Because I grew up knowing the right kind of loving. :)

I admire my parents. They love us so much; me and Arbee, but they never let that let them be selfish. They allow us to experience the world for ourselves. I know they worry a lot. One little physical example: I see the creases in between their eyebrows when we get home late. They ARE worrywarts. Mama can never sleep until she knows we are on the way home and that we’re being brought home by people she knows and trusts. Papa is more quiet about it, but there is still that occasional reprimand when he feels we aren’t at home much. I know they talk a lot about us. About the company we share. About the things we engage in. But again, they allow us to experience the world for ourselves. There is the right amount of shielding; of protection, so that we wouldn’t be harmed. There are rules. And I’m grateful those rules aren’t based solely on what would keep them comfortable.They take our desires into consideration. My parents give us the freedom to learn. They don’t judge things or people for us, they allow us to do that for ourselves. My parents know how to live, and they allow us to do so too. Of course there is more to it than this, than not being hindered to experience things, but this was what I have reflected largely on last night. No parents would wish their children ill (except those psychos of course). Parents want the best for their children. Parents want to be there, to protect/to nourish/to lead their children to the right path. But it would really take great parents to know that after teaching their children to get up and walk, they must find it in themselves to know that loving means letting their little ones develop wings and fly— and even fall, occasionally. And it will hurt. I believe there is no greater hurt than parents seeing their child fall. But this is all part of the child’s journey towards soaring. And soaring means knowing how it is to fall. Soaring means knowing how it is to be free.

I admire my parents because they love each other a lot. The kind of love that is fun, and deep, and old, and young at the same time. I am proud to say that my parents still act like young couples early on in the relationship. As I said, they talk a lot. Not just about us, but about everything! They still hold each other’s hand at the mall. I’ve grown up being vocal about my feelings– especially love, because my parents always tell each other of their love. I can’t help smiling when I see them doing separate crossword puzzles together. That’s their thing. Sometimes they’d just share one and argue about words. They tease each other. They fool around a lot. I always wake up to laughing and snickering and what have you. They are sweet to the point of my being embarrassed about it for them. HAHAHA. They are not perfect of course. We are not a perfect family. We get on each others nerves at times. Too often, some seasons hahaha. But my parents have a beautiful relationship. And we are happy. 

To be continued. I am being called to eat now. Hehe.


It’s very clear that brevity is not one of my best traits. I’ve been verbose again. So I will now end this post with a poem I dedicated to mama a long time ago. It’s by Brooke Mueller.


I’m leaving now to slay the foe-
Fight the battles high and low.
I’m leaving, Mother, hear me go!
Please wish me luck today.

I’ve grown my wings, I want to fly,
Seize my victories where they lie.
I’m going, Mom, but please don’t cry-
Just let me find my way.

I want to see and touch and hear,
Though there are dangers, there are fears.
I’ll smile my smiles and dry my tears-
Please let me speak my say.

I’m off to find my world, my dreams,
Carve my niche, sew my seams,
Remember, as I sail my streams-
I’ll love you all the way.

Father Hilarious: Why I'll always be a child at heart

(While mama and I were reading about the Chickboy scandal)

*woof woof* 

We turned around and this was what we saw

Papa projecting the shadow of a dog image on the wall!! With sounds to match, mind you. HAHAHA! 

See, this is why I will never ever lose touch with my inner child. It’s in my genes. :))

When you wish upon a f̶a̶l̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶r̶ meteor

Meteor showers excite most people because of the idea of making wishes on them. But it’s magical, just being able to observe the streaks of meteoroids; these progeny of the early universe that have been in existence far far longer than we have ever been– or will ever be. In a sense, it’s the same as seeing actual dinosaurs! 
Seeing meteors is not all about being able to wish, it’s about actually marveling at the cosmos; how great it is, how grand, how enigmatic. 
And doesn’t that make wishing more meaningful? Knowing that your dreams and deepest desires will live on because they are riding on something that will continue to be, long after we are all gone.


Of Life's Adventures ツ

If your life were a movie, what genre would it be?

