you can honestly tell who was the older brother and who was the younger brother in 'Stormy Ascent’ - THE HARDEST CRASH BANDICOOT LEVEL EVER (2017). dan is super bossy and acts as if everything he does is correct and phil is just following along. also when dan said phil just takes things he says and has no clue what it means…. honestly i could die


“It Won’t Kill Ya” by The Chainsmokers | Choreography by Kyle Hanagami & Haley Fitzgerald

GROUP 1: Kyle Hanagami & Haley Fitzgerald

GROUP 2: Emma Hauser & Kevin Frey | Jasmine Mason & Teddy Coffee | Michael Dameski & ****

GROUP 3: Jade Chynoweth & Josh Killacky | Savannah Times & Adam Vesperman | Julian Carmolinga & Haley Messick