Marley & Me

It’s been a while since I blogged about a movie. I guess I had to wait for one that would really get to me again. 

Well, Marley & Me is the one. Which is why here I am, still up and typing (time check: 2:46 am); I couldn’t wait ‘til the morning to write about it.

A few weeks ago, I made a list of my all-time favorite movies. Movies that moved me, whether to so much laughter, or to tears. This movie did both.

Here’s a scene that had me, quite literally, laughing through tears.

Hilarious! Arbee does something of the sort to Kimba too. He grabs hold of Kimba’s hind legs and she walks with her front ones. I always thought it made her look like a wheelbarrow.

I love shots like this

Man and his best friend. I think dogs are God’s greatest gift to man. 

The idea of a dog beach is really really great! This was such a happy scene.

This is Marley while he was waiting for the kids to get down from the school bus, having arrived home from school.

The most loyal creatures.

“You give them your heart, and they give you theirs.”

Yes, and they will never EVER cease loving you. They’ll love you every day. No matter how long you’ve left them, or how neglected they are, they’re always just happy to see you.

From who else can we find love like that. Who else has a better example of unconditional love.

Animals deserve to be loved and cared for. Every single one of them. They deserve to run wild and free. They deserve to be every bit as happy as we are because they have the purest hearts. 

It takes a lot to make us humans happy. But to them, a pat on the head, a scratch behind the ear, will get them dancing around.

This is so picturesque.

Was crying nonstop from this scene (or maybe even before this) to the end of the movie.

And then..

Dogs must have a heaven. Animals must have a heaven. If they don’t, I don’t want to have one either. I don’t want to continue to be, if the world I will go to doesn’t have one of the greatest kinds of love ever known. If animals don’t have a heaven, then we don’t deserve one either.

Maybe religious people will smite me for what I’ve just said. But the God I believe in will surely not let these creatures with the purest souls just cease to be.

I get so emotional and affected sometimes that I say strong things that can draw gasps, tuts and head shakes, but I will never ever regret saying this. I’ve always prayed to God for the animals to go up there too when they die. Where, one day, we will all live infinitely better and happier.

Marley & Me made me realize how rich and blessed this world we live in is, because of the love of even just a single dog. 

I am ending this entry with a poem I read in the book, Heartland. Although originally not made for such, this poem by Leo Marks is used in the book to give voice to the animals. I always thought it fitting, accurate and very true.

The Life That I Have

The life that I have

Is all that I have

And the life that I have

Is yours


The love that I have

Of the life that I have

Is yours and yours and yours


A sleep I shall have

A rest I shall have

Yet death will be but a pause


For the peace of my years

In the long green grass

Will be yours and yours

And yours


Let us give them the happy life that they so deserve.