jason gray stanford


I saw tosquinha post a beautiful Maison Ikkoku doodle of Kyoko and suddenly a  Maison Ikkoku/Hobbit AU popped into my head ^_^ . I’m also pretty sure Thranduil would be Shun Mitaka…his teeth would be so sparkly.

I NEVER do digital drawings, so please forgive how these look…the idea exploded into my brain so fast and I wanted to make them colorful, so I knew drawing by hand wasn’t gonna cut it. Any pro-tips on digital drawing would be greatly appreciated. ^_^

Side note, I’m a huge Maison Ikkoku fan!!! For my art signature I shortened my last name from Piotrowski to Pio as a tribute to Kyoko’s apron that says “Piyo Piyo”. And I have a mad voice crush on Godai’s english voice actor, Jason Gray Standford. OK…I’m done nerding out.