jaso draws


idk they’re using the chess pieces to plot their strategy of attack or something just go with it

(i got lazy and didnt want to finish drawing the whole board and add holo effects sue me)

Mage of Mind. A Mage, Active, is “one who is aware of their aspect and its influence,” but they are also “one who is affected negatively by their aspect.”  

Knight of Heart. The Knight could be defined as “one who exploits their aspect” or “one who takes advantage of their aspect”. It can also be considered a class that protects their aspect.

twenty one god tiers. the most dorky moirallegience in the session. also they hail from the Land Of Corn And Walmarts (and stuff).

please dont kill me this was literally a spur of the mind idea a cew hours ago over skype. “hey what do you think tyler and josh’s god tiers would be?” and here we are. i have not drawn in eighty four years and you can tell

this was supposed to be the last panel in a series of three sketches?? lii was holding merrick back because no one needs a scrawny noodle swinging wildly but finally its like “son of a bitch called the idilan a scrap heap" and loren is like "go forth my son. hit ‘em hard”

he’s well aware this will end with merrick hospitalized but hey. he can let the kid run around a little before stepping in to save the skinny excuse of a captain am i right bitsypookums

“What the hell happened to you?”

“It’s nothing. Can I come inside?”

“That’s not nothing. Who did this to you?”

“I’m fine, really. Now, are you gonna let me in, or not?”

“Not, you’re not fine, and when I find the guy that did this to you, he isn’t gonna be, either. What the hell happened?”

“A friday night happened, captain, so drop it. I get my ass kicked all the time, alright? Are you gonna move and let me in, or am i gonna have to shove my way past you?”

“C'mon. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

boys…… please…..