I’ve decided on this so far back that I don’t remember when exactly. I just know that I’ve always known what thrills me. I’ve always known what gives justice to the spirit that is in me. 

If my life were a movie, it would be a tale of adventure

When I was little, my favorite game of all the games my cousins and I would play, was Fire Fire (it trumped the fun of Teacher Teacher, Restaurant, Barbie, Polly Pocket and Supermarket combined). We played that in the garden. Grass=Fire so we couldn’t step on them. We had to jump on rocks and tables and make do with crevices and narrow ledges. And I loved that. Til now, I have this silly dream of being stuck in a cave or a forest or wherever, and do Survivor-like stuff.

Adventure is why I had such a kick out of reading Hunger Games.. and Harry Potter.. and, well, the list goes on.

Adventure is why I have this unparalleled fascination for Space, the final frontier. 

Adventure is why I pick[ed] Geology. Geology, wherein the world is our laboratory. And wowww did I live the adventures I’ve always dreamed of having!

Nature, adrenaline, the most picturesque landscapes, different terrains, hikes and walks and climbs, traveling, exploring, knowledge on the world and beyond. Don’t ask what Geology is. Ask what it isn’t. Because it’s not only everything-adventure. It’s everything you can think of. 

Anyway, the long and short of it is that this is the reason I chose the new title of my blog to be such.

My life is an adventure. It’s of wandering and wondering. It’s of running freely and happily. It’s of experiencing the world, the beautiful joys and equally profound sorrows. It’s of being one with this beautiful majestic world, in thought, word and deed. 


After months and months, I’m climbing a mountain again!!! 

Mt. Tagapo, here we come!

Description from www.pinoymountaineer.com:

Mt. Tagapo 

External image


Talim Island, Laguna de Bay
Major jump-off: Brgy. Janosa (Talim Island) Binangonan, Rizal
LLA 14.32° N 121.23° E, 438 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2

Talim Island, Laguna de Bay
Major jump-off: Brgy. Janosa (Talim Island) Binangonan, Rizal
LLA 14.32° N 121.23° E, 438 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2

At the heart of Laguna de Bay lies Mt. Tagapo. Its unique geography makes it a worthwhile hiking destination. You will have to board a pumpboat from the towns of Rizal to reach the island; this boat ride will take you to the scenic lake and its fishing villages. You will realize that Laguna de Bay is so huge it’s almost like a sea. Then, on Talim Island, as you start hiking, you will be surrounded with bamboo; the whole island is like a grove, and people live on the bamboo, which islanders use to produce furniture, toothpicks, and even charcoal (hence the name Tagapo, from ‘taga’ which means 'to chop’). The trails are easy and in 1.5 hours you will be at the peak; There you can behold the entire Laguna Lake and its coastal towns; the skylines of Makati and Ortigas; as well as nearby Mt. Sembrano. This is not a popular hiking site, but it is highly recommended.

Talim Island is technically under the municipality of Binangonan, Rizal. Pumpboats ply the routes to different barangays in the island, connecting them to mainland Rizal. Less frequently, there are also trip to Calamba Laguna. Talim island, as its name suggests, is shaped like a blade, cutting across Laguna Lake from south to north. Its uniqueness, as an island community within a large lake, is unparalleled.

The Tagalogs, having a rich imagination, call Mt. Tagapo 'Mt. Susong Dalaga’. From the towns of Laguna, you can readily spot the peak of Tagapo, which indeed has the form of a young woman’s breast.


I get such a high when I’m in the field. I love the GREAT OUTDOORS! 

The pumps of adrenaline as I struggle to climb the slope, getting a second wind.. A third wind even..

The majesty of nature before me..

The sweat..

The company of other adventurers..

When I do these things; this and swimming in seas and rivers and rainwater-filled calderas, I feel so much like I’m in my element. :) 

Have to save this now or it’ll escape my memory. Continuing this blog when I get the time again.

Jasmine: Awww miss ko na batchmates. Di na siguro tayo makukumpleto ulit noh?

JD and Rico: Di na. Mahirap na.

Rico: Sa heaven



JD: Hindi rin.

*more laughter*

Rico: Sa hell na lang! 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :’) I miss my co-adventurers! 

