW but making out and suggestive.


After gaining your promotion and Jason showing up when Red Hood said he would. You put two and two together pretty quickly, but he trusted you with the information. However, he didn’t tell you who the other bats were and you respected that.

You were keeping the relationship on the down low. Not wanting people to think you got the promotion because you had a relationship with Bruce’s son. Not even his family knew.

He had talked to you about his family, how a while ago they weren’t all on the best terms. He trusted you more than anyone, and you were happy he did.

You found it kind of romantic. The sneaking around and trust between you both, it was like a non-fatal Romeo and Juliet. But you guys have had a few more romantic getaways, if you know what I mean.. Wink Wink.

He was fond of the spontaneous ones. And unknowingly had one in the works right now.

Jason has your schedule pretty well memorized over the past month you’d been together. Meaning he knows when your lunch is. Though some days it will change because you have a meeting or something. You had become a very important asset to Wayne Enterprises. Not mention the employees under you respected you and were your friends.

It was a good change for the office.

“Hey Trish” Jason greeted your assistant as he approached your office.

“Hello Mr. Todd, Miss [L/n]’s on a call right now” She informed him. But that never stopped him before. “I’ll be quiet” he smiled before opening the door quietly and slipping inside.

You back was turned to him as you yelled over the phone. “I need those shipments in by tomorrow when you promised when they would be in!”

Jason leaned against the door frame, observing you. Completely oblivious to his presence. He patiently waited for you to hang up the call, he never really saw angry like this. You’re always pretty happy-go-lucky or over dramatic. Of course he had seen you mad but not furious like this.

He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t a turn on.

“Well if you’d like to keep your job I’d have that shipment in at it’s promised time.” scolding before slamming the phone to the receiver. A frustrated huff escaping your lips

Today had been very stressful. Shipments were delayed, you needed a sales gross report finished and on Bruce’s desk by the end of the day. Not to mention your heels were killing your feet and the skirt you chose to wear this morning was more than uncomfortable.

It wasn’t until a pair of arms slithered around your waist that you felt any sort of relief. “Someone’s tense” Jason’s deep voice vibrated in your ear.

“Well hey there handsome” turning in his arms to face him. Looking in his eyes you could see the lust, and the heat radiating off of his being. “What’s got you so heated?” teasingly cocking an eyebrow.

“Nothing, just you’re sexy when you’re angry.” a smirk played on his lips. You had learned the difference in his smirks. And this one meant there wasn’t away. Not that you wanted too.

Slipping out of his arms, he whined before you smirked at him over your shoulder.

Opening your door you poked your head out. “Hey Trish, I’m going to take my lunch break how about you do the same. I know your birthdays coming up too so my treat.” Pointing to her company card. She smiled, thanking you before leaving her desk.

Closing the door again you turned to Jason, “Well now where were we?” swaying your hips as you walked up to him. Smirking he immediately pulled you flush against him by your hips. He connected his lips to yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Not remembering if you had locked the door but not caring enough to cut this short.

Both smiling into the kiss. You had your back to the desk, gasping when he lifted you up onto it. Taking the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth. One of your hands slipped into his hair.

You weren’t going to let it get past making out but it was safe to say this was relieving your stress. It got pretty heated as he began to pamper your neck, not leaving his usual marks. Knowing you’d have to go back to working after this.

Though it didn’t take long for you to pull him back to your lips. Him winning the battle once again. You hummed contently, sending a shiver down his spine. You were both going to have to finish this later. Though Jason didn’t realize how much you’d have to make up.

Because you hadn’t remembered to lock the door after all. Which lead to your little excursion to be cut short.

“Oh my god!” a voice you didn’t recognize, but Jason did.

You both pulled away wide eyed. “Shit” he muttered, before turning to see his three brothers. You knew Tim or Dick would be coming by later that day to pick up somethings for Bruce. But they were early… very early.

“Uhhh” You both said, retracting from each other.

“When did?” Dick trailed off gesturing between the both of you. As you got back to your feet.

“A month ago” Jason answered as a blush was preeminent on your cheeks.

TT, Her rough day ended pretty well” Damian commented, making you laugh nervously. “Haha, y-yeah. We just kind of hit it off”

“Why didn’t you tell us Jay?” Dick looked at his brother. “I didn’t want him to tell anyone” you spoke up. “I didn’t want people to think that I got this promotion just because I’m with Jason” taking his hand while explaining.

“We’re going to have to tell Bruce” Tim spoke up, crossing his arms. “Let us do it” Jason assured, squeezing your hand. What would Bruce think? Will he take away the promotion?

“Um I have to deliver a report to him, how about we do it when I have to take it to him?” You offered as Jason nodded in agreement.

When the day began to draw to an end it came time to talk to Bruce. Jason hung out in your office as you freaked out, babbling your fears to him. He did his best to keep you calm, but to be honest he couldn’t really guarantee anything.

The walk to his office was filled with him feeling your nervousness and trying to reassure you.

Quietly knocking on his door before hearing him say to ‘come in’.

He was surprised to see Jason joining you. “How can I help the both of you?”

“I have this sales report for you.” handing him the manila envelope, “but we have something else we need to talk to you about.”

“Yes?” he looked between the both of you. “Bruce [F/n] and I have been seeing each other for about a month now.” Jason stated rather bluntly.

“Is this true?” he directed the question at you. “Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before all of this but I just felt I had to prove myself to everyone before telling everyone of our relationship” answering, trying to sound confident.

He looked between the both of you once more. “No need for apologies. I can’t tell my employees who they can and can’t have a relationship. And I can tell you’ve been having a good affect on him” allowing a smile to grace his lips.

“He’s smiling, how’d you do that?” Jason chuckled looking at you. “I don’t know” whispering back.

“The work days over, you both head on out. I’ll see you later tonight Jason” Bruce said before you made your leave.

