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Okay but did anybody else notice how fucking devastated and fucked up Jughead looked when he walked into the cafeteria. Like he’s been up forever and crying the whole time. And then he walks into school, where he knows his peers will judge him, just to apologize for something he had no control over and that must have been the hardest thing but he knew it was the right thing to do and I just can’t. He’s so loving why can’t he just be loved the way he deserves.

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Clarke is a walking tragedy, ya’ll…which explains why Madi tries so hard to cheer Clarke up with a fairy tale retelling of her tragic life. 

She wants Clarke to have a happy ending. 


Reasons to be happy today (based on my new theory that Damian really likes plants!)

  • Damian with his own, very tiny herb garden that he uses to make tea. His room smells like lemon thyme.
  • Damian being lowkey upset every time Alfred mows the lawn, because it cuts down all the wildflowers
  • Damian with very strong opinions about which plants should go in the Manor garden this year
  • Alfred decides to let him help manage it because hey, it’s cool that he’s interested, right? Damian drags him around the plant nursery for an hour before he’s prepared to make a selection. He has to see all his options first. Also research them. This is important.
  • Why does Todd think it’s hilarious that he’s looking for a shrubbery
  • Bruce has a small pond constructed in the yard after Damian says he wants to study water plants too (and maybe paint them like Monet?)
  • Tim buys Damian plants as apology presents sometimes like ?? I don’t know why you like these so much, but sorry I was spying on you. Have a cactus. It’s tiny and it stabbed me while I was trying to buy it, so I feel like this is an appropriate gift
  • Bruce lets Damian plant climbing ivy outside his window (A mistake. Sneaking out just got 835603807% easier @ father who’s grounded NOW aHHhahaha)
  • Damian trimming his tiny bonsai (B&R #18)
  • Damian having a 100% serious conversation with Pam about proper plant care while Bruce rolls his eyes in the background. They are in the middle of a firefight. Why is his son like this

Happy Birthday, Percy! 

You’re one brave goofball and we’re all proud of you for growing up and staying safe and strong.

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Okay that last Billy/Jason completely tore me up. Like I'm mad that you did it but it was so good so I'm angry at myself for loving it 😩any way would you mind doing a flirty Jason/Billy one? Run with it however you please. Also I hope you're doing your homework and not procrastinating like a pro like me 😫😭

Bc i have xkit, I save prompts to my drafts so i can continously work on them, except i accidentally posted this one instead of saving it so I legit just moved it into a private posting and speedwrote all of this in the last forty minutes (so it’s incredibly short and ridiculous). REST ASSURED THOUGH, ANON. Someone else requested a flirty cranscott too so a better one should be coming sometime in the next few weeks??

“You want to what?”

Billy gestured loosely with both hands. “Try pick-up lines on you.”

Jason flushed and glanced to the side for a second, trying to wrap his mind around what Billy was asking. “You want to hit on me?”

“Yes.” Billy rubbed his face. “They’re important to romance, I’m sure of it.”

“Billy, they’re really not.”

“I looked it up,” Billy insisted. Before Jason could protest, Billy quickly added, “And I asked Zack. And he has two girlfriends so he must know what he’s talking about.”

Jason rubbed his eyes agitatedly. He was going to slap Zack next time he saw him. “I just don’t think-”

“Please?” Billy squeezed his hands into tight fists at his side.

“Billy-” Jason sighed. “Why do you want to anyway?”

Billy eyed him for a second, quiet. Then, he rocked back on his heels, stopped looking at Jason and said, “There’s a guy. I like. At school.”

“And you think pick up lines will make him date you?”

“I think they’ll help to see if he likes me back,” Billy explained. “But I need to know which ones are better.”

Jason sighed and settled onto the edge of his bed. “Alright, Billy. Woo me.”

Billy burst into a wide grin, hands rapidly clapping together. “Okay, okay. Um, hmm. I wrote a bunch of them down.” Billy fiddled through his pockets, pulling out stray bits of wire and screws until he got to a small but thickly folded piece of paper. It unravelled into a long list. “I’m going to go in order.”

