jason gif

I’ve spent a while thinking about this moment right here. So down the rabbit hole, we go.

This GIF is right when Marvin says ‘I’m staying here in the spot, whether you want me to or not.”

And to me, the look on Whizzer’s face says it all how he is feeling. We see him sad and upset, for obvious reasons, but there is a hint of a smile on his face. And the way his eyebrows are lead me to believe he’s feeling disbelief.

I see this as Whizzer feeling a little bit shocked that Marvin wants to stay with him in the hospital while he’s sick like this. Whizzer has always been the “pretty boy” and you can imagine him not feeling that way about himself while in the hospital and his body is deteriorating because of the AIDS. But Marvin doesn’t care. Like he said, he loves Whizzer. Marvin knows what love truly is now. He knows this love has become closer to unconditional, and farther from the appearance factor. 

And Whizzer doesn’t understand it really. Whizzer has never been one for love. He says over and over again how he refuses to love Marvin, that all that matters to him is “sex and money” but his ideals and appeals have changed. And he still finds it just a little sappy and hard to believe someone loves him too. I read into his backstory and the way most people I know do. He lived off of getting with men and getting them to pay for stuff for him. And this, the healthy relationship we see between Marvin and Whizzer in act 2, is something Whizzer never thought he’d be in.