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I’ve been making my way through Rick Riordan’s books this year, so here are some sketches of my favourite characters so far! 

I just want to tell you that when I was little girl and I played Power Rangers with my classmates in elementary school, I was always assigned to be the blue or black power ranger because they were the ones nobody wanted.

I always felt frustrated because I wanted to be the pink or yellow rangers but my classmates never let me because ‘you’re not pretty for be them’, so basically I grew up to love the blue and black power ranger (especially the blue, who was at which I played mostly)

And what I want to do with this is that I just watched the Power Rangers and cry all the time because at last my boy Billy had the love and recognition he deserves and this movie only served to validate my love for him.

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Me during the stream: *coughing on the verge of death* I’m not gonna make it

*all of Team Theorist plays Just Dance together*

Also me: *jumps out of death bed* WHOOOO I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD BITCHES!!!!! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO

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billy doesn't really like to touch people he doesn't know well, he sort of just stiffens up and hopes they go away, but he is the Touchiest Person Ever if he likes you. combine that with a touch starved boyfriend and you have to literally peel him and jason apart if you want them to do anything. jason may whine a little bit when you make him let go. people make fun of jason going from hot shot to [insert uninspired gay joke] and he slaps them and smiles lovingly at billy




Relationship: Jason Todd X reader, Joker X Daughter! Reader

Warnings: Abuse, character death, abandonment, Angst , Joker being an asshole, it’s just kinda sad y’all. Torture, Jason’s death.

A/N: So here’s what I’ve been working on lately (And why I’ve been a little MIA)This will basically go along with the storyline of Under the Red Hood and I have had this idea on and off in my head for almost two years now and I just rewatched under the red hood and I have the plot a little more set in stone so here we go!


You were tied to a chair. Jason was lying on the floor. Your father was beating him senseless.

It wasn’t like that beforehand, you and your father used to be close. But then, the day he wanted you to be his sidekick came along, and then? Things fell apart.
“Y/N Shoot the boy!” Your father cackled as you shakily held a gun in your hand, pointing it at Robin

“I can’t!” You wanted to cry. “I don’t want this life! I don’t wanna be like you!”

Everyone had froze at your words. You couldn’t even believe that they came out of your mouth. But the words that came out of his mouth next shocked you even more.

“You’re not my daughter.” He snapped taking the gun out of your hand and that’s when the dam holding in your tears broke. You sobbed and collapsed to your knees as the Batman took down your father, put him in the batmobile and walk back over to you. You pulled out the rest of your weapons and gave them to him. The mighty duo kneeled in front of you.

“Just take me to Arkham, he’ll escape without me.” You say quietly. “And then, he won’t come for me. He wouldn’t go back there unless you forced him.”

Batman knew how easily it could be that this whole thing was an act, but when he looked into your eyes, he knew you weren’t acting, Because he too knew what it was like to lose your parents, and although yours weren’t dead, your relationship was.

“No.” He stated gruffly and Robin helped you up. You looked at him and he gave you a small smile as tears continued to run down your face.

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to take care of you.” Robin said reassuringly. You nodded your head, the green hair you had associated with your father falling in front of your face.

“Thank you,” You said giving the Boy Wonder a hug. Robin was tense at first but he still hugged you back.

“Robin take her back to the cave.” Batman said before getting into the car and taking off. “I’ll handle Joker.”

“Why yes sir.” Robin said in a deep voice imitating his mentor. You let out a laugh, and snot came dribbling out of your nose.

“Ew, sorry that’s disgusting.” You say with a light laugh wiping your nose on your sleeve.

“Don’t worry about it.” He says laughing also. “Thanks for not shooting me by the way. That would’ve been a great way to start my first day on the job.”

“Uh, you’re welcome.” You say as he leads you to his bike. He gets on and looks at you waiting for you to get on also. You do so slowly and wrap your hands around the boy’s waist. Robin drives and soon enough you enter the cave and he stops the bike allowing you to get off first. “Holy Cow!”

“Yeah it’s a pretty cool place,” Robin says placing his hands on his hips, admiring the area.

“Not the cave silly! The computer!” You say running over to the large device. “I haven’t seen one in ages thanks to Joker.”

“Oh, how come?” Robin asks analyzing you as you run your fingers over the keyboard.

“He wanted me to work in the field. ‘No more techy stuff! Gotham needs a new Genius Villain terrorizing them!’ I hated every moment of it. I’m better at hacking into webcams, or crypted files! Not killing innocent people for a damn laugh.” You said the last part quietly. “He always hated that about me. The fact that I’d rather spend my time on the computer for him rather than in the field so Gotham knew who I was disgusted him. He never even asked me what I wanted.”

