jasmines husband

“Wow - you look… amazing.”


It had been a wild ride of a past few months for Jasmine and Anthony. Getting many new job opportunities and also finding out that Jasmine was pregnant with their first child. Jasmine still doing very well with her work, decided to take a break and really focus on her becoming a mom skills. Meanwhile Anthony on the other hand, was moving up in the industry, booking acting jobs, and becoming friends with some top notch Hollywood actors and actresses. While still being a great husband to Jasmine.

With all of Anthony’s new friendships, the two were invited to the premier of a new movie that Anthony’s friend was taking part in. Which meant red carpet and paparazzi for Jasmine which she was excited for but remembered that she was also almost 6 months pregnant. This bringing down her excitement a few levels considering she thought she possibly couldn’t pull anything off. Though Anthony thought otherwise.

When the day of the premier came and the couple was getting ready at their home in LA, Jasmine was getting into her dress when she asked Anthony to help her zip it. “Holy crap” he said instantly. “What. Oh god Anthony I swear to god.. please tell me it doesn’t look bad.” She said nervously and almost tearing up which Anthony noticed immediately rushing over to her. “ Oh god no baby, wow.. you look… amazing.” He said smiling and zipping up the dress.

She turned around to face him as he was still observing her. Rubbing his hands up and down her body in a protective manner, when he came to notice her bump. “Your bump, Jasmine. Oh my gosh. It makes the look, your glowing.” He says “That was why I picked the dress… baby’s first red carpet.” She said laughing.

“As much as I would love to stay here and look at how beautiful you are all day… we gotta go. You ready to hit the road princess?” He says “I was born ready.” She said laughing, taking his hand as they walked to their car service.

The rest of the night was a blur to Jasmine but she couldn’t help but remember that Anthony loosing it over her appearance as the highlight of her night.