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This cast, I swear

Friend : Omg I have a crush on a celebrity 3 years older than me, I know it’s weird don’t judge me okay. 

 Me :

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Respect Yuzuru. Respect Nathan. Respect Shoma. Respect Patrick. Respect Boyang. Respect Denis. Respect Javier. Respect Han.

Please respect every skater no matter who your favorite is.

Do you not see that this sport has not been this exciting in years?

Every skater has at some point been overscored and underscored. Regardless of judging, every skater has had to overcome hardships and worked their ass off to get to where they are now. 

I get it. We all have favorites. It is impossible to be unbiased. But all skaters, the sQuad and the uncles, those from group 1 and group 4, those from Asia and America and Europe, are pushing the sport forward. We should be happy for everyone’s successes. Do you know why?

That’s why.

They all respect each other and accept the results. They all want to see the others do their best. And most importantly, they are happy for each other.

You don’t have to root for everyone. I just ask that you respect everyone.

Credit: pic by Misha Ge (x), video (x)


Finale by Danielle Earl Photography
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Copyright Danielle Earl/Golden Skate