“I’m sure Batman will figure out something. He won’t let the Joker force you to do anything any more.” He said coming up behind you. You started typing away at the computer hacking into your father’s network.

“What are you doing?” Robin asked worried.

“Hacking into Joker’s security camera’s.” You said setting up the video feed on the side console. “And here is some important files concerning his next few attacks.”

“Wow, how’d you learn to do all this stuff?” He wondered aloud.

“I never went outside, so I had a lot of free time to learn.” You told him honestly.

“Now hopefully, you’ll be one step ahead when it comes to locking him up.” You said before muttering the last part, “And maybe one day he’ll be locked up where he can never escape.”

“I’ll make it my job to lock him up for good for you Y/N.” Robin said reassuringly.

“Thanks Robin.” You gave him a small half-smile.

“You can call him Jason.” The Batman’s gruff voice echoed throughout the cave as he stepped out into the light. “And you can call me Bruce Wayne, I believe your computer skills will be a great asset if you’d want to join our team, I’d even provide everything you’d need to live here with us.”

“Really?” You asked tears brimming your eyes. “I wouldn’t have to go out in the field would I?’’

“Only if you wanted to.” He said removing his cowl. You gave him a big smile before hugging the man.

“Thank you.”
“Please stop!” You had managed to get the gag out of your mouth and now you were pleading with your father begging him to stop hurting your lover. The insane man continued to ignore you and tried to get your hands free of the their restraints. “He’s had enough! Hurt me instead.”

“Now that looked like it really hurt, should we give her a try?” He asked tauntingly Jason just shook his head and he got hit once more. “That looked like it hurt a little more. So let’s try to clear this up okay pumpkin?” He gave Jason a sickening grin. “What hurts more? A? Or B?” With each question he hit Jason once more with the crowbar. “Forehand? Or Backhand?’’

The ropes holding your wrists fell to the floor and you got to work on releasing the rest of your body. Jason was twitching on the floor, breathing heavily and lying in a pool of his own blood as your father let out a loud cackle. You watched as Jason turned over slightly and said something incoherent and then your father dropped down to mock him. Jason spit the blood in his mouth onto the sick man’s ghostly white skin, only to have his head slammed into the floor.

“Now that was rude.” Your ‘father’ said wiping the blood off of his face with a hanky. “At least the first boy blunder had some manners.’’ Jason rolled over and gave your father a shit-eating grin. “I suppose I’m going to have to teach you a lesson so you can better follow in his footsteps. Nah I’m just gonna keep beating you with this crowbar.”

At that moment you had managed to escape your restraints and as Joker held up the crowbar you grabbed it attempting to take it away from him. He placed his foot on Jason’s back and shoved you backwards at the same time causing you to fall next to him.

“I’m sorry.” You cried looking at your lover as he closed his eyes in pain. Suddenly the Joker left and walked to the door.

“Okay kiddos, I’ve gotta go. It’s been fun though right?” The devil himself says exiting the building and fixing his tie. He turns back and looks at Jason and you laying on the floor. “Well maybe a bit more fun for me than you since you’re being awful quite. Anyways, be good kids finish your homework and be in bed by nine. And Hey! Please tell the big man I said hello.” He let’s out a cackle and slams the door shut leaving you and Jason alone.

“Jay I’m so sorry this is all my fault.” You say crying. Jason opens his eyes and rolls over allowing him to bring his cuffed hands in front of him.

“Calm down doll. It’s okay. I’m Okay.” He tries to reassure you but he can barely walk on his own.

“No you’re not Jason!” You say catching him before he falls down. “You should’ve let him hurt me.”

“No don’t you dare say that Y/N, he’s caused you enough damage.” Jason says as the two of you struggle towards the door. Jason falls to the ground and you quickly help him up and put most of his weight onto you. When the two of you made it to the door Jason jiggled the handle only to find out it was locked. You set Jason down gently onto the floor before trying your best to open the door, then you heard the quiet but ear-piercing beep that was going to bring your death. You slid down next to Jason.

“I’m sorry Jason.” You whisper as the clock counts down and you fall into his arms.

“Don’t be doll,” He says holding you close. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You say before spending your last moments kissing the love of your life.

Then, the old warehouse you were in blows up and you die being held by Jason Peter Todd.

