using summer sketch a day prompts to waste time at 1am and try to be looser and failing miserably ihatelineartwouwwuwuwu

also idk why they didn’t draw in the hair split for jasmine it makes it look like her hair is just a comb over.. hm.

Day 7: Your Favourite Gym Leader


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At first she’s all, “Amphy’s sick. I’m adorable.” And then she’s all, “Btdubs I gotta Steelix imma kill you with.” And then she’s all, “Oh hey, surprise, I’m in Sinnoh. Here’s HM 7!” And I’m all excited cuz it’s flippin Jasmine.

Day 1: Your Favorite Pokemon
Day 2: Your Least Favorite Pokemon
Day 3: Your Favorite Starter Pokemon
Day 4: Your Favourite Pokemon Video Game
Day 5: The Pokemon you Love the Most
Day 6: What you Called Your Rival
Day 7: Your Favourite Gym Leader
Day 8: Your Favourite Item
Day 9: Cutest Pokemon
Day 10: Least Cute/Ugliest Pokemon
Day 11: Favourite Eeeveelution
Day 12: Favourite Pokemon Move
Day 13: Least Favourite Pokemon Move
Day 14: What Pokemon could you never catch
Day 15: Mew or Mewtwo
Day 16: Your Favourite Evolved Pokemon
Day 17: Favourite Type
Day 18: Favourite region in the Pokemon world
Day 19: Your Favourite Legendary Pokemon
Day 20: Favorite free gift
Day 21: Favorite Elite 4 Member/Champion
Day 22: Sexiest Pokemon
Day 23: Sexiest Character
Day 24: Favorite Rival
Day 25: If you could live anywhere in the Pokemon world, where would it be?
Day 26: The Pokemon you hated Battling
Day 27: Pokemon you always doodled
Day 28: Favorite Hero Character
Day 29: Favourite Pokemon tune or song
Day 30: Your dream team.

I VERY NEARLY missed this shiny Petilil. Its body color IS slightly different than the normal one, but it’s almost imperceptible at a glance. The real thing you’ve got to look at are the eyes, which are normally a dark red color.

It shows a close-up of a Pokemon’s face when you first encounter them, but as I was watching a video at the time (and half the Pokemon I was encountering were Tangela, which you can easily tell are shiny), I kept missing the face reveals. I almost ran from this one, but I couldn’t QUITE confirm that the eyes were red as the camera kept moving around. I was pretty sure they were (it’s hard to tell from a distance), but I’m always one to play it safe, so waited for a close-up. I’m glad I did!

((One sketch finished, two more to go. [I think it’s two more anyways.] I finally finished @jasmine-the-chikorita [Holy fudge it let me tag her this time.]. Also, why did I choose those colors for her? http://www.theflowerexpert.com/content/giftflowers/flowersandfragrances/jasmine
Plus, she didn’t have a ref, so))