jason chapman


I’m not your safety blanket. I’m not your new Meadow… I am a lone wolf, and a vicious one – don’t make me rip out your throat with my teeth.

Good things to come from bbott:

  • Jason’s bb history redemption, won 25k, gained more outside love and support, respect from bb alumni/winners
  • Danielle’s accomplishments for poc/woc
  • Danielle and Shane are together
  • Kryssie’s self-confidence gain and recognition for her music
  • Whitney got engaged
  • Shelby passed her bar exam
  • Scott got called tf out by Alex for being a creep
  • Morgan and her win will be forgotten and go down as undeserving
  • Superfan Alex lost to her mediocre sister who didnt know shit about bb
  • Justin didn’t get SHIT