Realizations: On boasting and braggarts
  • Those who legitimately have something to brag about, are usually the ones who stay quiet. 
  • In line with that, I think that when things are going really really great, one has no need AT ALL anymore, to boast about it. Bragging is ego boosting; the need to reassure one’s self that the grandest is theirs. And that is only because they are not really assured/secure.
  • But what is the point of being assured that the best is yours? Does it give you such a high that there are so many others “below” you?
  • There are many kinds of bragging. I don’t hate all of them. In fact, I sincerely applaud those who are just gratefully proud. Those who speak of accomplishments and good fortune while acknowledging that it was not all them. That luck and chance and the Universe and God played a big part in it too.
  • I excuse those who brag only with the intention of shaming arrogant people and giving them a dose of their own medicine.
  • I really do not like it when people act as if they are the center of the universe. Those who connect every event and happenstance to them and their lives. 
  • I applaud people who speak without an underlying tone of “I’m better than you” or “See how great my life is?" 
  • I commend people who downplay their own achievements because they have no desire to be envied. These people are second to none in magnanimity. 
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Whichever side I’m in (father’s or mother’s), the elders ALWAYS make the young'uns perform. But with my Joven cousins, because we jam a lot, we are able to sing together. 

This was when Uncle Lito, Kuya Jun, Ate Maria, and Avery came to the Philippines. Please understand that horrible though our singing is here, this is not the best we can do. No, really! Hahaha! The point was getting Kuya Jun to sing along.  

The Mt. Tagapo experience!

Mt. Tagapo is located at Talim Island’s Baranggay Janosa in Binangonan Rizal. It is named such because the place is where people in the area have their bamboos chopped to be made into various products– that is if I remember the guide’s explanation correctly… which I probably don’t because the hike was so tiring that when we rested and had a chance to talk, my brain just decided to shut down. :| Anyway, I shall verify this asap.

Embarked on the challenging trek with Miko, Gaea, Jigo, Rico and John Dale. I say ‘challenging’ even if www.pinoymountaineer.com rated the difficulty of the climb only 2/9 because SERIOUSLY, we all fell down and slipped (this is in bold because we fell victims to it frequently especially on the way down) and stumbled a lot! That is not to mention the scratches of the thorny plants and grasses on the parts of our body that were not covered. We had to rest every 10 minutes or less lest we die of exhaustion. In fact, I have half a mind to e-mail pinoymountaineer and ask them what their criteria in rating the difficulty of mountains are. Because Mt. Tagapo, although small in size, is definitely not lacking in the challenges the flora and fauna in it offer. Nevertheless, the difficulty and the dangers of the climb made it that much fun and exciting. Not to mention, hilarious. 

Jigo summed up the entire composition of the mountain into three regions.

As we encountered them on our way up: 

The bamboo-laden area 

The forest

 And the grassland

I realize now that these are not good representative photos. But of course I couldn’t take photos when just climbing and dealing with the challenging environment was at its most difficult. And the roughest times during the hike was when nature was most lush and therefore, most beautiful.

Anyway, now that we’ve established the three different domains, let’s rewind a bit.

We rode a boat to get to Talim Island and I absolutely loved it! 

Chose this photo because when I see this, I can almost hear the sound of the water as it sloshes against the boat. I love that sound! There’s a part of the island over there, and the dwellings at the base. How great it must be to live surrounded by nature! Looking around, in the distance, the city buildings can be seen. But it feels so so far away from this place where what’s natural persists.

Numerous fish pens in Laguna lake of course

And here are the people going about their daily lives

Took special notice of the children

Hahaha, one of them caught me taking their photo! The look on his face! I wish I could’ve gotten one wherein they were all diving.

I really think it’s important that people learn how to swim especially while they are still at a very young age. 

This photo tells a story of a kind little girl who, while her friends were rough playing, did the laundry to help her parents.

Hahaha! I totally made that up! I enjoy people-watching. And I love making up stories from little moments captured in photos.

This was when I thought we were near. The island WAS near. But nooooo. Jigo said we’d still go around the coming bend, and that we did. No complaints here though, I delight in boat rides! I relish them. Far off is the mountain peak (I think)

We all had so much fun!

