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Running the Redback One Operator Readiness test! Must be shot within 20 seconds with 100% accuracy. I shot it in 15.80. Normally shot at 7 yards with two 6" circles. I made do with 6" squares, so I backed up to 8 yards. This test is generally shot in full kit, so… I ran full kit. Really looking forward to the course I’m taking with Jason Falla next month.

Running our light-compatible Ragnarok which will be on the site shortly!

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For anyone who has seen images such as this one of a Marine Raider seen here with this NODs down despite it being daylight during training excersise Raven Ex and wondered why, this is how Jason Falla, former Special Operations Member (SAS R), and training director at Redback One explains the methodology behind this type of training;

“your night fighting equipment (NFE) should not detract from your performance even if you are not using it.
Your NFE should be on and ready to roll from the step off point and you should be able to switch between day and night mode seamlessly. You never know what the lighting conditions are going to be like on target and room to room and there should not be any need to flip up or flip down NODs during the fight through.”

-Jason Falla