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we finally got a super hero movie with one of the most diverse casts ever AND EVERYONE IS LETTING IT FLOP.


But no, everyone wants to go see another Scarlett Johansson flick (no shade I love her), Alec Baldwin voicing a baby, and beauty and the beast.

If there’s not going to be a sequel, someone fight me. I may be little but I’m feisty.

Praying that South Korea, Tokyo, and China save the day because once again, America has let me down.

Wally coming back alive and catching up with Dick

- This is the young justice verison
- Artemis is by his side the whole time because he is not leaving her anytime soon.
- They go to the apartment because Dick doesn’t want to throw a lot at him at once.
- Just catching up on old times and where everyone is.
- Dick tried to keep it a secret that Wally came over because the family would be all over him.
- Tim found out cause well it’s Tim.
- He comes running threw the door to hug Wally at a speed so fast Wally was proud. He heard so many stories about him.
- Wally ask question after question about Bart.
- Jason comes crashing through the window and well Wally about had a heart attack.
- Shot I knew i forgot to tell him something.
- Yeah like the whole I am alive thing.


C R U S H    I T                  ….okay?

Wedding and pop-corn - Batmom x Batfamily

So I decided to combine those two requests, because they’re very similar, and it’s not my thing to write two stories that are basically the same thing :-). So here for Batmom and Bruce’s wedding and all of that ! IT’S SUPER LONG SORRY !! It’s been a while since I wrote such a long fic…I just didn’t wanna make two parts… Hope you’ll like it

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The angry (or rather, annoyed), loud and deep voice of their father stop them all right in their track. It isn’t often your Bruce raises his voice like so, but sometimes, your boys just push him too far. 

Like right now. 

You were all in the biggest living room in Wayne’s Manor, enjoying some family time for the first time in ages ! It was rare that you could hang out altogether outside of the Batcave…

But things weren’t going like you wanted them to go. 


You had wished to spent some times with your sons, husband and the man you came to consider your father, Alfred. Watching movies, eating junk food, drinking too much coffee and soda…It started out so well. 

You guys were all sitting in a gigantic couch, with tons of things to eat and drink, and a movie to put on…Unfortunately, said movie was Dick’s favorite, and the young man seemed unable stop himself from saying every lines in the movie before they actually happened. 

You and Bruce were used to him doing that, as he’s been doing it since he arrived first in the house, when he was barely eight years old. The first time he said a line before a character would say it, he looked at you two worriedly, afraid to be annoying…And of course it was annoying, but he was so damn cute, that you let him do it. And some things never change. Even though he was know a almost a man, you still let him do it, because to you, he was still your baby boy, and he was still as cute as ever. 

Jason never cared either, because usually, when it was movie night, it meant cuddling against you or one of his brothers (rarely against Bruce, because of stupid pride), and he’d never admit it, but he didn’t care one bit about the movies you’d all watch, as long as he was with his family. Oh yes, of course he’d never admit it, it’d ruin his “tough guy reputation”.

Tim would usually doze off on your shoulder, or if your shoulder was taken by one of your siblings (only one shoulder available unfortunately, the other one was always automatically reserved for his father), then he’d fall asleep on one of them instead. The poor boy always had so much trouble sleeping, than when there were truly calm moments, like your movie nights, he just couldn’t stay awake. 

But Damian…Oh Damian hated Dick’s habit. And apparently, this evening, he was grumpier than usual, not even twenty minutes into the movie and he started to argue with his older brother about him “having to shut up because he’d like to enjoy the damn movie !”. Of course, because Dick loved the way Damian would get all worked up about something that silly (even though it really was annoying), he did it even louder. 

This sprout Damian lunging at Dick and yelling at him to be silent…the commotion he made woke Tim up, and when Tim got woken up from one of his rare peaceful sleep, he wasn’t in a good mood. So out of annoyance, he elbowed Damian in the ribs with a groan. 

It so happened that that particularly night, it was Jason’s turn to snuggle against you, and the fight their brother were starting made you straighten up to see what was happening, dislodging him from against you…And it wasn’t fair. it was his turn to be with his mommy (oh God he wished to everything he held holy that no one would ever know what he was thinking just now), and they were ruining it !  

All Hell broke loose as your four boys started to yell, kick, slap, damn even BITE each other ! All the while Dick kept saying the lines from the movie before it happened, as he was dodging punches and such. 

It lasted about thirty seconds before Bruce got genuinely angry that his sons were ruining one of their only family moments of the month ! It was so difficult to gather everyone together, and they were messing everything up ! 

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Grocery shopping with my mom when I saw this and all I could think of is Jason sitting at the table eating a bowl of honey nut Cheerios and Bruce comes down sits at the table and Jason turns the box around and says, “For those days when you have to run a multi billion dollar company and fight Gotham’s scum at night, YOU need honey nut cheerios to start your day off right. The official sponsor of the Batman.”