Oops! Did you see that? :)) I have to take that back and say instead, almost everyone had fun taking in the scenery, while others were lulled to sleep. 


Here’s a close up of them

Hahaha always the sleepyheads, JD and Rico. :))

After many stops, we finally got to Brgy. Janosa and here’s our welcoming party!

Just kidding! It’s the wedding reception of those two in the poster at the lower right. They were getting married at a nearby church when we got to the place.

Moving on, we first got a guide at the baranggay hall. His name’s Kuya Archie. We also met two mountaineers, Kuya Carlo and Kuya Jed, and trekked with them. They were all friendly and very patient with us. They adapted and adjusted to our s..l…o……w pace.

Here they are


(The photo above was taken during one of our many rests)

Mountaineers are not only very friendly, they are overflowing with respect for others. They’d call us ma'am/sir. Even those mountaineers we met on the way down greeted us and called us ma'am or sir. Maybe there is a sense of being familial when you meet people like yourself. People who are passionate for the great outdoors as you are.

When I was behind Kuya Carlo, I took this photo of his shirt because I was enticed by these

Hahaha, the words read

Freedom Climb

The very famous Sandugo needs no encircling to be noticed and acknowledged

but I was drawn to the words homebase of adventure 

ROPE WRX (because I love wall climbing and rapelling too)


and this particular one that struck me the most: t.o.a.b the outdoors and beyond

I have to join that organization.

At the foot of the mountain (when we were just beginning the climb and I was still so confident this hike would be a piece of cake) we met workers carrying big bamboo shoots

This man had a guide dog in front of him and one behind him, at the end of the long shoot.


On and on we went. Little by little it dawned on me that despite my self-proclaimed physical strength and soundness, this trek would be anything but easy. 

But, always we must take one step forward. Even as our knees buckle and our strength wavers.

This is the part where I just don’t have the words to express my wonder at majestic mother nature so I’ll just post crummy photos that just show a tiny tiny glimpse of the real thing. 

The waterfalls

Couldn’t take a decent photo because there were a lot of leaves in the way

I remember the time Kevin and I were sitting atop a waterfalls too. That was in the mountains of Caparispisan where we were assigned one day (we were partners for the day) in our month-long mapping of Ilocos Norte (Burgos, Bangui, Pagudpud). After the struggle of a dangerous climb, we had lunch at the top of the waterfalls. It was so so breathtaking. The view. The sound of the rushing water. The feeling of resting. The cool big rocks we sat and leaned on. The excitement of pausing before continuing the exploration. Kevin played music from his phone. The best. I remember asking him about Gaea. I’m always quite the intriguer hahaha. They weren’t together then. Now, it’s Gaea I was with at the top of this waterfalls in Mt. Tagapo. And they’re finally an item. It’s amazing, how things work out. :) 

The view at the top of the waterfalls

The fish pens can be seen :)

The water was so cool and refreshing! We felt fatigue ebb away when we dipped our hands into it

The water was whitish. At the base, we thought that this was because people were doing their laundry upstream. But kuya Archie told us this was the natural color of the water. Because we were so so tired and maybe a bit crazed because of it, we drank the water. Hahaha. Good luck to us. Hope we won’t have amoebiasis. It’s been 2 days, and so far, I feel well. Hahaha.

Took this photo of Miko’s shadow

We were dilly dallying because we didn’t want to leave the cool water and the relaxing shade. We longed to rest more, but alas, we must carry on. 

And carry on we did. It was so exhausting! The slope was treacherous! I lost my footing countless times because of unforgiving rocks jutting out from the already-rugged-enough terrain. If there is one thing I pride myself with during climbs, it’s my footwork. I’ve always been able to balance well and to jump from one rock to another with a bit of grace. But this was different. Everything was so slippery. 

But finally! FINALLY! This came into view.

It means one thing to our weary bodies: we are nearing the summit.

After greens and greens of luscious greens, finally, blue on green. Land against the sky. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

We looked behind us and this was what we saw

We came to a place where we could rest and eat for a while before our final push to the summit. I ate San Marino’s Tuna Paella and IT WAS NOT ENOUGH. I could’ve eaten a whole lechon. 

