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get to know me meme: [5/?] favorite relationships  
cathy and christopher dollanganger (the dollanganger series)

“You are the only person who’s ever really known me, and you are the only person I will ever truly love.

The idea was like when Janet, an omniscient, all-knowing universal source of knowledge, has her memory wiped clean and she’s slowly rebooting all of the information in the universe, at some point very early in that process she and Jason will be at the exact same level and so let’s just have them hang out when they are at that exact same level and maybe they’ll become friends. It was like a weird version of Flowers for Algernon. That’s how we thought of it where it’s just like she is at his level for about a 1/3 of a second and then is much smarter than him like one hour later.

Mike Schur

HAHA, Flowers for Algernon, omg, best.


“…  you’ve got me pinned to the wall and labeled as yours until the day I die. And if you die first, then it won’t be long before I follow.”

“Oh god, it was just a game.”

DC owns my heart and they just keep breakin’ it. Please tell me someone’s writing some happy fic where Jasón lives a long happy life with his moms :’(

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anonymous asked:

Who do you think is the better couple? Dick and Jason? Or Tim and Jason??

I used to ship jaytim, but I’ve gotten so annoyed by all of the Discourse about it that at this point I’m just like :) ya know what? ya’ll can keep Tim far away from Jason thanks. I don’t ship jaydick, but some of the fanart is just so ;)))) so I’ll reblog it every now and then, but rarely. So I guess by comparison, Dick and Jason are the better couple?? Idk.