“Okay, Billy,” Jason said, rubbing his face.

If he was lucky, they’d all be too terrible to feel any which way towards.

And if he was luckier still, the guy Billy liked would disappear off the face of the planet before Billy could hit on him.

Billy cleared his throat. “I’m just wanted to let you know that I’m not a hoarder.” He glanced up, eyes meeting Jason’s, soft and warm. “But I really want to keep you forever.”

It was cheesy and ridiculous but the way Billy said it, soft and wanting, had Jason’s insides squirming. When Billy didn’t continue on, Jason rubbed his arms. “Uh, that was- it- mm, that one’s fine, Billy.”

Billy grinned. “Yeah?”

“Yep.” Jason popped the ‘p’ and refused to meet Billy’s happy face. “Definitely should- should use that one.”

“Okay!” Billy glanced back down at his list. “Are you a camera? Because every time I look at your face, I smile.” And he did, grinning wide and happy at Jason’s face. 

Warmth bloomed in his stomach but Jason just snorted. “A little cheesy, Billy.”

Billy nodded. He licked his lips. His hands shook a little and he exhaled. “Um-” He scratched under his ear and looked up at Jason. “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I’m willing to make an exception for you.”

Jason laughed. Okay, that one was pretty cute. “Smooth, Billy.”

Billy smiled and went on. “I don’t normally let people touch me but angels are a different case.”

There was a patient pause as Jason took that in. He squeezed his hand into a brief fist. “That one’s good too.”

“Probably because it’s true.”

Jason smiled, thinking of all the times Billy let him and no one else touch his arm, his skin, brief or longer lasting.. “Does that mean I’m an angel?”

“The most angelic,” Billy said patiently and Jason’s smile grew a little wider. Billy glanced down at his list again and Jason waited for another cheesy but sweet ringer when Billy, voice shaking, said, “I guess that means I should call God, cause he’s missing his most important one.”

Jason paused. Blinked. Considered what was happening and exhaled slowly.

Billy bit his lip. In his hands his paper was crinkling as he tightened his grip on it. “Not good?”

Jason shook his head and stood up sharply. “No, no. It was good, Billy.” He rubbed his neck. “But, um, a nicer one would be-” And he dropped his hand, running his fingers soft and light over Billy’s face. “-I didn’t know angels could fly so low.”

Billy smiled softly. “You know, Zack bet me twenty dollars that you wouldn’t get the point until the last one.”

“Well, I guess someone owes you twenty dollars then, huh, Billy?”

Billy shrugged. “Not as a bad as owing someone three months worth of kisses.”

Jason laughed. “Can I start putting a dent in that?”

The list fluttered to the floor and Billy stepped closer into Jason’s space. “Yeah, but you should know that you’ve accrued a lot of interest.”

Jason smirked and nuzzled Billy’s cheek, letting his arms draped over Billy’s shoulders and keep him close. “Can’t wait to start paying it off.”

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Everyone loved the Christmas cards that year. It seem like there wasn’t a way to top it but surprisingly it was Cass who took an even better picture for the next year’s cards

“You don’t think I understand what it’s like to be abandoned? Forgotten? To be the Robin nobody trusts?”

Happy Birthday to my favorite zombie murder birb Jason Todd (August 16)

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THANK YOU. I try not to think about Percico because it annoys the crap out of me, but I have to tell you how much I agree with your comment. Nico doesn't love Percy the person - he loves a mix of ideas and he-saved-my-life-debts. I understand his struggle with his sexuality which honestly probably complicates everything to the point where he can't possibly sit and examine what it is he's feeling and what he's feeling for. I feel for Nico. I don't feel for the shippers though, because honestly,

it’s a fundamentally selfish ship. It has absolutely nothing to do with Percy, it’s all about making Nico happy. Ditto Jasico. Percy and Jason both have better chemistry and compatibility with at least five characters each more than they do with Nico. What Nico needs is acceptance, friendship and a catalyzing event to get through to him and make him accept his sexuality and love himself. He does not need Annabeth’s death and a wildly out-of-character Percy to make out with.

