Kristin Scott Thomas - DIOR
Jasmine Saunders - ULYANA SERGEENKO with BULGARI jewellery
Elle Fanning - DIOR Haute Couture
Sonam Kapoor - ELIE SAAB Haute Couture
Jordan Dunn - ELIE SAAB
Charlize Theron - DIOR

Washed my hair and the shrinkage is becoming less of an issue because its gaining more length. Im practically four and a half years natural now. The journey so far has been really good! It isn’t anything new to me because I was natural before I was 13 anyway before I followed the scene kid phase like a wee sheep and started straightening/relaxing my hair while having it cut into layers. Id never go back - put it that way. I just don’t suit straight hair at all. Ill never straighten it again either for that matter too.

I just want it go get really long so I can do pretty french braids and hair braid halo for the daily faff. Also it irks me to heavens when people assume mixed race hair is all like Zendaya’s (also the youtuber Theuglyfaceofbeauty) which is looser curls or the infamous auburn coloured curls or Jasmine Saunder’s locks. Most of our hair is mostly quite tightly curled and yet there is of course full black women with very loose curls or even almost straight.

It just depends really. My curls are quite tight but I do a lot of twist outs to gain puffier big curls. I suppose it just what people like to do with their natural hair I guess. Some ladies biracial or black like braids, weaves, bantu knots ect. So its always interesting to see how versatile hair can really be at the end of the day though and we all have different aims. ☺️

Starkid twisted has amazing songs like…

“A thousand and one nights with you is not enough to spend, so let’s make ours the story with no end”


“Do not be fooled by appearances, although it may seem small. The power to love one another, is the greatest power of all”

But then we have songs like…

“I want the moon! I want to live on the moon, and eat it in a pie, and keep it as a pet, and where it like a gemstone in my hair!”


“Tiger fucker! Tiger fucker! Achmed is a tiger fucker! They’ll remember Achmed, the tiger fucking man!”