“That went better than expected” you stated as the both of you exited the office building. “All’s well that ends well I guess”

“Yeah, I guess. So, your place or mine?” giving you the same smirk from earlier.

Leading you only to think

‘Oh boy’

A Soul Mate to Remember chap 6

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

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TW: none 

Word count: 2,368

Chapter 6

That morning, you were relieved that it was Saturday, meaning no classes. Jason had snuggled up to you during the night, putting his arm around you and holding you close. You looked up to find him starring down a you. You smiled,“When did you wake up?”


You raised an eyebrow,“Three whole hours, wow. What time is it now?”


  You leaned back a little,“Have you just been lying here looking at me?”

“You’re really… Peaceful… When you’re asleep.

You snorted, but snuggled closer to him,"Uh-huh. Sure, that’s not creepy at all.”

 Jason lit out a little chuckle,“You sure got a mouth on you don’t you?”

  You pulled away and stood, Jason letting out a little whine,“Yes, now come on, I haven’t stayed in bed past ten since I was seventeen, and I don’t intend to start again.”

 Jason stood,“Breakfast? Alfred made French toast.”

Your mouth watered with the thought,“Why didn’t you say that first? Let’s go!”

  You dragged him out of the room and held his hand as we walked into the kitchen. Alfred was there, as long as Mrs. Wayne, and Damian. Mrs. Wayne smiled at the two of you and stood up,“Y/N! Jason, I’m glad you could join us. Sit, sit.”

You sat across from Mrs. Wayne and Jason took the place next to you and across from Damian. Alfred set a plate with plenty of French toast in from of you, and then did the same for Jason. You cleared your throat and asked,“So, is everyone else up,” before taking a bite.

  Mrs. Wayne nodded while sipping her coffee,“Yes, Bruce, and Dick had to run to the office due to a few emergency meetings and Tim had plans with friends.”

   You nodded, taking a few more bites,“Do we know how my mother is?”

 Mrs. Wayne nodded,“Yes, she’s still in the hospital but will be discharged soon.”

Jason placed his hand on your arm,“I can take you to see her if you’d like.”

“I would very much.”

 "We can go after breakfast.“

 Mrs. Wayne look at the two of you,"If you do, you are not taking her on that death trap. Alfred can drive you.”

  After breakfast Jason took you back upstairs to gather your things, and Mrs. Wayne gave you another change of clothes. Some jeans and another shirt. Jason waited for you outside the room and lead you down to the front door. You looked around at the beautiful outside of the house, trying to take it all in. Alfred was pulling around the town car and Jason was standing next to you. A series of barks turned your attention away from the house. A large, dark brown dog that seemed to be a mixture of a Great Dane and a German Shepard bounded around the corner. Jason pulled you behind him,“Easy there Titus!” The dog, obviously named Titius, raced forward until he noticed who was standing before him. Finding that it was Jason, he growled.

  You peeked out from behind him, and the dogs ears pricked to you and he stopped growling. You took a step to Jason’s side but he threw his arm out to stop you,“I wouldn’t do that, you’re new and you’ll smell like me and he’s not a big fan of me,” Jason turned to the house, and yelled, “Hey, Squirt, come get your damn dog!”

   You rolled your eyes and snuck around him,“You’re just mad cause he doesn’t like you.”

  You cautiously approached Titus, and Jason turned back when he sensed you moving. Titus let out a warning growl and you dropped to your knees and turned to the side. You had dealt with multiple dogs that friends and family had owned and gotten a few tricks along the way. Titus cocked his head and you turned your head towards him but then turned away. Titus took a step forward, and Jason tensed. You held a hand out and glanced towards the dog, then away. Titus touched your hand with his nose and you turned to him fully,“Awe, you’re a big handsome puppy aren’t you?”

 Titus barked happily and licked your hand, and let you scratch and pet him to your hearts content. “Yes you’re a good boy! I hear you’re not a big fan of Jason,” the big let out a small growl, you smirked,“Yeah, yeah, he seems to get off on the your foot with a lot of people, but we’ll work on it.”

   You stood up as Alfred pulled the car up and smirked over at Jason,“So much for me being new.”

You looked over your shoulder to see Damien standing at the top of the steps and he whistled for Titus, who barked and happily trotted to his master’s side.

 Jason pouted- NO, sorry frowned- and muttered,“shut up and get in the damn car.”

   You laughed and climbed in after him, but once you buckled you ran your hand down his arm and took his hand. Jason was still pouting, but it wasn’t as bad. The drive to the hospital was very uneventful. But when you got there it was intimidating. Apparently, someone from the press new that we were coming. The press had surrounded the front entrance and you gulped, Jason tightened his grip on your hand and turned to look at you,“ If you want, we can take the back way.”

  You held your head up high,“No way. If in your soulmate I need to get used to this. So let’s go all in, commence the flooding.”

 Jason smirked as he neared the door to exit the car,“This isn’t some phobia- is it?”

“Nope. Not at all.”

  Jason held your hand tightly as you entered the mob. It was clear, no one could touch the two of you, as someone had learned their lesson long ago by harassing Mrs. Wayne. However, camera and mics getting shoved in your faces was pretty normal, it seemed. You never said a word as the two of you entered, but the hospital staff greeted you with smiles and a nurse was more then happy to lead you to your mother’s room.

 Jason hung back in the hallway as the two of you stood outside of the hospital room. You didn’t waste any time, pushing open the door and rushing in,“Mom?!”

  Your mother sat in the bed, bandages around her arm and her leg in a boot, and in a horrible hospital gown that you knew she hated. But despite this when she saw you, she brightened,“Y/N!”

  You ran to her side and crushed her into a hug. Your mom moaned,“Oh! It seems I’m getting the famous Y/N hug,” You held her tighter and your mom moaned again, but for a few precious minutes she didn’t care about how tight you were holding her as the both of you were fighting off tears. Finally, your mother couldn’t take it anymore and said,“Y/N dear, it’s hard to breath…”

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Title: Protect Me (Part 12.)

