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Angel AU

But imagine an Angel AU where your wings are a reflection of your soul. Corruption leading feathers to fall out. Part of Joker’s torture was ripping out chunks of feathers from Jason. When he comes back to life Jason can’t fly anymore so he takes a human host and continues his crusade. 

When his family sees him they take the sight of wingless Jason as a sign that he has fallen, that he has become too corrupted. It takes an incident where Jason has to save a member of his family that they realize that he is just keeping his wings hidden because they’re hurt and vulnerable. Wings heal with the soul so it’s a much longer process and Jason has not even begun to get over what happened to him with the Joker.

It’s startling to realize that even with the bad choices Jason makes his soul is still beautifully good and his wings are magnificent, injured or not.

Wings of a Robin - Jason Todd x Reader

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Requested by Anon - an x reader of what it would be like to date robin!Jason Todd  

Dating Jason Todd is an interesting experience to say the least. He was hot-tempered, passionate, kind, sweet and romantic when trying not to be. It was all wrapped up in a bundle that made Jason who he was and you loved him for it. 

The first time you met him was at school. He had witnessed some of the older boys harassing you in the hallway. Jason confronted them to protect you, receiving a black eye and a trip to the principal’s office in the process. You were worried for him, concerned about how he stuck his neck out for you, but he shrugged it off while giving you that charming, rascally smile you would grow to love. It was then that he asked you out on a date.

He took you to dinner and a movie for your first date. While your parents were worried due to Jason’s less than savory reputation, but he was a perfect gentleman. He made you laugh so much, you thought you might pee your pants. You even got to meet Bruce Wayne that night as he was the one to pick you up afterwards. Jason walked you to the door, and kissed you softly on the cheek before running back to his guardian’s car.  

It was after a month filled with dates similar to your first one did you discover Jason was Robin. One night after midnight, you heard a knock at your window. You tiptoed across your room to see Robin hanging onto the side of your window sill. Not knowing what else to do, you opened the window to let him in.

The moment he stepped into the room, he kissed you hard on the lips. You fell onto your bed with a muffled cry of surprise with him crawling on top of you. With his face so close to yours, you realized you were kissing Jason. 

“Jay, is that you,” you whisper once he freed your lips from his. He gave you that grin you loved before kissing you gently once again. 

“Who else would it be,” he answered, breathing softly into your ear. 

“You’re Robin,” you state, moaning a little as his lips drifted down to your neck. 

“No, I’m just wearing a Robin suit for the heck of it,” Jason teased, raising his head to raise a eyebrow at you. “I thought you were smarter than this.”

You laugh, kissing him hard on the lips. This was the first night of many that Jason would stop by in his Robin suit. You two never went all the way during his visits, but things did become very heated at times. One time you asked Jason if Batman knew he was with you. He just laughed, saying what Batman didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

It was about two months after the first of Jason’s nightly visits when Jason brought you to Wayne Manor for dinner with the family. Jason was nervous about it, worried his adoptive family would insult you. Of course, you were excited to finally be able to see where Jason lived.

Everything went fine that first dinner at Wayne Manor. You had a good talk with Bruce about the stock market, and a chat with Alfred about cake recipes. Jason held your hand throughout most of the time, giving you gentle squeezes now and then. 

Of course, everything went to hell when you accidentally let slip how you knew about Jason’s nightly activities. A big argument broke out between Bruce and Jason with you and Alfred watching silently from the sidelines. It was through the argument did you realize Bruce must have been Batman.  

Eventually, Jason stormed off to his room and Bruce retreated to his study. You bit your lip before glancing at Alfred for silent permission to follow Jason. With his nod, you went up the stairs and to the closed door of Jason’s room. You knocked softly before opening the door to see Jason brutally punching his pillow. 

“Jason,” you say quietly, placing your hand on his arm. He stopped his punches, breathing heavily. “I’m sorry.”

Jason turned to look at you, confused. “Why are you sorry? It’s not your fault,” he questions, throwing another punch into the pillow for good measure. It explodes at the impact, feathers flying everywhere. 

