jason better be happy

“You don’t think I understand what it’s like to be abandoned? Forgotten? To be the Robin nobody trusts?”

Happy Birthday to my favorite zombie murder birb Jason Todd (August 16)

Happy Birthday, Percy! 

You’re one brave goofball and we’re all proud of you for growing up and staying safe and strong.


Reasons to be happy today (based on my new theory that Damian really likes plants!)

  • Damian with his own, very tiny herb garden that he uses to make tea. His room smells like lemon thyme.
  • Damian being lowkey upset every time Alfred mows the lawn, because it cuts down all the wildflowers
  • Damian with very strong opinions about which plants should go in the Manor garden this year
  • Alfred decides to let him help manage it because hey, it’s cool that he’s interested, right? Damian drags him around the plant nursery for an hour before he’s prepared to make a selection. He has to see all his options first. Also research them. This is important.
  • Why does Todd think it’s hilarious that he’s looking for a shrubbery
  • Bruce has a small pond constructed in the yard after Damian says he wants to study water plants too (and maybe paint them like Monet?)
  • Tim buys Damian plants as apology presents sometimes like ?? I don’t know why you like these so much, but sorry I was spying on you. Have a cactus. It’s tiny and it stabbed me while I was trying to buy it, so I feel like this is an appropriate gift
  • Bruce lets Damian plant climbing ivy outside his window (A mistake. Sneaking out just got 835603807% easier @ father who’s grounded NOW aHHhahaha)
  • Damian trimming his tiny bonsai (B&R #18)
  • Damian having a 100% serious conversation with Pam about proper plant care while Bruce rolls his eyes in the background. They are in the middle of a firefight. Why is his son like this
Siblings Know Best

Stacey had long hours at the hospital. Whenever she was off work, she wasn’t always at her parents’ house. And she felt like she’d barely seen Jason since he got back. That problem had to be addressed. She had an afternoon off and demanded time alone with him, marching up to his room to do so before leaving to wait in the kitchen for him. She had coffee brewing for them already. Jason looked so happy lately, better than he used to. And Stacey was determined to take advantage of it by having a nice afternoon with him alone.

Better than chocolate...

Jason was so unbelievably nervous that the piece of paper in his hand must have been completely soaked in cold sweat at the time he arrived at his favorite shelf. From this spot he had normally the best view at the young sales assistant at his cashpoint which Jason liked to watch for a minute or two. He had never dared to pay at HIS cash register because he would have done something mortifying stupid for sure like he always did when he was interested in somebody. 

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