1. Who/what the hell is in that barrel?
2. Who was Jason hiding in the house back in season 2?
3. Where has Cece been? Bc idk if I can trust her or not
4. Can we trust Sarah Harvey? Idk she seems a little fishy
5. Is Marion Cavanaugh alive? If not what happened to her?
6. Explanation of the whole Bethany Young thing
7. Who/Why killed Jessica Dilaurentis?
8. Who was Jessica meeting in the woods in ‘Unbridled’
9. Who is the father of Charles?
10. Is Charles really dead?
11. Did characters who we know to be dead ( Ian, Maya, Garrett, etc ) know something about Charles/ whoever “A” is?
12. What happened to Maya?
13. What was it that Maya knew?
14. Was Charles/A on the ghost train?
15. Who/why killed Wilden?
16. Did Wilden know something?
17. Does Cece actually know who killed Bethany Young like she said in the police station?
18. Who was the other dress for?
19. How long has Charles/A been planning all this?
20. Who was the red coat that visited Mona in Radley?
21. Who started the fire at the Cavanaugh house?
22. Did Charles the one who got that $50,000 cheque for Ali’s body reward?
23. Does Charles/A know about Melissa burying Bethany Young Alive?
24. Who the hell was supposed to be part of that family mannequin stuff in that room in the dollhouse?
25. What was all the family stuff in the dollhouse about?
26. Whose names were on the birth announcements in the dollhouse?
27. Is Andrew Campbell to be trusted?
28. Whose voice was the roadside assistance voice in the car in the first episode of series 6?
29. Why has no one talked about Andrew Campbell’s diary? Like has Toby told Spencer?
30. Have the girls just forgiven Andrew Campbell?
31. What is the connection of Campbell farm
32. What happened to Sarah Harvey that night?
33. Where is Eddie Lamb?
34. What happened to Eddie Lamb?
35. Are there any other anagrams that we should of known about?
36. Clues from previous series we could have missed?
37. Why is there a decoration with a piece of writing about twins in Ali’s bedroom?
38. Will Jason be in the time jump?/ who will be in the time jump?
39. Why was Lucas taking photos for Jason on the ghost train?
40. Who/why pushed that girl down the stairs at the frat party?
41. Who was the voice in the dollhouse?

And finally…

Also sorry if some of these questions have already been answered!
Caught (Jason DiLaurentis Imagine Request)

You love Jason. No doubt about it. But you love your life more and if you told you friends you were living with the eldest DiLaurentis they would brutally end your life. “Babe? I’m going out with the girls!” You called. Jason popped his head from under the hood of his car. “Will you get some milk while your out?” “We just had a gallon yesterday!” “Yeah but I had three bowls of cereal yesterday.” You rolled your eyes and went over to kiss his oily head. A honk sounded from the driveway. Jason grabbed your waist and kissed your lips hungrily. “Jason!” You squealed. He kissed up and down your neck. “Are you coming-” You both turned to see Hanna, her eyes wide and mouth open in shock. You cleared your throat and walked slowly towards her. “Hanna, we are-” “Dating. Yeah I see that.” You looked back at Jason who was leant against the hood of the car. “This is going to be hard to explain.”


I’ve been waiting… you give nothing for free

but there’s a yearning, it’s deep and calm

and time has burnt me

So cut me a break cause I can’t wait

I’m the same I was when we first met

and now I feel you’re pulling away

So just give me the word

and I’ll leave today

Whispers in the Dark

When I first watched this scene I cried (still do! It is such a beautiful scene) it reminds me of my brother & myself,and the many times he has walked in on me upset or crying. No matter how much we argue or get on each other’s nerves - he always asks “what’s the matter?” I love my little brother & I will miss him when he goes to uni in September. 😢