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A Kiss For Clarity

I know I said I was gonna pace myself because I’m supposed to be busy with work right now but I saw this prompt from @birdlovesafish and I couldn’t help but write it:

Betty figures out she can think clearer when she kisses Jughead and they decide to basically have a make out session to see if she can solve Jason Blossom’s murder

It came out of nowhere, but before she knew it Jughead’s cool lips were covering hers, pressing with the most delicious pressure, fingers cupping the back of her neck gently. All thoughts of crazy parents swept from her mind as she focused every nerve in her body on the exhilarating tingle that shot through her. She brought her hand up to experimentally caress his neck, fingers shaking. The world melted away as she tasted his breath, fanning across her face as he sighed. No more parents, no more institutions, no more Jason and Polly…


“The car!”


She listened to him trip over his words as he tried to explain himself. 

“…who’ve been through what we’ve been through?” he stammered. She flexed her fingers round his, his grip a steadying hold on her as she floated through the insanity that has become her life. The concern in his voice made her heartbeat stop and then pick up in double time. Here he was, the boy that had waited for her while she fawned over Archie - she cringed at her behaviour now. He’d not said a word, patiently listening, caring, protecting. She leaned into him slightly while they continued the walk home, basking in the warmth he provided her. He may look blue but he was always golden to her. 

“How far did she get?” Betty stopped, her mind reliving the memory. She turned to look up at him, eyes honest and waiting. She couldn’t help but reach up, cupping his cheeks as he once did to her and place a chaste but firm kiss to his lips. She felt his mouth tilt upwards in a smile against hers. Everything was so much clearer with him around.


Betty felt as if she was going to go cross-eyed if she stared at this damn murder board a minute longer. She closed her eyes, rubbing her temples slightly to release some of the ache that had built up in the middle of her forehead. 

“You ok, Betts?” Jughead asked from behind her, sitting at his desk, the tapping of his keys pausing momentarily as he looked over to her lowered head and hunched shoulders in concern. 

“Yeah, I just… we haven’t gotten anywhere recently and it just feels like we’re losing it. The longer it takes the less likely we are to find whoever did this. This whole thing,” she gestured to the board in front of her “just looks like a mess of lines to me now,” she huffed in defeat, shaking her head. Jughead appeared in front of her where she was perched on the edge of a desk, widening her legs slightly to let him stand between them comfortably. He rested both hands on her shoulders, ducking his head to look directly into her eyes. 

“Hey, don’t worry. We’re gonna figure this out, we’ll get there,” he mumbled reassuringly, tilting her head up with a finger under her chin. She gazed into his piercingly blue eyes for a beat, seeing nothing but concern and reassurance waiting for her there. She dropped her head to his chest, letting out a sigh as his arms moved to encircle her, one hand rubbing the middle of her back gently. She could already feel the tension leaving her back, her shoulders, the ache in her head numbing to a dull throb as she breathed in the smell of his detergent mixed with something else that was uniquely Jughead. 

“You always make it better,” she whispered earnestly, pulling back to watch as he ducked his head with an embarrassed chuckle, light pink dusting the tops of his cheeks. She meant it, though. Every touch they shared, every brush of their fingers or touch of their lips, made everything crystal clear to her, like when their skin touched the circuit was finally completed. She peered at him, eyebrows slightly furrowed in wonder before leaning forward, pulling him down by the back of the neck and crashing her lips to his.

This kiss wasn’t like their others. It wasn’t brief or delicate or unsure. It was passion and fire and Betty couldn’t help but pour all her frustrations and curiosities into it. 

He’d never been kissed like this before, never wanted to be before Betty. A groan rose from his chest, surprising even himself, as Betty’s tongue slipped out to run across the seam of his lips. She moaned needily, oh how he wished he could save that sound and play it again and again, as he opened his mouth under her ministrations. His hands fisted in the material at her waist, trying not to dig his fingers into her soft flesh at the feeling of her hooking her ankles round the backs of his thighs and pull him closer, her hands moving to tug at his hair. 

“What are you doing?” he managed to ask when they pulled back for air, heads both spinning at the new sensations.