  • Jason: pearl what do you want for lunch?
  • Little Sister: mac and cheese.
  • Kimberly: *climbs through window* me too
  • Trini: *climbs in after her* me too
  • Zack: me too *falls from ceiling beam*
  • Jason: I'm not making 5 boxes of mac and--
  • Billy: *comes in the front door without knocking*
  • Billy: Hey, I love mac and cheese!
  • Jason:
  • Jason: *opens six boxes*

anonymous asked:

so in the roman au, what do you think would happen when annabeth officially introduces percy as her boyfriend to jason? also, does jason know that they're sleeping together?

Percy and Annabeth aren’t exactly subtle about the fact that there’s something going on between them, you know? They’re constantly being spotted around the city together and when they are in the same room, there’s all these little touches and looks, so it’s not hard to put two and two together. As much as he’d like to be blissfully unaware of the fact that Annabeth’s sleeping with a guy he despises, Jason’s not stupid. He’s not happy about it, because he sees Percy as another version of Luke as far as Annabeth is concerned, but he’s also convinced it won’t last more than a few months. (Piper laughs at his naivete.)

He definitely tries to give Percy a shovel talk when Annabeth finally admits that it’s more than a fling. Percy’s like, “LOL you can try,” which more or less finally leads to their first all out brawl. And then hey’re kind of cool with each other after that? Like, they don’t like each other, but there’s less outright hostility. They’ll never be buddies and Jason’d rather have Annabeth date anyone else but him, but they’re on the same page as far as she goes now. 

WONDER WOMAN Wows With Wonderful $400 Million Domestic Box Office
Wonder Woman hits another huge box office milestone in the next few days, and her huge success means fans won't have to wait long to see her in several other upcoming DCEU films.
By Mark Hughes

A sequel to Wonder Woman has already been slated for December 13, 2019. Patty Jenkins has stated her intention to return as director on the project, explaining she already has specific ideas for a sequel, and she’s currently in negotiations with Warner Bros. to helm the sequel. DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns meanwhile has already begun writing Wonder Woman II. The film is will enter production next year.

But fans won’t have to wait until 2019 to get more of Gal Gadot’s superheroics, as Wonder Woman will return to the big screen in Justice League, hitting theaters just 15 weeks from now. Gadot is also expected to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming production of Flashpoint, which will be Flash’s solo movie but is also more of another superhero team-up featuring several additional DC superheroes. Flashpoint is currently scheduled to release in 2020. So we’ll see Wonder Woman twice this year, again in 2019, and in 2020. That’s an average of one appearance every year, and it means Wonder Woman could potentially appear in as many different films as Batman will over the course of the next few years in the DCEU.

The Complete Wes Anderson Questionnaire
  • Send me the name of a character for an answer to the question, feel free to reblog and share.
  • ---- Bottle Rocket ----
  • Dignan: Do you have a detailed plan for your life? What are your plans for the next 10 years?
  • Anthony: Have you ever been pressured into anything by your friends?
  • Bob: If you were to ever plan a heist, what would be your target and what would be your get-away vehicle?
  • ---- Rushmore ----
  • Max: Are you part of any clubs or societies?
  • Herman: If you could run your own business, what would that business be?
  • Rosemary: Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? What would you teach?
  • Dirk: Have you ever written an angry letter?
  • ---- The Royal Tenenbaums ----
  • Margot: What is your greatest childhood achievement?
  • Richie: What is your favorite sport?
  • Chas: Would you consider yourself to be a hypochondriac?
  • Royal: What is the biggest lie you have told?
  • Eli: If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
  • ---- The Life Aquatic ----
  • Steve: If you had a ship, what would you name it?
  • Ned: Have you ever been pressured into anything by your parents?
  • Jane: Would you make a good journalist?
  • Hennessey: What is the most expensive thing you own?
  • Klaus: Do you enjoy working as a team?
  • ---- The Darjeeling Limited ----
  • Jack: Are you a romantic?
  • Francis: Have you ever been in a severe accident?
  • Peter: If you could own an exotic animal as a pet, what would it be?
  • ---- Fantastic Mr. Fox ----
  • Mr. Fox: If you had a bandit hat, what colour would it be?
  • Kylie: Do you have good credit?
  • Felicity Fox: If you could paint any landscape, which would you paint?
  • Ash: Do you consider yourself to be 'different'?
  • Kristofferson: Do you have any relatives in distant places?
  • ---- Moonrise Kingdom ----
  • Sam: Do you make friends easily?
  • Suzy: What kind of bird are you?
  • Scout Master Ward: Are you a good leader?
  • Captain Sharp: Did you grow up in a close-knit community?
  • ---- The Grand Budapest Hotel ----
  • M. Gustave: Do you have a signature scent?
  • Zero: What have you worked hard for in your life?
  • Agatha: Are you a good baker?
  • Dmitri: What is your favorite painting?
  • Madame D: Do you plan to remain glamorous in your later years?