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Samantha (fictional/original character).
Summary: A week has passed since the meeting with Todd and Sam finally makes her decision. 

Word Count: 5,639
Warning: SMUT!!! (finally)
Author’s Note:  Last chapter!!! This was bittersweet to write! Simply because I didn’t want it to end, but I’m sure more ideas will come to mind because there can never be too many Jason Crouse fics ;). Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this story! It means so much to me that all of you liked it! 
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Part 1. - Part 2. - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. 

Originally posted by may85

It had been a week since Sam had to face Todd. It also had been a week since she told Jason that she was thinking about moving. She wasn’t expecting Jason to act the way he did, but deep down, she was glad. It proved to her that the things he said about committing to her was the truth.

Jason continued to ask her to stay; he still didn’t know what she decided and that scared him.

He finally decided to go to her apartment after giving Sam the space he was sure she needed. Jason contemplated on either knocking or calling her, so he decided to with the latter. He walked towards the elevator so that she wouldn’t hear his voice from the other side of the door.

After a few rings, he heard her voice and instantly smiled.

“Jason, hi,” Sam said, placing a few books into a box.

“Hey. I was wondering…”


“Come to dinner with me,” Jason said.

“I’m packing…”

His heart dropped. Jason didn’t know what to say. He expected her to decide to stay… With him.

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Baby Tim - Part 3

Baby Tim isn’t really in this one, he is mentioned, but not seen.


Your date with Jason is set for three days later, on Saturday. Jason had told you that we was dropping of Tim at Wayne Manor, strictly under Alfred’s care, in order to let Bruce do more scans and to let Zatanna and Doctor Fate take a look at the magic that surrounds Tim.

“Yes, Jason, I understand that you need to do a quick patrol before we go out. It’s fine! I promise, yes I will meet you at the restaurant. Okay, bye”

You chuckle as you hang up the phone, “He’s so damn paranoid “you say to yourself

You continue to get ready for your date, putting on simple makeup, nice jeans and a blue flowy top. You walk out into your living room to put on your shoes when you hear your phone ring.

“Jason I told you …”

“Not, Jason, pretty girl”

You freeze, “Who is this?” you whisper, dreading the answer

“People call me the Black Mask, sweetheart”

“What – why are you calling me?”

Black Mask chuckles, “Well you see, a few days ago one of my associates saw a man they call the Red Hood enter your establishment. According to the video they took, he seemed quite smitten with you.”

You whimper, “That still doesn’t explain why you are calling me”

You hear a sigh, “I have a highly trained sniper who has you in his scope right now. I fyou so much as twitch, you will be shot in the stomach. Now you might wonder ‘why the stomach?’ well you see, your precious Red Hood is on the opposite side of the city right now. As soon as I end this call with you, I am going to give him a ring. If you are shot in the stomach your death will be slow and panful, you will probably still be alive when he gets to you, but you will be too far gone to save. So you will die in his arms and in agony. He has fucked with my organization one too many times, and I think that it is time for him to pay, don’t you?”

“Mr. Mask, I don’t really think that me dying will make him stop coming after you”

“Listen, bitch, I don’t really give a shit what you think, you just need to do as you are told”

“Alright, I won’t move. I will stay right here”

“Good. Goodbye, I truly hope that you enjoy the wait”

You hear the click of the phone hanging up. You look down at your stomach and see the little red dot appear right above your belly button. You whimper and lock your knees, desperate not to fall, to not be shot. You knew that you would eventually be shot, that one the phone call between the Black Mask and the Red Hood was over that the snipers trigger would be pulled. That you were probably going to die that night.


Jason leapt from rooftop to rooftop, hurrying to finish him patrol so he could go get ready for his date. Currently he was on the phone with Tim, saying goodnight to his little boy

“Daddy! Daddy! I no wanna sleep!”

Jason chuckled, “You have to sleep, Timmy. You need to be a good boy and go to sleep, so you are all rested when Y/N comes over to play tomorrow”

Tim gave a long suffering sigh, “Okay daddy. Night night!”

“Night night, baby”

Jason hung up the phone and continued on his patrol. Five minutes later his phone rang again.


“Hello Mr. Hood! How is patrol tonight?”

“Black Mask. Didn’t expect to hear from you tonight”

“I have something to tell you” Black Mask practically sang, “I have your little sweetheart in the scope of a sniper right now! Your girl, what was he name? Y/N I believe”

Jason could feel his blood run cold, and he immediately began to make his way toward your apartment, “I swear to fucking God, if you hurt her …”

“What are you going to do? Kill me? You haven’t managed to do that you. Plus I do believe that you are working for the Batman now, and he has a very strict moral code against killing”

“I don’t give a shit about him, you had better not hurt her!”

“As soon as I hang up this phone, the message will be sent to my guy to shoot her. So you better hurry, Hood, or you won’t get the chance to say goodbye” the Black Mask’s laughter is cut off when he hangs up the phone.

Immediately Jason was calling Bruce, “B, I need an ambulance at Y/N’s apartment, Black Mask said that he had a sniper on her. I am in route now. He said that she would be shot when he ended the phone call, that was about two minutes ago”

“An ambulance has been dispatched to her location”

“Thank you”

“Jason” Damian’s voice spoke up, “You had better make it in time”

Jason just grunted, and ran even faster, desperate to get to Y/N, so save her.


The waiting seems to take hours, but in reality you know that it is only a few minutes. You tremble as you wait for the inevitable moment where you will be shot. Even though you are waiting for it, you are still not prepared when it happens. You hear the window shattering before you feel the pain. It feels like fire has ripped through your stomach. You scream.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” you whimper, “gotta put pressure on it.”