“Just trying something,” she gasped, and who was he to argue as she came back in for more, willingly letting her take everything from him that he could give, she could have it all, anything she wanted. 

Time turned to dust around them as they stayed locked in that position, both exploring in ways they never dreamed they could. Betty slid up against him, pushing her chest intoxicatingly against his. A new feeling stirred in the pit of his stomach, thrilling and terrifying all at once. Betty couldn’t believe that she’d been missing the chance to have this for all this time. Jughead made her feel whole, not on the verge of some dark plummeting precipice as she’d been made to feel her entire life. Where she was, right now, she’d be happy to jump without a second thought as long as he was with her, holding on tight. 

She pulled back suddenly, lips releasing with a wet pop, chests heaving in unison. They stayed there, trying to calm their breathing and flushed skin, never taking their eyes off one another. 

“Betts,” he breathed, thumb tracing her glowing cheek. She smiled shyly at him now the moment was cooling down. Her eyes flicked briefly, casting a glance over his shoulder.

“Juggie…” she started, hopping off the desk and charging towards their murder board. “We have to visit Mayor McCoy’s office. Now,” she commanded, flying round the office in a hurricane of pink and gold. He chuckled, shaking his head while trying to get his body under control. She was something else. She barely started towards the door before stopping abruptly again and rushing back to his side. Her hands grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him in for one last rough kiss, heady against their already swollen lips. 

“Thank you, Juggie,” she whispered against his lips, beautiful smile dazzling him for a moment longer, giving her a head start out of the room. 

“You’re welcome,” he replied breathlessly to the empty room, casting one last disbelieving look around before following his girl out of the door. 

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Batfam babysitting Mar'i headcannons? Pretty please

-I can imagine Jason being really good with small kids, like he knows exactly how to get a kid to stop crying when everyone else had failed to stop the incessant wailing, so he’d be really good with Mar’i when she’s a baby

-Bruce would always take Mar’i to the park when he had to babysit her and so there are tons of tabloid photos of Bruce pushing a stroller with a content little Mar’i all bundled up inside

-Tim would be better with Mar’i once she could talk and he would make up all sorts of stories to tell her. He would do all of the silly voices and tell of the brave knight princess Mar’i who saved King Richard from the clutches of the dreaded bat-dragon that was mad at him for breaking (another) vase

-Damian wouldn’t be left around Mar’i alone; it’s not that Dick didn’t trust him to watch Mar’i, he just didn’t want her to learn how to throw knives before she could speak on the off chance that she could accidentally kill herself 

-Steph and Cass would have tea parties with Mar’i once she gets into the typical princess stage where they would make cookies (and wreck the kitchen to the dismay of poor Alfred) and set up a table and drag the boys into joining them. Then they would paint nails, the boys’ nails to be specific. Dick totally rocked the bright fuchsia Mar’i chose for him, though Jason was a bit grumbly about the sparkly yellow Steph chose for him (”couldn’t it have been red at least, to stick with the whole “RED hood” thing” “shut up and let me paint your nails”)

-Duke and Damian would teach her how to play video games like Cheese Vikings and the classics. She would eventually become a master at Mortal Kombat under the tutelage of Duke

-basically everyone would have an activity that would keep her occupied and stationary so they could have a rest but still make sure Mar’i is having fun

the greater good

pairing: Jason Todd x reader

prompt: based off of Lucius and his wife from The Incredibles; “honey, where’s my uniform?”

warnings: none that I can find:)

word count: 890

Just a short lil drabble to ease myself into writing and hopefully get rid of my writers block. This started out great and I was really confident in it but I have no idea what happened at the end lmao.

You hum quietly to yourself as you put on your earrings and move on to apply the last touch ups to your look. Tonight was date night for the first time in two months. It seems that between your day job and Jason’s night job you never got any time for yourselves, so you were quite excited for tonight.

From your spot by your makeup table in the bedroom you can hear Jason pacing the flor in your living room and speaking to someone—probably Roy or one of his brothers—on the phone. You can vaguely make out some of his words but you decide to pay no mind to it and focus on perfecting your lipstick instead. Suddenly the pacing stops and you hear him make his way down the hall to your room instead. “Yeah, Roy, just…just give me sec.” He appears at the doorway to your room, looking as dashing as ever in his suit and tie get up. He gives you cheeky little smile and you raise your brow at him in questioning manor.

