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Cookies or Pie: Part 2

AN: This is the demanded part two of I love You! There will actually be a part 3 then I’m wrapping this thing up.

Part 1

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    “You certainly left a mess behind Ms. Y/N. Everyone is so very quiet, it’s almost as though we’ve returned to the days right after your grandparents died. It’s much too familiar for my taste. We haven’t seen Master Dick in weeks, but Ms. Gordon assures me he’s fine.

Master Jason has been around quite a bit. He likes to sit outside the door to your room, listening to something on his phone.

Master Tim hasn’t had one cup of coffee since everything happened. He muttered something about a promise, but his caffeine withdrawals have been terrible for us all.

Master Damian was very quiet. Even young Mr. Kent wasn’t able to get him to speak. He’s spending time at their farm now. I’m hoping that being around all the animals would help him.

And your father, your father is a mess quite frankly. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. He’s gone out to see you every day since the funeral. Spends at least an hour out there with you. He hasn’t been on patrol since it happened.Members of the league keep stopping by, but he refuses to see them. I’m quite worried, Ms. Y/N.”

Alfred pauses to take a sip of tea, considering his words carefully, “We should have told them. We should have given them the option. This isn’t like the other times. You can’t fight back against a disease, you can’t arrest it or find out it’s plot. They’re quite lost without something to physically fight.

And I …I’m quite lost myself. There’s nothing I can say to make them feel better. Nothing I can to do to help them process or bring them back together. That was always you. You were able to stop the bickering, and you were able to make them laugh.

You joked quite a bit about not being a part of the family business but I believe you were an integral part. You were the part that kept us grounded, kept us smiling. You kept us a family, and I don’t think that can be replicated.”

Alfred stares at the picture of you. It was taken only a few months before your diagnosis. He still finds it hard to believe that it had taken you so quickly. He takes another staggering breath before saying, “I will be sure to keep you updated. Same time tomorrow then.” He nods once to himself, before moving out of his rooms.

He’s a bit surprised to find the lights on and all of his boys sitting around the table. They give him a sad look as he takes his seat at the table. Jason is the first to speak, “Where you talking to her again?”

He nods, “It helps, strange as it sounds.”

Jason gives him a grim smile, “Nah, I understand. I keep listening to this song she talked about in those last days. ‘If I die young?’ Only thing I could think about during the funeral. “

Dick wipes a hand over his face, “Better off than me. I keep listening to these old voice mails she left. They’re silly and short, but they’re her.”

Bruce’s voice is rough, “She never complained. About the late nights or the crime fighting. None of it. She’d just wait up, and when we came up she’d just smile and ask, “Good night or bad night?”

Tim let’s out a little laugh, “Good night we had cookies, bad nights we had pie. And she always tried to switch out my coffee for decaf. Said it was going to kill me before Gotham could.”

Bruce smiles, “Weird she said the same thing about her mom and me.”

Dick’s the one who asks, “You heard anything from Selina?”

Bruce shakes his head, “Not since I had to tell her. I should probably start looking.”

Jason nods, “There haven’t been any major heists, I’ve been checking.”

Dick’s voice comes out in a whisper, “She can’t really be gone, can she? She’s going to walk through the doors in her favorite pajamas any minute right? And she’ll ask, good night or bad night?”

“No.” Damian’s voice is sad, more wracked with grief than any of them had ever heard it. “She’s gone, and there’s nothing we can do about that. What we can do is remember her, and live the way she would want us to.”

“Protect Gotham.” Tim says.

“Protect the innocent.” Jason adds.

“Protect our family and stick together.”

Bruce smiles, as a tear falls down his face, “And remember that there is always time for cookies or pie.”

Smiling, Alfred asks, “So is it a good night or a bad night?”

They exchange looks before saying all together, “Both.”

“Why does the fate of humanity always end up in the hands of an idiot?”

-Mr. D, who has sat through not one, but two Percy Jackson debacles, and is now expected to believe Apollo of all people is going to save the world.