these are pretty much exactly my thoughts on the issue. what really annoys me is the sudden blame thrown on percy and when people make out that jason will suddenly start hating percy. ??

i dont know if everyone forgot, but nico being ‘in love’ with percy was news to all of us, so why should percy have miraculously known? - he hasn’t exactly been the sharpest pin in the box when it comes to people liking him in the past.

also jason and percy are friends, jason would hold no resentment towards percy because of nico’s feelings. in case you missed it, jason was kind to nico because he is a considerate person and if it took that chapter to make to appreciate that about him then you’ve not really been paying enough attention to his character. jason will not try to break up annabeth and percy to make nico happy because that is selfish and cruel, and not at all in his character traits

Siblings Know Best

Stacey had long hours at the hospital. Whenever she was off work, she wasn’t always at her parents’ house. And she felt like she’d barely seen Jason since he got back. That problem had to be addressed. She had an afternoon off and demanded time alone with him, marching up to his room to do so before leaving to wait in the kitchen for him. She had coffee brewing for them already. Jason looked so happy lately, better than he used to. And Stacey was determined to take advantage of it by having a nice afternoon with him alone.

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Can we talk about the fact that Bob who doesn't ship Bellarke has made the best description about them? I can't imagine better words. He understand Bellarke even better than the writers or Jason. I'm so happy

He’s literally not allowed to ship Bellarke at this point because its not canon right now. But yes, I love his description, though!

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cruise!au nico and jason going somewhere shitty like mcdonalds and just talking over a meal?

Jason frowned at the crumpled, greasy bag in front of him, nose wrinkling at the all too familiar scent of grease and salt, “Don’t you EVER get sick of McDonald’s?” 

“Nope,” Nico wiggled his eyebrows as he dug in to his McNuggets with every sign of enjoyment, “Never have never will.” 

“How are you so skinny when you eat all this anyway? Do wizards have some super high metabolism?” Jason nibbled at a fry without any enthusiasm, “Blech.”

Nico shrugged, “Yeah, actually, we do. Magic is essentially energy right? Energy is calories. I’m always doing magic so I’m always burning calories.” 

Jason raised an eyebrow, “Really.”

“Really. Which is why I eat this all the time.” He gestured to his meal and popped another nugget. “That, and it’s cheap. Cheap and salty, just like me.”

“You aren’t cheap!”

Nico rolled his his eyes when he noticed Jason’s creeping blush. Dork. “How are you so nice, like, all the time?”

“I’m not,” Jason crossed his arms over his chest, “You’re just cynical.”

“That is also true,” Nico nodded, “I am.”

“Why don’t you ever say anything positive about yourself?”

Nico frowned, “How do you mean?”

“I mean, you know, you’re always saying mean things about yourself and when someone else insults you just agree.”

“Well, they’re usually right-”

“That’s what I mean!” Jason prodded at Nico’s chest, “They’re not right, there are plenty of great things about you-”

“Jason-” Nico warned, but Jason ignored him.

“You’re clever, you’re brilliant, actually, and you’re funny and charming. And super talented! And gorgeous, obviously, I mean-”

“Jason, shut up!” 

Jason did, but not before noticing that Nico was the one blushing this time, and Jason could see he was trying hard to scowl instead of smile. He felt his heart jump at that, Nico’s face colored with happiness, happiness Jason caused him. “See? Doesn’t that feel better?”

“Now what?” 

“Hearing good things about yourself? I can give you more, like-”

“Jason,” Nico rolled his eyes, “We’re already ‘together’ you don’t have to flirt.”

“But what if I want to? I like flirting with you.” Jason grinned, enjoying the moment of being the one who stumped Nico for once. 

Nico rolled his eyes again and hid his face behind his Coke, “Just shut up and eat your burger, dork.”