You let out a sob as you when you use a blanket to try and stop the bleeding. You can hear an ambulance stop outside of your apartment, Jason had called an ambulance. You just might survive the night, you might make it. You can hear the EMT’s pounding on your door, shouting for you to unlock the door. You stumble to your feet, trying to make your way to the door.

“Miss?! Miss, open the door!”

You don’t really remember making your way to the door, but suddenly it is open and you are staring at two paramedics.

“Help” you whimper, collapsing forward, into the arms of the two men.

“Just stay with us! Can you tell up what happened?”

You try to answer, but you only end up coughing up blood. You can feel the edged of you vision begin to go grey. You can feel you consciousness slipping. The last thing you remember is burning pain in your stomach and you wondered how Jason would tell Tim that you were going to miss their play date tomorrow.

Gone - Part 1

You are dating Jason Todd, AKA The Red Hood. Yes he had once been a killer, but now that he was (mostly) on good terms with his family he used non-lethal force, mainly rubber bullets. You were also a vigilante, called The Sparrow, or Mama Bird. You were currently walking to meet Jason for lunch, he said that he had something to tell you, and you also had news for him, hopefully he would think it was good. Jason is on the phone outside of the café, he doesn’t look happy.

“… to go, Y/N just got here … Yeah … Bye” Jason hung up opened the door as you approached.

“Hey babe” you kiss his cheek gently, “Who was that on the phone?”

“Just Roy, come on, let’s sit down”

The two of you sit down and are quick to order. Once the waiter leaves, you reach out and take one of Jason’s hands. “So what did you want to tell me?”

Jason stiffens and glances away, “Why don’t we wait until we are done eating until I tell you?”

His behavior makes you nervous, he hasn’t been this awkward around you since you two first started dating, almost three years ago. You nod quietly and try to start a conversation with him. You begin to talk about a funny story that happened at the daycare where you work during the day. The food arrives as you finish your story and you both laps into silence as you eat your meal. When you finish Jason sets his plate aside and looks at you.

“Listen, Y/N, what I’m about to say is not your fault and I am really sorry”

“Jay” you whisper, your hands tremble, “what are you …”

“I’m breaking up with you, I can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry”

You can feel the tears filling your eyes, your entire body shaking, “What? I-I don’t understand! What happened?”

“I’m so sorry” Jason stood up, “I would like for you to be moved out by the end of the week” and then Jason stood up and walked out.

As you watch the love of your life leave you realize that you didn’t get to tell Jason your good news. It is probably a good thing, you don’t want Jason to stay with you unless he wants to, and he obviously didn’t. But you also couldn’t not say it, so as your heart walked down the street you whisper your secret to the wind,

“I’m pregnant”