Fooled around first. Took a couple of jumpshots of Jigo. Here’s one (the only successful one I took actually haha)

And we took videos of ourselves too.

It feels like heaven to lie down after that struggle of a hike.. But we aren’t done yet. The goal is to SUMMIT.

This was the view from our place

There’s the summit right there. It may not look like much but it’s a long ways off. Something like this

Bleh. The invisible lines are estimated and probably not accurate.

I took the photo above because I wanted to preserve and be reminded of the grass swaying with the wind. Foolish I know, since the whole point is movement. Hehe. But Gaea took a video of it I think.

The undulating motions of the grass from one portion of the mountain to another as it yields to the wind’s gentle force was so mesmerizing you could gaze out at it forever. It evokes a sense of peace and calm, of carefreeness, of being flexible and free.. It also reminded me of audience doing the “wave” at a game.

But this was much more.. perfect. I am reminded of the line I read in the book, Sepulchre:

“There is no matter the human mind can devise that does not exist already within the bounds of nature. Everything we do, see, write, notate, all are an echo of the deep seams of the universe.”

When we were climbing to the peak already, I tried to do the wave with the grass. Hahaha. I imagined how I would look from down there where we were a while ago. Dancing with the wind. Yielding to what is natural. To the inner me. 

I imagined I looked like an idiot. For now. 

But I am learning.

Hi-ho, off to the peak we go!

And finally: the SUMMIT!

The final hike to the summit was when I had my MAJOR stumble. Hahaha! My legs were refusing to move forward so when I did, I lost my footing and skidded. Rico had to push me to help me up. Had he not been behind me, I would have slid all the way down. That moment was so hilarious!

But finally! We got there!

So windy and perfect. The view was amazing! My friends, always the observant and logical people that they are, pointed out the three “lobes” of Laguna de bay. They were BIG, mind you. And we were so little. But I did not feel insignificant. I felt so blessed to be part of all this. I felt so grateful to always have been able to see picturesque views like this. As J.Lo says: Just happy to be me and be alive. :) We’ve seen many different views. All beautiful. All awe-inspiring. All striking me in unique and wonderful ways. 

Being at the peak feels astonishing because you see everything around you. At least, as far as your eyes allow you to see. But the things that lie yonder is not lost to you too. And the more you want to see of this beautiful earth.

You see the path you’ve trudged. You imagine where you’ve stumbled and rested and decided to push on. And there is a feeling of accomplishment. You see the horizon. You develop a sense of the greatness and the beauty of the world you live in. Somehow kind of like seeing the bigger picture. And it’s humbling. The exhaustion and tire all feels worth it. Not just of the climb, but of every trial you’ve ever encountered in your life.

I’d live for this world. I’d fight for this world. Because I’d always long to see more of it. 

Enough emoting. Hehe. 

At the peak is a deep well probably left behind by small scale miners.

We laid surrounded by the sweet-smelling grass, and beneath the blue sky

Jigo and Miko found some type of ginger. I forgot what it’s called

The hike down was anything but anti-climactic and that is why I do not have much photos to show for it. Hahaha. It was VERY slippery. It was VERY HILARIOUS, the way we fell victims to the path. JD has this video of the hike down where he was explaining something. Gaea was in front of him. And then, Gaea, slips and disappears into the towering grass. HAHAHAHAHA. I am so sorry, Gae, for laughing. 

Rico also had his major slip on the way down and it was partly my fault. You know those paths that are so steep you’d just decide to run for it and hope you could stop before colliding with someone or falling off a cliff? Well, I always do that. Down I ran, gaining speed, as I shouted WOOOOAAAAHHHHH!! I was helpless to the momentum! I couldn’t stop!! Luckily (for me, but unfortunate for him), Rico turned around just in time to stop me. We had a laugh about it afterwards so his defenses lowered. One moment I was looking up at him and the next, he was down there. Caught unaware by another steep slippery step. His arms were sprawled at his sides. I had to stop for a full minute to laugh about that. Sorry, Rico. 