You watch as the feathers drift down around you. “I shouldn’t have said what I did,” you explain, running a hand through his hair to brush the feathers out. Jason leaned into your touch.

“He had to know eventually,” Jason admits, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you to him. You smile as the heat from his body radiates to yours. His lips crash into yours a moment later as the feathers settled down around you. 

About an hour later, you emerged from Jason’s bedroom with flushed cheeks and a glow about you. Alfred and Jason took you home soon after. Alfred gave you both a knowing, and slightly disapproving look, but said nothing. 

Your lives continued on that way for a long time. Jason would hang around you at school, visit you most nights as Robin, take you to the Wayne Manor, to the movies, to dinner, and he would even attend a few dinners with your parents even though they scared him. Everything was going so well until that fateful day.

Jason had called you out of the blue on a Saturday night. He wanted to meet you at midnight on the roof of your apartment building. The tone of his voice was so desperate and so needy, you couldn’t refuse. 

So, at midnight, you slipped out of your apartment and climbed the stairs to the roof. Jason was already there, pacing rapidly. 

“Jay,” you call out to him once you confirm it’s him. He runs to you, wrapping you in his arms. His arms hold you tighter than they have ever had before, letting you know something was wrong. “Are you okay?”

“(Y/N), I found my mother,” Jason whispers in your ear as you felt his wet cheek press against yours. “She’s alive.”

“How? You told me she died,” you answer as his arms tighten even more around you, making it hard to breathe.

He pulls back to look you in the eye. “I know, but she’s alive,” he gasps through his tears. “I have to go find her.” A feeling of dread comes over you.

“Jay, does Batman know about this,” you ask uncertainly. Something bad was going to come of this, you could feel it in your heart. 

“No,” Jason shouts angrily. “He’s already benched me. I’m just the rabid Robin to him, waiting to be put down. I’ll never be as good as the first.” 

You gasp at his words, quickly taking his face in your hands. “No, Jay, no. Bruce loves you,” you argue, looking into his blue eyes. Jason roughly shakes his head, stepping back to get out of your hands. 

“I have to go find my mom,” Jason speaks as you watch him with watery eyes. “I might be gone for a while, so I came to say goodbye.”

“Jay,” you cry, stepping towards him. The dread building in your belly grows stronger. “You can’t go. Something bad will happen if you go.”

Jason backed away from you with a look of betrayal on his face. “I thought you would support me in this. How could you tell me not to go? Don’t you understand this is my mom we’re talking about?”

“I know it’s your mom, Jay,” you try to explain, tears falling down your face. “But I think you need to tell Batman. I have a bad feeling about this.”

He shook his head at you, turning away from you. It felt as if someone blasted a hole in your chest. “I thought you would support me with this, but I was wrong,” he states coldly as he leaps off the building, firing his grapple gun to swing into the night.

“Jason,” you scream after him, but he doesn’t come back. The dread is still festering in your belly as sobs shook your body. Unable to move, you fall to the ground to curl up into a ball.

Your parents find you the next morning, and carry you to your bedroom. They tried to talk to you, but you couldn’t stop crying. You kept asking for the phone, knowing something bad was going to happen to Jason if you didn’t tell Bruce soon. You try to call, but you only get answering machines. Deep in your heart, you knew you already lost him.

The call came from Alfred several days later, confirming what you already knew in your heart. You couldn’t sleep or eat, and sometimes you couldn’t even move. Your parents didn’t know what to do. Everyday you remember how you could have stopped him, could have saved him and it haunted you.

When the day of the funeral came, you were able to dry your tears and attend. It was a small, quiet service at the grave site. You kept a straight face through most of it until it came time to lower the casket into the ground. Seeing the man you loved being lower into a hole where he would be stuck for all eternity was too much. You broke into tears, collapsing to the ground unable to support yourself.

Richard, Bruce’s other adopted son who you had never met before, caught you before you hit the ground. He kept his arms tightly around you as if to hold you together. “I’m sorry,” you mumble over and over again, knowing that you should have stopped him that night. You should have told Bruce sooner. It was your fault that he was gone. 

