jasmine villegas


Angel ♢Miley Cyrus♢ -is going to be covered in tattoos, two sleeves, and a nose piercing. She dresses only in dark colors doesn’t like the color pink and she’s kind of a heartless bitch

Allison ♤Zendaya Coleman♤- Is a bad ass, with three or four tattoos, she does have a nice side she just doesn’t like annoying people. Most of her outfits remain casual. Some bright colors here and there but mostly purples blues and greys.Oh and she is a kick boxer

Skylar ♡Jasmine Villegas♡- is the good girl of course, she’s gonna feel pressured through out the story and she only has a piercing on her lip and a belly piercing she loves bright colors but there’s only this one guy who is of course Justin will make her feel wild and free

Natalie ♧Demi Lovato♧: Has one tattoo which is on her hip, it’s a rose.She very reserved and doesn’t like to speak or yell for that matter. She also finds Miley a tad bit annoying. She wears pastel colors. And a lot of sweaters to hide her arms

Chris Brown- has a sleeve, and a very detailed tattoo that says ‘bruh" on his back. He has a lip piercing he wears somewhat in between clothing. Using greens or blues once and a while. And he’s a drug dealer… which in fact he stops at the end. FOR LOVE

Justin Bieber- Justin is cocky and he’s street racer, he’s filled with tats of course, he has a dark past which I haven’t figured out yet, and he’s also a flirt

Dylan O'Brian- is a mean fuck, he’s careless , does what he wants, pretty much a bully, he drinks a lot and when he’s drunk he gets really angry, he likes setting things on fire later on in the story he falls for Angel but Angel doesn’t feel the same way because she’s heartless but as time flies she will start liking him his arms, chest and back in tatted, no piercings

Zayn Malik- dark and dangerous. His tattoos cover his whole upper body. He also has a lip piercing. He gambles does drugs, deals drugs, and races.He said he would change for No one. But that’s a lie.