jason draws things

“We couldn’t decide which cake to buy, so we got you some McDonald’s instead. Hope you don’t mind”

(we don’t know for sure when is his birthday, but still, it needs to be celebrated. Happy birthday, Nico <3)


half way through finding nemo i realized dory’s monologue really suited jason and thalia…soooo….here we are.

Tbh i think Nico would be one of those people that doesn’t use real names in his phone. Like he just uses really bizarre titles and none of his friends know what their name is in his phone because he won’t let anyone get into his phone ever. So far I’m thinking:

Percy- Trashcan #1

Jason- Human Puppy

Leo- Trashcan #2

Frank- Walking Zoo/Canadian

Annabeth- Trashcan #1’s Leash-Holder/Homework Help

Reyna- Terrifying/Perfect Role Model

Piper- Slam Poetry Enemy

Thalia- *MCR Playing In The Distance*

(Percy and Leo are alternatively titled “Thing #1” and “Thing #2”)

These are what i’ve got so far cus I’m still not sure what like Hazel and Will would be in his phone?? (Hazel would probably have her photo set as that screenshot of that cinnamon bun with the headline “Too perfect, too precious for this world.”) I kinda wanna draw this like screenshots of convos?? Maybe later.


Had a little bit of time today and wanted to at least get a loose sketch out for Stranger Things.  Sorry I haven’t been posting more often!  I’ve been busy with some very exciting things!  Will be posting about it soon!

IM PRETTY PLEASED with myself that im posting more shiz on my art blog more often lmao so here’s more wips before i sleep woooooo….. *crawls back into bed*

shit i can’t not think about: if nico can shadow travel, can jason/thalia like…lightning travel? can they just zoom away in massive bursts of lightning? like it would be impractical as fuck but on the other hand, it would look so cool