You don’t remember what happened after that. There was the feeling of being lifted, and prodded then nothing. Part of you wished you had died, hoping to join Jason. Unfortunately, you woke up in the hospital two weeks later. 

Overtime, you recovered to the point where you could live again, or at least give the impression of living. You found you couldn’t move on, because Jason still held your heart. 

Every week, you would visit his grave. You would sit there for hours, telling him about your week or random things happening in the world. Sometimes, you could almost hear him answer back until one time you did.

“I started watching this new TV show last night,” you say to Jason’s headstone. “One of the characters reminds me of you, however they’re not as cute.” Laughing a little, you sit down in front of the stone. Due to the direction you are sitting, you fail to notice the person coming up behind you. 

“Is anybody as cute as me,” the person asks, making you jump up in surprise. You spin around to rest your eyes on the love of your life, Jason Todd. Your mouth falls open as your brain shuts down from shock. He takes a step towards you.

“I must be hallucinating again,” you gasp, absorbing the man in front of you. He was older now, more haunted, and his voice was deeper. Your hallucinations never aged before. 

Jason gently placing his hands on your shoulder. You jump from the contact, not expecting to feel anything. “I’m real, (Y/N).”

It took you a moment before you realized it was really him. Tears filled your eyes as you reached out to wrap him in a tight hug. “You were dead,” you whisper through your sobs.

“Yeah, I was,” Jason mumbles into your ear as he struggled to breathe through your tight hug. 

“You weren’t supposed to leave me,” you sob, sniffing his leather coat and smiling a little when you realized he smelled the same. 

“I know, but I’m here now,” he reassures you, pulling back to place a passionate kiss on your lips. 

You kiss him back with all you had. When you broke apart, you gaze into his eyes knowing everything was going to be alright.  


Jason, The Cheque and Wilden

Jason speaks to someone on the phone saying to meet him “in the parking lot” in 15 minutes.

Spencer, just having left sees Wilden who casually asks how far her parent’s lake house was from there. I missed this the first time but it is entirely possible Wilden was the one meeting Jason. Did Jason give Wilden the cheque? 


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aphrodite nico loving to ruffle jason's feather and always managing to make him stutter in front of him like he goes to re-adjust his glasses in the middle of a sparring with a 'careful with these, big guy' and jason blushes and stutters a thank you and nico just laughs and says 'aw you are so clumsy and cute jason' (JASON IS DEAD IN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS)


and nico catches jason staring at him from across the tables at dinner and he playfully blows him a kiss and jASON SPITS OUT HIS DRINK AND ALMOST FAINTS

“I fucking hate him,” Thalia snaps. It echoes through the ebony halls, her feet clacking against polished floors like daggers stabbing the carcasses of civilians without mercy. “I fucking told him–I do not want to be heiress, I am perfectly content shooting heathens with Artemis and guarding you, the future king, and beheading idiots and watching them die at my feet." 

"Very graphic, Thal,” Jason comments. How many times did she mention killing people? Ah. Three. “Father’s standing right there." 

"Ah.” Thalia tuts. She raises her head to her father, who they both trail after to get to the throne room of the Underworld. “Dad, I hate you for this.”


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Wait so you know how you wrote head canons for that camp au with percabeth? What about the same au, bit with jasper? If you want to and have the time to, of course