Jason and Ed PART 1

Jason was hot – and he knew it. Every morning he would skip down the stairs of the same marble staircase he had skipped down for the last two years of his life and see his own emerald green eyes returning that ritualistic morning inspection of his own body in the hall mirror. Money had always been at the forefront of his godly physique. He moved out of his parent’s thirteen-bedroom property two years ago at age eighteen and since has continued to take advantage of their limitless supply of cash. He had access to the best personal trainers and gyms across London, as well as trips to the rest of Europe whenever he felt like it (contributing to his tanned complexion). While all of these products of expenditure certainly did result in Jason being one of the most attractive men of the face of the Earth, they undoubtedly were also the reason he was one of the most narcissistic people ever. Not one day passed when Jason hadn’t maintained the view that whoever he chose to be his sexual partner should make clear their thanks and gratitude for being “chosen”. Jason had never had an issue finding a sexual partner when he was in the mood and tonight would be no different. One flex of an arm, one brushing of his hand through his dark, thick, and springy curls of Italian hair, or simply one look, would send the boys flocking to him like fat kids to the last Twix in a vending machine.
Tonight, however, would be different for Jason. He was tired - tired of people faking their gratitude for being chosen. He wanted someone who would genuinely be pleased, if only for one night. He knew there would be a catch to this, however. He knew the person he would have to pull would not have to be rich, or attractive. He struggled to think of such a target as he was surveying the potential partners across the bar. But then his eyes locked on a man, and instantly he knew. This was him. The one. Well… for the night anyway. He was exactly as Jason had pictured someone who would be thankful for being chosen. While in all honesty he still remained attractive in the face, his entire body was obscured by a layer of fat, and not a small layer! Jason calorie counted everyday per his trainer’s instructions and had developed an accurate ability to estimate people’s weight. This guy had to be at least 250lbs. he was sat alone. “probably doesn’t have one friend in the world – perfect” Jason whispered under his breath.
It was decided. The man across the bar was chosen. So he flexed an arm. Nothing. No reaction. He scuffled his hand through his dark locks of hair. Still noting. Jason literally said out loud “what the fuck?!”. This was a first. And Jason didn’t like it. He saw this as a challenge, however. He refused to accept that there was someone who didn’t like him. He started to go red. He wasn’t allowing this to happen tonight. He deliberately dropped his loaded wallet on the floor. He could believe his was going to have to do this, but he would do anything to pull this man. He refused to let himself leave the bar without him. He bent over and revealed the bubbliest, most shapely butt known to man-kind. Stretching against his jeans, every gay man in the bar stared in jaw-dropping lust, including Jason’s man. Jason caught the other man’s glance and sure enough, after the man had finished his drink, he made his way to Jason. “Two bowls of BBQ wings and a beer please” the mystery man said to the barman. Jason had never been in the presence of a fat man before. It was always drilled into him that fat equated to ugly. But still as he evaluated this man, who was ordering food despite his clearly out of shape body, he felt something stirring inside of him that he had never felt before with any previous partners. He pushed that feeling down best he could and ignored it, however – focusing on the man’s face. What a fine face it was too. Jason had always preferred clean-cut, but this man had sultry dark eyes made increasingly seductive by his stubble-covered jaw. A feature that would be square and sharp as a knife if there wasn’t a double chin beginning to form. His face was perfectly symmetrical and his hair was in that scruffy, but cute style. “Hi” Jason began. “Hi, I’m Ed” replied the man. Jason was taken aback. Never had he heard such a manly voice. His voice was deep and rugged and Ed immediately noticed Jason’s attraction for him but indicated nothing. Jason collected himself and replied “Hey, I’m Jason”. The two chatted throughout the entire night and as the night progressed further, Jason found that while his sexual attraction for Ed only grew stronger (to his surprise), he also had a new feeling growing inside. Something he had never felt before. He couldn’t be sure, but… was it… love?! Jason found himself entranced with every word Ed spoke, and observed every movement of the man. As Jason had planned, the two returned to his place.
When they returned, however, the first thing Ed said as he entered the somewhat of a palace of a property was not a comment on the grandeur of the place, nor even on where to hang his coat on the cold December night, but where the food was. Jason laughed. He wasn’t disgusted that the clearly overweight Ed was asking for more food which would clearly only add to his waistline, but was actually more attracted to the fact that the man was comfortable enough with Jason after only a couple of hours together. Jason pointed Ed in the right direction and he waddled off. Jason hung up Ed’s coat after taking it from him and then followed behind Ed. As Ed was walking Jason was getting harder than he had ever gotten for any other man. It was as he was staring at the bulging love handles that Ed sported that his boner began. And it only got harder as he stared longingly at the wide and huge ass straining against the jeans that were clearly far too small for Ed.
They entered the kitchen and Ed pretty much emptied the fridge, meanwhile Jason remained in agony as his dick was rock solid and pushing against his skinny jeans with an almighty force. Ed smiled as he was facing the fridge, away from Jason’s eyes. His plan was going well.
Jason had the best sex ever that night, he found himself clinging onto Ed’s love handles when he impaled him from behind. All the while dismissing the fact that Ed was eating a slice of cake without hands with every thrust.
Jason awoke the next morning happy. He had had sex with someone who was grateful and thankful for being chosen and as far as Jason was concerned, everything had gone his way. But Ed knew different. Ed had heard from his heartbroken friend months back how Jason had slept with him then literally kicked him out onto the lawn naked the next morning - literally like dirt. He had a plan to get back at Jason for this and the plan was set in motion now. There was no going back now. Even if Ed wanted to…
Ed wasn’t in the bed when Jason awoke, instead he was in Jason’s kitchen. He was making breakfast. A big one! Only it wasn’t for himself, it was all for Jason. As he took the breakfast up, however, he took Jason a glass of water with flavourless appetite enhancers dissolved in. Jason drank the water with no questions asked, he was only bothered about curing his dry mouth from all the drinks the night before.
Ed left the room, knowing the effects of the drugs would soon take effect. Jason would not only experience a hunger like no other, but his hormones for perceiving love would be increased, as well as raising his desire for sex.
Ed returned five minutes later with a heaping pile of food and Jason’s eyes almost popped out his skull at the sight of so much food! Surely there was no way he was going to finish it! But still, as he observed the food nearing his reclined body, he realised just how starved he felt. A pain unlike no other he had ever felt immediately surged across his abdomen. He instantaneously began scoffing the pastries and goodies down, completely forgetting about all the calorie counting his personal trainer had instructed him to do. “Taste good?” Ed interrupted, but was met with no reply by Jason, his mind in the land of ecstasy only. Ed had for years dreamed of how he would exact his revenge, and knew exactly how everything would fall into place. He had calorie counter this exact meal and calculated around 3000 calories to be packed into that expanding body of Jason’s.
After around 20 minutes had passed, Jason’s mind returned and that primal instinct to eat to survive subsided. “God that was good!!! If I hadn’t guessed you knew how to cook before, I sure know now!” Jason said between breaths as he padded the bulging gut of Ed’s. “Sure could do with a drink now though, don’t suppose you know how to make a chocolate milkshake as good as those goodies tasted, do you? I’m just really craving something chocolatey right now”. “Erm, yeah I think so, I haven’t made it in a while though” lied Jason. “Well I’m still feeling a little sick when I stand from all that alcohol last night, don’t suppose you fancy making me one? Just think of me as being your personal taste tester” Jason said with a cheeky wink that he knew would get him what he wanted. “Sure thing then, I’ll be back in 5 minutes” Ed said whilst grinning.
Ed paced down the stairs as fast as those chubby thighs would allow. He already knew his his way to the kitchen, but all he needed was the milk from the fridge and the blender, for he already had the gainer shake powder ready in his bag.
