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Anatomical Barbie Reveals Just How Impossible Her Proportions Are

A NYC-based artist has created an anatomical sculpture of Barbie, complete with internal organs, but Barbie’s digestive system doesn’t quite fit (right). The anatomical layout of a regular body (left). (Photo: DailyMail.co.uk/thinkstock.com)

We’ve seen plenty of articles before about just how unrealistic Barbie’s proportions are.  In real life Barbie would probably be around 5’ 9” with a 36-inch bust, 18-inch waist and 33-inch hips. Oh, and she’d weigh around 110lbs. (For point of reference: according to the CDC, a 5’9” woman that weighs 124 lbs or less qualifies as underweight). Now, an NYC-based artist is using his anatomical sculptures to drive the point home in another way.

Jason Freeny has been creating anatomical illustrations since 2000 and anatomical sculptures since 2010, but before that he worked as a toy designer; something that I’m sure comes in handy when creating his sculptures. Freeny has worked with other toys in the past like Hello Kitty, Lego, and plastic Gummi Bears, but Barbie is probably the most controversial. Click through to see more angles of the sculpture.

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