Ignoring your gesture, Jason moves to your walk in closet and starts rummaging through the drawers. You sigh to yourself as you realize what he’s doing. “Baby—no not you Roy—Y/N where’s my uniform?” You put down your lipstick with a huff and place your elbow on the table with your chin in your palm. “What?” You ask.

“My uniform, I need it it’s an emergency.”

“I put it away,” you drawl back. Outside you hear shouting and the sound of sirens in the distance. Just another night in Gotham, you think bitterly to yourself as you lean back in your seat with crossed arms.

“You did what?” Jason shrieks before emerging just outside the walk in closet. His hair is tousled, with his jacket off and his shirt halfway unbuttoned. “Well where did you put it away?” He enquirers as he continues to work on the buttons of his shirt. “Why do you wanna know?” Outside, the side of sirens is getting more clear and Jason runs over to your window and glances out. “I need it, Y/N, it’s for the greater good,”

You feel your face heat up in anger. “The greater good? I’m your girlfriend, Jason Todd, I’m the greatest good you’ll ever have!” You shriek in anger.

Jason glances outside the window once more before signing and walking towards you. He kneels down text you and unfolds your arms and takes hold of your hands, rubbing small comforting circles on the back of them. “Alright, what’s this about?”

“It’s about how you’re always running off, doing the daring-do and we never get any time for ourselves! We’ve been planning this dinner for two months, Jason, two entire months!” You’re blinking back tears by the end of your rant and Jason gives you small sympathetic smile. He squeezes your hands and urges you to continue. “It’s just…I feel like I never see you anymore.” You mumble.

“I know it’s been hard baby and I’m so, so sorry.” He murmurs against your hands before pressing a small kiss to them. “I’ve been a terrible boyfriend haven’t I?” He jokingly says.

You let out a small giggle and Jason’s heart swells. “Not terrible, just busy,”

You both jump at was sounds like a faint gunshot, ringing from the distance and Jason immediately stands to cover your body. He looks down at you and sigh. You guess that the city and the people in it is actually more important than your date anyway. “Your uniform is in the bottom drawer in the bathroom, I’ll get the helmet,” Jason smiles apologetically at you and kisses your forehead before running off to the bathroom. You sit up and walk over to your disheveled walk in closet. Kneeling down you grab one of the shoeboxes stacked in the corner and open it. In it lies Jason’s helmet.

You stare at it for a while with furrowed brows and lips squeezed in a tight line. Last night when he came home from patrol and when he thought you were asleep, you had sneaked out to hide it. You knew that something like this would come up or that he’d see it and be tempted to put it on and go out to fight crime. In hindsight, you probably were a little selfish but you couldn’t really help yourself. After all, it did feel like your relationship was falling apart.

“Babe, do you have it?” Jason’s voice snaps you out of your train of thoughts and you hurriedly grab it and walk out of your room to the hall where Jason stands, fitted in his vigilante getup. You walk up to stand in front of him and extend your hands shakily with the helmet in your hands. Jason, noticing your discomfort, places his hands on top of your and looks into your eyes. “I’ll be fine, love,” he says and you search his eyes for any sign of nervousness or dishonesty but you find only love and reassurance. Your lips quirk up into a weak smile. “I know.”

Jason smiles, tangles a hand in your hair and presses a firm kiss to your forehead before grabbing the helmet out of your hands. “I’ll make sure to be home for dinner.”

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about ur latino jason ask: how can a race 'suit' someone? i think latino jason is nice especially bc im latinx but that doesnt make sense, race doesnt = personality/background

What I mean by that is I think it suits his background. Growing up in Crime Alley, there seem to be a lot of minorities which sadly is norm for a lot of impoverish neighborhoods. It’s probably more likely that Jason was Latino or something other than a white kid. Idk, His whole personality is that of one who has been unfairly treated (either due to race or just the circumstances of his childhood). I can see him being pissy with the press over how “lucky” he is a generous man like Bruce Wayne gave a street rat like him a home or basing him off of stereotypes and him hating himself when he fulfills them.