A quick mix of the milk and the powder in the blender and a pour into a tall glass and the 2000 calorie gainer shake was ready for Jason to greedily guzzle down.
While Ed had been making the gainer shake (what Jason believed to be an innocent chocolate milkshake), Jason had been in the shower and gotten changed into the finest clothes money could buy. While he was in the shower though, all that was running through his mind was how much of a genuinely perfect person Ed seemed to be. He wanted him to stay another night again, but this would, however, go against his personal values of one-night-stands only. As far as he thought, anything more than a one-night-stand involved an actual level of commitment, and Jason couldn’t be arsed with that.
It was as Jason was styling his hair that Ed walked in and presented the mouth watering shake. Jason jumped from his chair and gulped the entire thing down in around ten seconds flat, relaxing his stomach muscles as he was doing so. Ed glanced quickly then looked away again, and noticed that Jason’s shirt button’s were straining against his shirt slightly from all the bloating.
The couple chilled all day long, with Jason’s continuously dropping hints about wanting more food, and Ed constantly being on hand to satiate that desire.
As the clock struck ten o'clock, Ed said he’d better get going, “ah, back to your place is it?” said Jason, “Sadly not, there was a fire at my place last month and since then I’ve been staying at my mum’s, so it’s back to watching corny reality TV shows on a typically OAP-sofa” replied Ed. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! That sounds like a horrible circumstance to be in, you’re more than welcome to stay here until your place is sorted out if you like?”, “ Oh no I couldn’t possibly be a burden on you like that!” said Ed. “Ed, I have more bedrooms here than I know what to do with, I insist you stay! Besides, you’re a great guy to be around!” said Jason. “Well sure thing then! If you’re sure you don’t mind” said Ed. “Well, I guess I do have ONE catch…” Jason quickly added. “What’s that?” Ed replied. “You gotta make me a LOAD more of those delicious shakes man!” the pair laughed and Ed agreed.
After a short journey to collect Ed’s things from his mother’s, Jason’s Porsche rolled onto the driveway again, where the two of them then entered the house again and immediately headed to the kitchen after Jason yet again was complaining of hunger. Ed knew it’d be a good 20 minutes before any mildly fattening meal would be ready for Jason to pack into his gut, so he sorted him out with another shake to drink while he was cooking. After 40 minutes a vast tray of lasagne had all been wolfed down by Jason, and he moved as quickly as he could back up to bed. 8000 calories had been packed into him that day.
This routine of eating, sleeping, making love, and more eating, continued for months, both knew full well that Ed’s place should be fixed by now, but neither said anything as Jason enjoyed every minute spent with Ed, while Ed wanted to stay to fatten him up. After six months, Jason sat up in bed (where he spent the majority of his time now) and felt something on his lap - something soft. Looking down, he saw, to his amazement, his belly! It had made contact with his lap! The mass of lard covered his penis from view when he was sat, Jason’s face was going bright red! He lifted his belly up with his pudgy sausage-like fingers, and realised there was some sort of soft padding above his penis. What was it? Fat. While it could surely by no means be called a fully-fledged fat pad, he was well on his way to developing one! Bite by bite, each glorious calorie that made its way into Jason’s ever-working mouth only added to the accumulating softness taking over his body. Jason collected himself and remembered what his trainer had told him last time they met up - “Only eat when you’re hungry, that way you’re getting enough calories and no more than that”. Shit. When was the last time he had seen his trainer?! Where had he gone? Jason hurriedly drank the glass of water Ed had left by his bed earlier, gulping it down rather happily, thinking “This is good, water’s healthy and has no calories!”. Unbeknownst to him he had drank yet more appetite enhancers, and the second Ed wandered through the door, that same raging abdominal hunger struck him, and a primal instinct to eat to survive took over, and he ate every last morsel of the fattening full English breakfast.
Throughout the past months, Ed had predicted everything and how it would all fit into place, and those exact events occurred at the same time Ed had wanted them to, leaving Ed with little surprise in his plan, however, as Ed laid in bed watching his growing prize hog greedily lick the regiments of food off the grease-ridden plate, he realised Jason had pitched quite the tend under the covers! Ed had always been attracted to bigger guys and liked the though of growing himself and someone else (one of the more important reasons he decided to plump Jason up), so couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at Jason’s 8-turned-6 inch dick throbbing through the sheets purely because of the pleasure that all the food had brought him! It took him a second to realise how visibly hard he himself had become watching such a sight! The two had sex right then and there, and while doing so, Ed realised just how much jigglier Jason had become! With every thrust, the ripple that began in Jason’s globular asscheeks spread through his bulging love handles and down to his belly, causing the lardass of a man to jiggle and bounce with every movement. As Jason’s tits rocked back and forth, his panting got deeper and deeper, and at that point it dawned on the both of them how much of a fat horny, out of shape piglet Jason had become. Jason’s had guzzled, chewed, chowed, and gobbled his way into obesity, and now was becoming so unfit that he got himself winded trying to balance all the jiggling that his fat rolls did when trying to reach orgasm.
After both climaxing like never before, Ed went to sleep, and during that time, Jason took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and dust off the scales that hadn’t been used in god knows how many months. He lifted his leg and simultaneously anticipated maybe a 40-lb gain, and while doing so felt himself getting increasingly aroused by the thought.
Once the scales were active, he hopped on as quickly as his rubbing thighs would allow. He waited around 5 seconds then proceeded to attempt to look down. His stubble-covered second chin prevented him from looking too far downwards, but even after looking down, his view was completely blocked by his sagging gut that hung over the waistband of his boxer briefs (XXL [bought by Ed without Jason realising]). He stepped off the scales slowly, trying not to loose his balance, and saw the number with his own to eyes. 6 months ago, he weighed a mere 160, all of which was packed muscle. Now, as his eyes were fixed on the small digital display, and his penis pressing hard into his newfound belly flab, he read aloud the numbers to himself - 250lbs. He staggered back, and in doing so hit the wall of the cold bathroom with his back rolls, thereby sending his man boobs into a frenzy. He ran out of the bathroom, in search of a mirror. Ed had removed the mirror in the bathroom around 5 months ago because it apparently “clashed with the rest of the furniture”. Jason couldn’t find a mirror anywhere in the house! What had Ed done with them all?! Stressed out, Jason sat in the kitchen and mindlessly ate the third breakfast he usually had, reaching 5000 calories for the day by just 11am.
After devouring the third meal of the day (which seemed normal to Jason) he sprinted (or rather waddled) into the living room following his latest idea. He searched for his MacBook in the room but could only find Ed’s. “It’ll do” thought Jason. He clicked and loaded the webcam, then stood back and surveyed his grossly enlarged body. He was in awe, and his boner returned once again. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He looked his body over, from top to bottom. He started with his face. Barely recognisable from the skinny face he once sported. He paused for a minute, remembering the high cheek bones, square jaw, and slim cheeks he had, and then felt himself get harder and he rubbed the soft, hanging double chin that obscured his jaw completely now. He then raised his fingers and felt the new chubby cheeks that made his face seem almost twice as wide as before. How would people ever recognise him now?! He then stroked his moobs. “Shit. I have moobs now! What the fuck! How could I let myself get so fat that my body’s now developed breasts?!” He noticed his nipples, they had expanded to twice their previous size! How could he have eaten so much that he had actually stretched his nipples?! There was so much lard packed onto his chest that his nipples had gotten bigger?! He looked like a cow!! He looked straight at his figure again and realised how wide he was now. He was a true fat boy now. His belly hung far over the waistband and stretched out far in front of him. He could see neither his penis or feet when stood anymore. He turned sideways and was gobsmacked when he saw how far out his ass stuck!! He tip-toed for just a second then dropped back on his heels and his ass bounced up and down five times!! His ass gathered attention before, but that was because it was so shapely, now, people would be looking at those two sagging wide loads for all the wrong reasons! His thighs were like tree trunks now and rubbed whenever he walked. He couldn’t contain himself any longer after feeling his body and seeing his plumpified form and burst a load straight at his underbelly.