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(GUESS WHO) in light of our constant sobbing over these two, I would love no. 3 with Alfred and Jay (it can be adult Jay or bby Jay I'll leave that up to you!) <3

thank u so much for sending AND SORRY FOR THE WAIT <333 

Here they are Alfred and Jason. hurt/comfort, timeline?? what timeline. it’s not their first meeting after jay’s resurrection I know that. <33 pls enjoy

3. please don’t leave 

Jason shouldn’t be here.

Coming to the manor for a few books he likes is one of his worst ideas. The weather is dreadful, snow reaching his ankle, cold biting his skin as he strolls to the side of the manor, close to his old window.

The security system is down which means Alfred had stayed home instead of going to grocery shopping. Huh, that’s fine. Jason is going to be quiet and won’t make a ruckus. Alfred won’t even know he was there.

He isn’t avoiding Alfred.

He is only keeping his distance so he won’t crumble and break down in front of those sharp eyes, seeing everything Jason wants to hide in the back of his mind. Alfred just knows him too much. Even after he came back to life, their conversation never has turned to his death or his resurrection and Jason wants to keep it that way.

It’s not the first time Jason is in the manor after his death but it feels like it. The stuffing feeling seeing his books on the shelves, the bed reminding him all the time he was awake in the morning hours reading instead of sleeping.

It’s a bitter reminder what he lost but he can only blame himself in the end.

He exhales a shaky breath as he stands in front of his bookshelf. Before he can choose the books, his door opens and it’s Alfred standing in the door, calm and collected like always as if Jason’s presence is welcomed.

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Can you make one where Justin AND Jason are your best friends and they find you touching yourself moaning their names ? Pretty please

//doing as many requests as I can tonight//
justin’s pov
So every Friday night me and (Y/N) would have a movie night where we would catch up and just chill out. I loved it as I didn’t get to see her as much as I used with the purpose tour. (Y/N) has always had a special place in my heart and I honestly fall for her a little more every time I’m with her. To be honest I don’t know if she felt the same way or not yet we would always be a little flirty every once in a while. But as for now best friends, just best friends Justin, I kept telling myself. Also have I forgot to mention the other problem? Jason. Yes, Jason McCann (Y/N)’s other “best friend”. So basically we don’t necessarily like each other to be honest I hate being around him, he’s a cocky little shit, and is a well known asshole around here. Drugs, alcohol, money and girls. Yet he always tended to be all over (Y/N), you could call it a competition, although she has always told us she loves us both so much.. as her best friends.
So anyway back to today so I would normally head over to her house for 6 or 7 o clock although today I got off early so it was about 4pm when I pulled into her drive. Only to see Jason getting out of his car, what the fuck is this asshole doing here. This was me and (Y/N)’s night, call me selfish but I valued the time I got to spend with her, she meant so much to me.
I got out of my car and Jason had a smug look on his face as he walked over towards me “hey J” . “Jason.” I blandly addressed him, “what are you doing here?”
“Just here to see my baby girl bro how about you?”
I scoffed, “Your baby girl? I’m here for Netflix and chill “bro” “ I replied smartly.
I walked towards her door , sadly he followed.
We both had keys to (Y/N)’s house, she had given them to us last year as soon as she moved in. We stepped in and the familiar smell of cinnamon candles burning and the "Welcome HoneyB” doormat she had greeted us on our way in. Her home always seemed so cosy and you always felt comfortable when you were in it, although I don’t know whether it was her home or her that made me more relaxed.
“Look at you Juju tryna come over here and sex her up, we both know she wants me dude” Jason sniggered.
“You know I think you should fucking shut…”
I stopped and both our heads turned towards the stairs after hearing (Y/N)’s moans coming from upstairs “oh my god , oh man you guys are so good”
We were shocked to say the least , was she having some sort of a threesome? The thought killed me. “We gotta check this out” Jason said with a smirk on his face. He made his way up towards her room and I followed although we both suddenly stopped in our tracks as soon as we heard both our names being moaned followed by more of her whimpering. Holy fucking shit was (Y/N) touching herself to the thought of us, to the thought of somewhat me?
All of a sudden I felt the blood rush to my lower half, it frustrated me that Jason’s name had to be mentioned, but boy was I lucky enough to be in that beautiful girl’s dirty little thoughts. The fact that she always seemed so innocent but to now discover this turned me on even more. “Holy shit man she’s masturbating while thinking about us, how fucking sexy is that” Jason whispered.
“I say we go in and help her out a little aye?” I said sending a smirk Jason’s way.