Caught by a Catchphrase pt2

Part 1

Pairing: Damian Wayne X Reader

Tags: @hufflebuffpitch, @nervouswastelandvoid

TW: Agnsty

Word Count: 1,853

It was strange that no one had tailed you, but the three of you had spent a good half hours circling around town to make sure. But you didn’t looked a gift horse in the mouth. At one point Hank had managed to get in the back to check you over, but you assured them that you didn’t need to go to the hospital.

Well, you found out the next day. Hell, knowing what you know now, someone probably had to hold Damian back from breaking into your house that night. That would not have been ideal, because when you came back and told the Riddler what happened, he immediately sent you home and shut down for the night. He was a bit miffed that everything would have to be reworked, but he was glad you were safe. You were off early, and home before midnight, which was your normal time, but you hadn’t expected to have a break at least three, so this was refreshing.

When you got home the first thing you did was clean your face of all that make-up, soak in an epsom salt bath, and clean any cuts that you had from the glass. Lastly, you made sure to text Dami goodnight before you climbed into bed and clocked out.

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Okay here me out on this one though, batfam headcanons on reader insert's powers of darkness/shadow control.

  • ‘i will not beg, but i assure you that my vigilantism would be more effective if you provided shadows for me to jump from’ ‘no damian’
  • dick lets them have the shower first because last time he jumped ahead of them he’s pretty sure fucking apparitions haunted him for weeks
  • bruce is literally the only one that knows the complete extent of their powers and he’s used to them popping out of nowhere
  • jason asks them to help him pull a prank on the batfam but ends up too terrified of the creature they shape the darkness into and says ‘yeah nah how about we don’t’
  • cass is pretty sure they crouch as a shadow in her room when they don’t want to talk and she’s fine with that
  • stephanie learns that they make kick ass shadow puppets. their most complex one so far is the gotham city skyline
  • tim accidentally lays down on them all of the time when they’re melding with darkness. they tell him they could hide in the dark circles under his eyes
  • barbara has legitimate nightmares because of it, and they often show up in the middle of the night to apologize
I'm having Jason Todd feels help

During the pages of Arkham knight genesis on how Jason views home as a place where he is needed and loved got me crying yo. I know Arkham Genesis and Post Crisis Jason Todd are almost completely different Jasons but hear me out. The revealing of Jason’s fears in the Arkham Knight comic really relates to post crisis Jason canon behavior.

Like this poor child spent his childhood  never knowing if he was going to survive to see tomorrow. Then he gets adopted into a nice (rich) family who seem to care about his well-being. Despite all the pressure on him to be a perfect clone of the first Robin, Jason seemed genuinely happy with his new life/ opportunities… and then it all gets ripped away from him so brutally. Jason went to find his biological mother only for her to give him up to the Joker as a bargaining chip. (Even in the Arkham Knight comics Jason’s parents tried giving him away) All Jason todd craved was parental affection of some sort ( Any affection really) and he was denied.

All Jason Todd wanted was to be loved, to feel as if he was needed and wanted. Like someone needs to hug that boy and tell him that everything is gonna be alright.

grim-monarch  asked:

♤:Taking a bath together + Jason Todd

“If I’m being honest, I WikiHow’d how to do this, and it still doesn’t make any fucking sense.” Jason comments, leaning against the back of the bathtub, with you facing him, across it. The bath tub was obviously only made for one person’s usage, and both of your knees were bent trying to keep the other person from getting a foot to the face. “Also, the bubbles are raspberry scented. That’s a definite mood killer.” 

“Aw, babe,” You grab a hand full of the suds and delicately place it on his head. “Did no one tell you? Raspberry is the scent of romance.” You shape it into a crown but, since he obviously couldn’t tell nor cared what it looked like, you left it lopsided. 

A little smile works up to his face, and his tilts his head back and forth, looking less like he’s weighing the pros and cons and more like he’s trying to get water out of his ears. “I guess it’s about context.” He compromises, then returns the favor and gathers a handful of bubbles, setting them onto your head. Considering the way he was poking at it, you conclude that he was making a halo. “Honestly, though, we’re not getting that clean, and there’s nowhere for either of us to wash off our hair.” 