After cleaning up, he went to the MacBook and closed the window for the webcam, and was then met with Jason’s previous internet window. It was some website. With diagonal brown stripes. He looked at the logo and it read “grommr.com”. What was it? “Ugh, probably nothing” Jason said as he was just about to close the window. He then glanced across a picture trough the corner of his eye. “Wait a minute…” Jason thought. He saw a very small icon image that must’ve been Ed’s profile picture. He could only see it in it’s small form at the minute but was sure he recognised the face of the person in the picture. “Whoever it is is a real fatass” though Jason. He clicked on the image to enlarge it and waited for it to load. Ed had just walked into the room and saw Jason on his MacBook. Ed panicked and ripped the plug for the WiFi router from the wall in the hallway. He then rushed back to the living room quickly and heard a sigh of disappointment on Jason’s face when what must’ve read “Connection Error” appeared. Ed relaxed and calmly said “Hey” pretending to have just walked into the room. Jason swung around, surprised. “Oh hey, I was just, erm, checking my emails. Couldn’t find my laptop.”. Ed knew it was a lie but played along. “Ah right yeah I think I saw it in the study last” said Ed. There was a silence. A stalemate. Neither was now sure what the other knew. Ed broke the silence with “fancy something to eat, big boy?”, to which a smile spread across Jason’s face and he replied “yeah sure, but I’m also pretty thirsty if you’re gonna make a shake?”.
Ed made Jason’s meal then left him eating while he went upstairs. He paced up and down the bedroom floor. “Shit. Maybe he knows. What am I gonna do?!” thought Ed. Then, Ed realised what he had to do. He had planned until waiting till his growing hog had reached at least 350lbs till he would do this, but he figured now was a more appropriate time considering the circumstances.
Later that night, after Jason had packed another 5 meals into that blubbery guy since his third breakfast, as well as four shakes, they both headed upstairs to have some fun. Before they proceeded up the stairs, however, Ed offered Jason a glass of water, as he was complaining of thirst again. This time, three sleeping tablets had been dissolved into the water. Jason drank it all with no worries. After getting upstairs, Jason released an earth-shattering belch then yawn and fell asleep on the bed. After an hour had passed of Ed admiring Jason’s inflated, unconscious form, he reached under the bed and grasped four ropes. Ed remembered what he had come here to do and then proceeded with newfound effort to tie each of Jason’s limbs to each bed post. Even when spread apart this much on the bed, Jason’s body still managed to occupy the majority of the bed, spreading out from all angles like the human water balloon he had grown to become. Ed then prepped everything else and left the room to sleep in another bedroom that night.
Ed woke up early the following morning, and headed to Jason’s bedroom, where he saw him still sleeping. Jason steadily awoke and an expression of confusions spread across his chubby face. He tugged at the restraints but his attempts to free with plump wrists from the restraints were futile. He gave up and looked at Ed in the face and began to speak. He couldn’t. He looked downwards as far as he could and noticed a tube was in his mouth. What the heck was going on?! He stared at Ed’s stone cold expression as Ed raised his phone and pointed the camera at Jason. A quick snapshot after and Ed rested the camera down on the bedside table. He turned to Jason and picked a switch from his pocket. Jason looked not worried, but aroused. He knew what was about to happen. They both did. And Jason’s dick responded to that. Gradually, the chocolate dark mixture began being pumped down the tube where it would inevitably reach Jason’s greedy, hog mouth that Ed knew would suck on the tube gluttonously until it ran dry. Ed picked up his iPhone again and began recording. The mixture had by now reached Jason’s gob, rendering him speechless. Ed finally spoke. “Well well, what do we have here, eh?” “Looks like a fatboy”. He leant over Jason and took a handful of belly flab, then shook it furiously, sending massive waves of jiggle spreading through his entire body. “Looks like his greedy hog got himself all tied up trying to get fatter and plumper. Just look at him. Still so skinny. That’ll soon change.” At those last three words Jason shot a hot burst right at his underbelly. “Woah, looks like a real horny pig!! You like that pig? The though of getting bigger? I bet food makes your hard doesn’t it? It’s got to given the fact you’ve eaten yourself into obesity! HAHA!”. And with that, Ed stopped the recording and left the room, before noting to Jason that there would be severe consequences if all the gainer shake wasn’t finished by his return. As the door shut, Jason was descended not only into darkness, but into a near future of morbid obesity.
After a week of Ed returning to the room only three times a day (once to fill the gainer shake up, once to record his growing human butter ball, and once to help Jason go to the toilet without having to leave his bed), Jason started groaning in complaint. Ed removed the tube, and Jason spoke for the first time in a week. “Please, not being able to reach my dick is killing me! Will you please help!?”. Ed paused for a second, then took took a step back. He admired his work so far. He could tell he was fatter than seven days ago. A lot fatter. He estimated he’d ballooned Jason up to around 265 lbs already. He leaned closer to Jason again. He whispered in Jason’s ear “Not fat enough, I’m going to double your intake and maybe then you’ll be worthy of some relief”. Jason’s dick was solid as he let those words sink in. Ed left the room again and all Jason could think about was how fat he was going to end up. How much weight Ed had already added to his previously trim frame and how much more Ed will add.
This continued for 4 more weeks until Ed once again removed the tube from Jason’s mouth. “YOU SON OF A BITCH, you haven’t spoken to me for four weeks now!!” shouted Jason. “Calm down, you pile of lard, you still want some relief?” replied Ed. “yeah” Jason said calmly. “Well, it’s time to do that” said Ed, with a devilish grin smirking across his face. Ed lifted up a huge block of butter. “Jason, do you know how much of butter is fat?”. Jason gulped. “Erm, around 80% I think”. “Well done piggy!! That’s correct. Now… Can you guess what percentage of your mass I want to be pure lard?” Ed’s devilish grin grew more evil. “80%” said Jason, as his raging boner grew harder and harder. “Well done again piggy! That’s right! As a reward, eat this stick of butter. While you eat it, I’ll work my magic down there for you. But remember, if I see you’re not eating that butter, I’ll stop!”. Jason never ate anything so unhealthy so quickly before. 1600 calories went into Jason from that one wank alone.
After that fun, Ed filled the gainer shake again and deserted him for the rest of the day. Each day, Ed would return and ensure that Jason continuously learned to associate pleasure with pure butter. After another four weeks, Jason said to Ed “Ed, I’m desperate to wank myself now, will you please let me free, just once, I promise I won’t run away”. In reply to this, Ed initially laughed. “Hahaha. Wow. Look at you! Do you honestly still think you can run?!? You must weigh at least 400lbs by now blubber boy! I’ll take the restraints away though.”. Once the restraints were removed, Jason was taken aback by the sheer amount of effort it was taking him to shift his arms! They weighed so muc now! He moved one at a time, then shifted his massive bulk to a more upright position. He then attempted to wank. He lifted his belly up with his left arm. His arm soon got fat too tired to hold up any more. He switched to the other arm. Still not any better, but he continued to hold his gargantuan belly up despite the pain. He really stretched and reached further down to get to his penis. He then realised what was blocking his reach for his penis. He had a soft blubbery fat pad. His penis was three-quarters sunken into it. Jason’s gave got redder and redder in his desperate attempt to reach his penis, but alas, it wasn’t possible. He had been fattened far too much by Ed to be able to even reach his own pathetically shrunken penis now. And the worse part? It was getting him hard. Ed then helped him to his feet and waddled Jason off to the scales. After much struggle, the number finally read out “412lbs”. They immediately hopped back into bed and celebrated the achievement with Jason bottoming while eating a whole cake from the bed.

