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Your drawings make my day every time I see them :D please keep doing them, they really motivate me as a artist :D do you go to a college to learn what you do? do you have any inspirations? (other than Amazing Michael Jackson :D) and is there anything I can do to grow as an artist? I apologize if I ask too many questions XD

Aw wow, thank you so much! I just can’t even believe that someone is motivated by me because 1) I am the biggest procrastinator ever and 2) I’m still learning and growing as an artist and I honestly don’t even think I’m all that good yet! But it means a lot to me to hear this kind of stuff. <3

I’ve done 6 months in an Animation degree (wasn’t my type of thing) and I’ve just completed two years in Illustration in Melbourne, and right now I’m hoping to finish that up in a general Visual Arts degree back here at home in Sydney. Studying art at University/college is one of the BEST things you can do to further your development; not only does it give you techniques for coping with deadlines and projects, but things like going to life drawing a couple of times a week are just so invaluable as an artist and will help you grow more than anything else you can do for yourself. I cannot stress enough how important life drawing is; you need to learn how to draw what you see in front of you before you start using your brain to conjure up images. It’s like adding to your virtual store in your memory, the more you draw from real life the more you’ll remember it and be able to use it later on.

Oh boy this is getting long sorry LOL! Inspirations….definitely Al Hirschfeld, Jamie Hewlett (designer of Gorillaz and Tank Girl), Andy Warhol, up and coming illustrators like Annie Wu and Diglee…the list goes on! I kind of draw inspiration from everything, but Disney was an earlier influence as was Jamie Hewlett.

Thank you so much for dropping by and asking dude!