You smirk at him, pushing a wave of bubbles into his chest, feeling his fingers falter in your hair. “Well, looks like we’ll have to shower together, too.”

bifca answered your post: Oh jeez I havent written anything in n…

jaybats when Dick or Jason first realizes they’re in love with the other?

[Jaybats AU. Set further down the timeline, Dick has spent some years in Bludhaven at this point.]


“Heard you were training some kid.” Nightwing says leaning against the cool brick of the alleyway.

“Heard you were doing the same.” Batman replies, a foot of distance between them.

“He any good?”

“He’s not you.” Jason shrugs, the grim vigilante tone vanishing.

And now Dick’s lost for words. He was expecting a bit more banter but maybe that wasn’t Jason’s style anymore.

“Next you’re gonna say you miss me.” Dick puts on a grin.

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au where Jason is the son of Pluto and Nico is the son of Zeus 

grim-monarch  asked:

Are metahumans allowed in Gotham city? What would happen if reader insert, a close friend of the Bat family was found out to be a meta human? How would the entire bat family react to that secret?

i don’t think they are but i think it’s more of the gotham city police department’s beef than the batfam so. 

Bruce probably wants to know more about their skill set and how they were able to keep their abilities a secret for so long and under his eyes, nonetheless. He warns them to be careful when they’re out on the streets- not everyone’s so friendly to metahumans as he is. 

Dick wants to know what they do and, while he does feel a little hurt that they kept it from him for so long, understands and moves on. It doesn’t change the way he treats them. 

Jason sucks on his drink until it hits the bottom and makes that gravelly drink sound before asking if he looks like the fucking cops. Obviously not. It’s their business and, hey, obviously they weren’t coming for his life so, to each his own. Nice job at staying under the radar, though. 

Tim is a ball of scientific excitement and questions. He’s never had a metahuman so close to the family before, close enough to actually ask about what it was like and, hey, was there anything different about how they go about their day? He doesn’t mean to intrude, but he’s so honestly curious. 

Barbara is unfazed by the revelation that they’re a metahuman and is the best in the batfam to adapting to the new knowledge. It changes the way she treats them, but only because now she knows they’re not a normal human and that they don’t need such a careful eye on them all the time

Damian is pissed because he’s never fought a technical metahuman and the fact that they were withholding this opportunity from him makes him grumpy. If their powers aren’t offensive, he’ll deflate and… reluctantly apologize for his reaction. If their powers are offensive, he’ll try to jump them at almost every opportunity

grim-monarch  asked:

Lovesick Jason Headcanons

  • goofy grins, goofy grins all around! he smiles with slight dimples and his eyes crinkle at the edges!
  • he’s easily distracted on patrol and takes a couple of days to calm himself down before going back at it
  • he gets back into reading hardcore, but they’re dime store books with predictable love plots
  • he actually combs his hair. who woulda thought
  • he buys a burner phone with no caller id in case the object of his affections need to call him and really just gets blown up with calls from dick 

Nico closed the door, his hand holding the doorknob the whole time so it would make the less amount of noise possible. The high-pitched beep of the machines was deafening and he tried to picture her laughter one more time. He rubbed his temples and walked down the hall, the taste of chocolate chip cookies still in his mouth.

He sighed, his skin felt warm even in that gray and chilly part of the hospital. He turned the next corner, catching his reflection in the doors that separated this ward from the rest of the building. He wondered who the old lady saw in him.

A loved one, perhaps. Maybe a random person she once glanced at in a crowd.

Who knew.

He took the elevator by the right. He doubted he was here. Well, probabilities were on his side, but he had no way of knowing if he was at work right now, even less so if he was at this hospital.

Probably not.

He bit the inside of his cheek and entered the maternity ward anyway. The walls glowed a soft peach in the afternoon sunlight and the constant murmur of people sounded like cicadas in the summer. A baby screamed and Nico picked up his pace, his strides longer. He turned another corner and stopped, his gut feeeling like it was full of air. A tall, broad blond was standing next to one of the rooms, his hand pinching the bridge of his nose.

Nico took another step forward and halted. The blond was frowning, and his full lips were set in a thin line.


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