Jason is shortsighted. He experienced irreparable damage to his sight during an explosion once and he has no wish to go back to the Lazarus pit thank you very much.

He successfully manages to hide this from his family for years by wearing contact lenses.
That was until one day.
Tim called Roy asking where Jason was as they were supposed to meet up to exchange Intel.
Roy apologised and informed him that Jason had crashed his motorbike the night before and was resting up.

Tim on an attempt to be a good, caring brother called around unexpected with a canister of Alfred’s chicken soup.
He found his brother reading on the couch. Tim just stared before digging out his phone and taking a picture.
Jason’s eye was too swollen for him to wear his contacts so the young man was sat reading wearing the geekiest, thickest framed glasses known to man.

Tim being the good, caring brother that he was immediately sent the picture to everyone before Jason killed him.
Well, Jason tried to kill him but after his accident all he could do was limp after his annoying little brother like an actual zombie whilst he yelled his threats.

The next morning Jason received a call off a very unimpressed Alfred declaring that he was to be at the manor for an eye examination at 3 pm that day. He was then informed of he required emotional support Mr Harper was welcome to accompany him but they were to stay in separate rooms. Apparently, just because Masters Bruce and Richard shamed the family with their wanton behaviour didn’t give the rest of them leave to. If MasterJason brought along a marriage certificate, Master Roy would be allowed to stay in his quarters.

Jason hung up and stared at the phone, pushing his glasses up his nose he shook his head.
What was worse? The family finding out about his eyesight, or Alfred treating him like a maiden from one of his romantic novels?

Jason Todd in love Headcanons. Part ||

OKAAYYY so this is really really late and i apologize. Hope you guys like this tho. 

  • You let Jason kinda hold you and apologize for a while till you eventually have to pull him inside and drag him to your couch.
  • You sit next to him and wait for him to say something. 
  • Things have been so strained between you two , with Jason avoiding you for no valid reason and then showing up at your doorstep and offering you apologies.
  • So you place your hands on your lap , focusing your eyes to the ground and wait for him to give you an explanation.
  • Because if he didn’t , Red Hood or not , may the Lord save him from your fury.
  • Jason takes in a deep breath before saying , 
  • “I’m sorry for avoiding you “ he mumbles and your head snap towards him , with your eyebrows raised. 
  • “Can you atleast  tell me why? “ you ask and you swear you see Jason sort of sink into the couch in shame.
  • Another period of silence follows and you let out an exasperated huff of breath.
  • “I think I’m in love with you and i have no idea what to about it “ he blurts and you stare incredulously at him, 
  • “ So you decided to ignore me instead ?’’ you questioned and  Jason hung his head. 
  • “I know it was stupid, I’m sorry “ he mumbles.
  • You’re not really angry , just a little surprised. 
  • Honestly speaking , you have felt this way for a while but you did not want to force anything on Jason so you kept quiet. 
  • You feel kinda frozen in place after his reveal so you just say, 
  • “ Well that’s good because i love you too “ 
  • Jason looks up at you and he’s grinning widely and before you know it , he’s pushing you down slightly on the sofa , kissing you fervently, 
  • “I love you so , so much “.