You’re right, ‘suits’ wasn’t the best word for me to use in my last ask and I apologize because what I was trying to say is that race/background do influence people in both good and bad ways. I said it “"suits”“ him because I can see, given his background and personality, how being a Latino can fit that. Some headcanons I see are completely out of left field, to me, and doesn’t make sense regarding the character.

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That Kindergarten story involving Jason and Joker that can be unlocked in Arkham Knight is actually solid 10/10 fucked up...

I hadn’t heard that before, so I went and looked it up and WOW, YOU WEREN’T KIDDING:

Batman was wrong. He’d always been wrong about Joker. There was no madhouse qualified, no prison secure enough. Jason knew that now, after he’d seen tonight-

Little arms, little legs, little heads, crudely, mockingly stitched together.

He’d come straight from the kindergarten, followed a trail of innocent blood back to Arkham Asylum. Tracker switched off. Cowl communications disabled. He was a ghost. Batman wouldn’t find him until it was done.

Weeping parents, fighting over patchwork corpses.

The sanatorium had been derelict for years. A burnt-out patch of dead earth on top, a forgotten warren of cells below. Good, Jason thought, he’s already in the dirt. There was a moral line that Bruce had sworn never to cross. Jason would cross it for him.

Jason had been watching a grief-stricken mother piece her son together when the kindergarten speaker system came to life.

No, Robin, he thought. Push it down. Jason pulled back to the heavy iron doors that would have once led into a laundry chute, and dropped into the dark.

“Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,” Joker sang.

“You couldn’t crack a joke in the cowl if your life depended on it, old man,” Jason ribbed, flipping his dark bangs out of his eyes. They flashed as they met Bruce’s, right before he fastened the domino mask on his face. 

“Hn,” was all Batman said in reply, his own mask in place now. 

“Me? It’s easy. Watch,” Jason spun so the cape swirled out behind him and he leapt toward the Batmobile, calling over his shoulder, “What do you get when you cross a navy ship, a hurricane, and a drunk captain?” 

He stopped at the passenger side, turning again to watch Batman’s jaw. 

“I don’t know,” Batman said tersely. 

“A fucking disaster,” Jason said proudly. 

“Jay,” was all Batman said in warning, but the corner of his mouth twitched up. 

“I heard that one in bar full of uniforms,” Jason said. “It’s pretty good, dontcha think?”

“Hn,” Batman said again. “Watch your mouth.”


Robin was perched on the edge of the fire escape, just two stories up, while Batman had a perp cornered in the back of the alley. The guy had been a tough dude– until, of course, he got thrown against a dumpster by a man in a bat costume. Robin waited to hear what the man would spill about his boss, a drug runner they’ve been after for weeks. 

“Are you scared?” Batman asked him in a low growl. 

Robin waited. It wasn’t unusual for Batman to bait them, to string them a long a bit and draw it out until they were really quaking. 

“Yeah,” the man admitted, which was a surprise. Sometimes they were belligerent out of defense. Robin knows he would be.

“Hi, scared. I’m Batman.”

Robin’s eyes widened under the domino mask. The man went even paler, all the blood drained from his face, as if somehow this was more terrifying than any threat Batman could have flung at him. 

“Now talk.”

And the man spilled his guts.

Robin’s mouth was still open in a gaping smile when Batman rejoined him on the fire escape, right before they both rappelled up out of the alleyway. 

“That,” he said, biting his lip when they landed on the next roof, “was a goddamn awful joke.”

“Hn,” was all Batman said. 

Robin grinned.

You know.. Jason died right, so all I’m saying is he can probably see ghosts and other nonhuman entities. The batfam probably all separately catch him staring into dark corners with a horrified expression or occasionally saying fuck off to the empty air somewhere to the right of their heads.. maybe Jason sometimes isn’t acting quite himself due to a malevolent entity attempting possession. They all just sadly use this behavior to further confirm that Jason is just not all there upstairs since he came back, until Constantine shows up in Gotham and the batfam witness Jason helping exorcise a demon only they can see, and Constantine is like holy shit I’ve never seen this many spirits drawn to one person before

just because you have to patrol on halloween doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like gotham’s favorite vigilante