This is a photo of Rico, being a lot more careful now


The trek down was probably even more exciting than the climb. It’s more dangerous for one. :))

But it’s as beautiful

There is something about the way sunlight hits things.

This is the river

This is one of our 5 shots when we were waiting for Kuya Archie, Miko, Gaea and Rico near the base of the mountain

While we were waiting for them we sang 'Keep holding on’, 'Carol of the bells’, and other Christmas songs. I miss our chorale. I’ve really really missed these people.

We got down fine. Tired, but happy. While waiting for the boat that would take us back to the Binangonan port, we ate isaw and barbeque and dugo. Nyom nyom!

Then, boat ride again. 

This time, Jigo, Rico and I sat at the side of the boat. We found a way to lie down to look up at the stars. Like everything else that day, it was breathtaking. I closed my eyes for a bit, just listening to the sloshing sound of the water as it lapped the sides of the boat. It was so peaceful. When I opened my eyes again, the stars popped out several at a time. Without the city lights to give glare, they shone clearly. Brightly. Thousands and thousands of them dotted across the misty velvet sky. I never thought I saw anything more spectacular.

Rico and Jigo were taking pictures of the stars so I imitated them. And this came out

Hahaha, fail! But it’s okay. That view I had of the stars, while in the boat, would be impressed upon my memory forever.

This is what I love to do, being amid the foliage green, beneath the forget-me-not blue in the day, and at night, the magnificent pinpricks of light that speak of a grander world out there.  

I really thank Jigo for organizing this trip. It’s one of the best moments I have in the field. 

This is my environment. The place where I am happiest.

I am a traveler

I am an explorer

I’m an adventuress. 

This will forever be in my wallet :))

Met up with Nikko, Nitzie, Peter and Eli last November 4. I was rummaging for some card in my wallet when I saw the note written on a tissue paper Nitzie passed to me before. It was during our Metalliferous Ore Deposits class and our brains have reached saturation point.

I took it out and showed it to them saying “Netz oh! Tinago ko!" 

Then Peter exclaimed "Ay may ganyan din ako!!”, taking his out from his wallet.

So here they are! Nitzie, so funny! 


Her note to Peter reads: Dear Peter, Wag ka na magpretend na nakikinig ka. Good luck sa exam! <3 Nitzie

Mine reads: Dear Jas, Happiness is a choice. And I choose to be happy by not listening to the lecture. :)


There are a lot more of these in notebooks. Especially in Nikko’s and Nitzie’s notebooks. :)) I’ll be asking them to take these notebooks with them when we get together again so I could take pictures of and document them. 

I’ve said it a million times, my insane friends keep me sane.


I’ve been looking and looking for Lin shirts here (and even in HK) but I couldn’t find any! And then Nikko gives one to me!!!! This is a limited edition shirt. Only 100 of them are available. This was actually one of the last two left! I am so happyyyyy!!! Thank you Nikky! You are the best!!!!

My Kimba :)

She is soooo sneakyyyy

The other day, she ate the Oishi crackers I had beside me while I was busy with something. I heard *crunch crunch crunch* and when I looked at her, she stopped eating and had this sheepish look on her face. After staring at each other for a few moments, and gauging that I wasn’t mad, she went on eating ALL of it. HAHAHA

She also went inside the room while I wasn’t looking and jumped jumped jumped on the bed. 

She sniffs around

Sniffs some more

And sniffs me 

She always wants to go inside the house– to inspect every nook and cranny, to continue her sniffing, and to have a little rest.

I put my hand on her head and she immediately falls asleep. Good night little Kimbs. :)

She is so lovely. :)

Last night I watched Armageddon again.

And I cried the whole movie through. 

It was not even just tears streaming down; it was the gasping, all-choked-up kind of crying. 

It was crazy. 

Because of that, I will now dedicate my leisure to downloading and watching the following:

  • Apollo 13
  • Magnificent Desolation
  • In the Shadow of the Moon
  • The Right Stuff
  • From the Earth to the Moon
  • Contact
  • The Astronaut’s Wife
  • Mission to Mars
  • Sunshine

And others Space-related movies I will know of later.