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6: Jasmine’s mom knew that Anthony and Jasmine would end up dating from the day Jasmine introduced her to Anthony. Then the day where she introduces him to her as her boyfriend comes and no ones shocked.

This is my first ever fic to post YAY AHHH Thank you @whatisa-legacy for proofreading this!! ILYSM <3

(If you didn’t know, Jasmine’s mom’s name is Kim so don’t get confused okay lmao)

July 2014

Jasmine just got out of her first rehearsal of Hamilton. It was nice, but awkward since most of the people there knew each other from the workshops. As she was headed back home to Brooklyn, she got a call from her mom. “How was the first day? Meet anyone?” greeted her mother. She replied with, “Mom. This is not the first day of high school you don’t have to check up on me,” she heard her mom sigh from the other end of the call. “But there is one guy who is getting on my nerves.” Jasmine continued.

She ended up ranting to her mom about how her co-star, Anthony Ramos, kept looking at her during rehearsals, and how he once stayed behind during a break just so he can ask for her number.” Jasmine kept talking to her mom until she arrived at her apartment.

Inside, Kim knew that this is a special relationship building up. She’s aware of this from the way her daughter would describe him, from the adjectives she used up until the way she talked. Love at first sight is a rare and unique thing, that’s how she knew that this would grow into a different kind of love; one that is ethereal.

April 2015

Today was the day Jasmine was to introduce her boyfriend, Anthony to her parents. They were both nervous. Anthony, of the fear that her parents would not approve of him, and Jasmine, of the fear that her mother would remember their conversation back in July. They took the day off from Hamilton, and drove to the farther part of Brooklyn where her family lives.  Jasmine rang the doorbell. They were quickly greeted by her mother, with a smile plastered all over her face. “Come in!” She delightedly greeted them, gesturing them to go inside.

At the end of the day, Anthony’s nervousness was replaced with calmness. As he was welcomed as a part of the family. As the couple was about to leave, Jasmine’s mom said, “We knew you two would be together from the moment I called Jasmine during your first day of rehearsal. Now, go. I have to call your aunt and uncle! They owe me 50 bucks!” She smiled and said goodbye.

“You told them about me?” Anthony teasingly said. she replied with, “Shut it! You were creeping me out!!” They both laughed. Now this was something to talk about on their way home.