summer camp au 

  • after Annabeth dragged Percy out of the room, Jason was left standing alone at the edge of the dance floor
  • that’s when he spotted her standing by the punch 
  • the first thing he noticed about her was the feather in her hair 
  • he thought back, trying to remember if he had met her before but he couldn’t quite place her 
  • suddenly she looked up and made eye contact with him and he couldn’t look away fast enough to play it off, so he decided to commit to it and smile shyly 
  • she gave a little wave and a smile played at her lips 
  • before Jason could get himself to take the first step towards her, Annabeth was back standing in front of him 
  • “Jason, Percy has something he would like to say.” She turned to Percy and and motioned towards Jason, “Go on.” 
  • “I’m really sorry for being such a jerk earlier, man. I was just.. well, I was-” 
  • “Jealous. It’s ok man I kinda picked up on it. No hard feelings.” 
  • they shook hands while Percy assured Annabeth that jealousy was a lucky guess and he was sure he had been much more discreet about his feelings for her 
  • the two of them ran off to dance and when Jason looked back up, feather girl was gone 
  • he sighed deeply and took a sip of the punch in his hand 
  • “Sure you don’t want something a little stronger than that?” a melodic voice asked. 
  • Jason spun around and found himself looking at feather girl, who was holding out a can to him– the only word he could make out on it was beer
  • “I appreciate the offer but I’m not much of a drinker.” 
  • “Like to stay away from the hard stuff, huh?” 
  • that’s when she repositioned the can in her hand and Jason could see the label more clearly– root beer
  • he felt his face get red and feather girl laughed warmly, “I’m Piper by the way.” 
  • “Nice to meet you Piper, I’m Jason.” 
The Blackmail, Jason Keeps a Secret From Spencer, and Why He Could Be “A” - 3x04 Analysis

Today we are analyzing episode 3x04 “Birds of a Feather”.

How Does Jason Know?

Mrs. Hastings has agreed to defend Garrett who is accused of killing Alison. Jason, obviously not happy with the news, confronts her in public. Mrs. Hastings says that everybody deserves a competent legal defense. That is her explanation, but Jason doesn`t buy it. He says - 

Which means that Jason must know about Melissa faking her pregnancy as well. So what he`s saying here is that Ms. Hastings is defending Garrett simply because she doesn`t want him to spill the beans about Melissa walking around town with a fake baby bump under her shirt. But the question is, how did Garrett and Jason found out about this? Did Melissa tell them? Did -A?

The Mystery of the $50,000

Most of this episode revolves around the $50,000 Jason is offering to anyone who has any information about Ali`s Bethany`s missing remains. He thinks that his sister`s body has been stolen by some malicious creep and he wants to get it back no matter what, that`s completely understandable. However, what happens towards the end of the episode is far from clear.

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Why I'm so convinced that Jason's -A.

1. He’s never been suspected officially.
2. He has a lot of issues with alcohol
and drug abuse. He has no
recollection of ‘that night’ because he
was so drunk.
3. He seems to drift in and out of
Rosewood at the most opportune
times (e.g. Returning to Rosewood
the same episode Garrett was killed
after making a scene about Veronica
defending him).
4. In The Goodbye Look (2x02) Spencer
tells Jason that Ian could have killed
Alison. She admits that he never
admitted to killing her but it was
enough to make him a suspect to
him. In Blind Dates (2x04) Ian turns up
5. In Dead to Me (3x18) Spencer tells
him that Wilden got Ali pregnant. In A
dAngerous gAme (3x24) Wilden ends
up dead.
5. In Birds of a Feather (3x04) Jason
makes a scene in the Apple Rose
Grille about Veronica defending
Garrett (Garrett was arrested on
suspicion of killing Alison and Maya).
Spencer asks if he’s okay and he
replies “no, but I will be”. Jason
disappears from Rosewood, returning
in This is a Dark Ride. In This is a
Dark Ride (3x13) Garrett is found
6. Aria was put in a crate on the
Halloween train with Garrett’s dead
body. She stabbed through a hole in
the crate with a screwdriver. In She’s
Better Now (3x14) Mona is bandaging
up a screwdriver-sized wound on
Jason’s side.
7. Mona and Jason were seen talking a
lot around Rosewood High, about
halfway through season 3. When Aria
asks Mona how she filmed that video
(where she is begging for forgiveness after being released from Radley) if she isn’t allowed internet access or
a phone as part of her release terms
with Radley, she replies that Vice
Principal Hackett let her use his
computer in his office and that she
was supervised.. by Jason. At the end
of the video she is seen almost
scolding somebody, but Jason was
the only other person in the room.

Note: I know that Mona was -A in the first two seasons, when Ian died, but there is no way a teenage girl of her height and weight could lift a grown man out of a bell tower and drag him to the stables. It had to have been a man. My theory is that Mona was always a minion and Charles was always in charge, he just let Mona think she was running the game.