(Y/N)’s Pov
It was Friday , basically my favourite day of the week as I got to see my boys, I’ve honestly known Justin and Jason since we were in pre school, both so different but I loved them dearly, well you could say I found them both unbelievably hot and had feelings for both of them, yet they weren’t to know that.
It was only 4pm I thought , I had time. Jason would normally come over at 5 and Justin around 7.
Just the thought of them was enough to get my thoughts going .
I slipped under the sheets and my hand found itself making it’s way into my lace undies.
More thoughts entered my head as my fingers slid through my already saturated folds.
Visions of Jason’s hands on my head while he brought me forward to the point where I was gagging on his dick, his eyes staring down at me as I held eye contact though my eyes were starting to water. Mean while Justin was drilling into me from behind, hands on my hips pulling me back against him, grunting each time he entered me.
I was starting to moan out load saying both their names as I slowly moved 2 fingers inside of me.
“Ugh Jason, Justin baby, oh my god” I let my thoughts get the best of me as I could feel my orgasm approaching.
“Well well well, what do we have here” Jason’s deep voice spoke up, I froze. I removed my hand as quick as possible and sat up pulling the covers up to my chest. Seeing not only Jason but Justin too standing in my doorway with smug looks on their faces as they looked at me in my near orgasm state. “You thinking about us babe?” Justin spoke with a smirk on his face.
I had been caught. The blood drained from my face as I gulped. Both of them started making their way towards me one coming to each side of the bed .
“I.. I uh I” I struggled to get words out still mortified to think they had caught me.
“Hmm? What was that sweetie?” Jason said lowly close to my ear. While Justin was pulling back the covers leaving me in nothing but my red lace panties.
“Oh Jason just look at her, beautiful” Justin said in awe of my body.
“Do you wanna tell us what you were thinking about?” Justin whispered as he looked directly into my eyes and stroked my cheek.
“Come on sweetheart don’t get all quite on us now ” Jason said as he moved down my body, taking a hold of my underwear slowly pulling them off revealing myself to his hungry eyes. “Holy shit Justin you gotta come look at this pretty little pussy” Jason groaned.
I tried closing my legs feeling self conscious as Justin moved down the bed coming head to head with Jason as they both stared intently , like hungry animals about to hunt. “Don’t get all shy on us, you’re beautiful (Y/N). So, what do you say we help you out with your little thoughts” Justin said as they both smirked at each other. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I realised my fantasies were about to become a reality. Justin moved up to my chest where he took one of my nipples and put his mouth around it lightly scraping his teeth across it. While Jason moved closer to my womanhood with hungry eyes he kissed the top of my clit and started lightly sucking on it. “Oh my god” I cried out, both feelings made me feel incredible.
They both smirked up at me and Justin moved his head up to my neck kissing it softly starting to suck gently just above my collarbone, I already knew there was gonna be a mark in the morning. Jason started teasing me as he rubbed one finger up and down from my clit to my opening . “Jason please” I begged.
“Please what princess?” He said smirking.
“Please use your fingers on me” I groaned.
“Anything for you baby girl.”
These boys had me feeling on another level , I reached over to to Justin’s zipper pulling on it , he took the hint and pulled both his trousers and boxers off and his dick sprung up standing proud. I took him in my hands and started pumping him, he immediately started groaning at my touch, turning me on even more, I put him in my mouth as he started moving my head with his hands holding my hair back, Jason now had 3 fingers fucking me his speed increasing by the second, getting aggressive Jason looked up at me “you like that you little slut? Huh? Show me you like it moan for me. Don’t be so fucking quiet.” Jason was getting jealous as I was giving Justin my attention. It was becoming a competition. Justin was near his high as he quickly moved his hips forward meeting my mouth while Jason’s hands were going 90 causing me to cry out his name. “That’s right baby.” Jason smirked.
Both me and Justin were coming close to release and he reached down and took my hand in his. “(Y/N) let go beautiful, I wanna see your body lose control” Justin said softly moaning.
Jason had added his tongue to the game and was vigorously attacking my clit with it, he started sucking on it. That’s all it took , “oh my fucking god” I cried out as my orgasm took over. My body starting to shake. “That’s right princess cum all over my face” Jason grunted. Justin came soon after spirting all over my face and chest . Crying out my name his eyes rolled and his head fell back.
When I came down from my high somehow the positions had been changed and my pussy was above Justin’s face and Jason’s dick pushing against my mouth. “Holy shit this is a heavenly view” Justin said catching his breath.
“We’re nowhere near finished with you princess.”


“ You think I’m having fun?!”

            ↳ Logan & Veronica - 2x01 Normal is the Watchword

Welcome back nightlocktime

If only you can kill fuck find it.
↳ Far Cry 3

Round 01 // HatingCoriander vs Mad-Adam
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