jasmine vanilla

To help you preserve your feelings for each other

Especially when you are physically away… but it can also just be because you want to show your love to your significant other<3


  • a red or pink bag with a red ribbon
  • the Two of Cups from your favorite tarot deck (a printed version if you don’t want to ruin your deck)
  • rose petals
  • rosehips
  • rose quartz
  • amethyst
  • mint
  • vanilla
  • rosemary
  • cinnamon
  • jasmine / orchid flowers
  • sugar
  • cinnamon
  • a photo of you two
  • seashells

When to do it?

During a waxing or full moon preferably.


Quite simple!

Take the time to meditate and focus on your intent (all the love you feel for your partner), on how they make you feel, all the memories you have together, the joys you shared, the happiness they are bringing in your life.

Then add all of the ingredients (cleansed with the method you prefer) in the bag.For each ingredient, take the time to stay focus, to feel the loving energy in your entire body. Only think of all this relationship means to you.

Once this done, close the bag whispering:

“ With this charm in hands, may we feel close

Whenever we are apart”

and it’s done!

Now you can offer this bag to your loved one so they can place it at home and feel all your love for them

How to make it even better?

Do two bags, one for your lover and one you’ll keep to yourself!

How to make it even better than better?

Do it together! you and your partner! And then, exchange the bags between you!

When you feel sad, when your miss your other half, take the bag, remember all the feelings inside it, how your partner makes you feel. Take the time to smell it and receive all the energy put there in the first place.


The signs as scents
  • Aries: Pumpkin Spice and Ginger
  • Taurus: Rose and Vanilla
  • Gemini: Lavender and Chamomile
  • Cancer: Sandalwood and Cinnamon
  • Leo: Ginger and Pumpkin
  • Virgo: Chocolate and Cherry
  • Libra: Orange and Peach
  • Scorpio: Rose and Sandalwood
  • Sagittarius: Vanilla and Strawberry
  • Capricorn: Jasmine and Vanilla
  • Aquarius: Lilac and Rose
  • Pisces: Cotton Blossom and Honey

I’m revolted by the idea of eating ambergris but so intrigued by 17th century desserts that incorporate it. Imagine perfumes that imitate the scent of sweet cream with rosewater, ambergris, toasted almonds, or a recipe beloved by the Medici family, bitter chocolate with jasmine flowers, sweetened vanilla, dusted with cinnamon and ambergris.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.18.15

salt soak sampler trio by herbsandoilsbath

try out three rockin’ salt soaks with this sampler trio — includes black lava salt + eucalyptus and lavender, pacific and french grey salts + chamomile and neroli, and himalayan pink salt + jasmine and vanilla. each one has a different function — to relax muscles, to detox skin, or to soothe. love.

Animal Crossing Town Name Ideas!

I was searching around on the internet looking for pretty words to use for animal crossing towns and I came across a lot more than I thought I would. Here is a list compiling all of the words I found, some you may like and some you may not but that’s okay. If you would like to add to the list just send me a message or leave some tagged names and I’ll edit the original post (since it’s a read more!)

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Name: kalyani menon

Nicknames: kat, but one of my teachers called me katerina (not really a nickname, she just couldn’t pronounce my actual name)

Zodiac Sign: scorpio

Height: 5′2/5′3? i don’t know™

Orientation: pansexual (but closeted hhh)

Ethnicity: indian

Favorite Fruit: mangoes and lychees

Favorite Season: summer and fall

Favorite Book: ella enchanted (gail levine carson)

Favorite Flowers: roses, plumeria, hibiscus, peonies, jasmine

Favorite Scent: vanilla, chocolate, mint, rose, jasmine, laundry detergent

Favorite Color: soft greeny-blue, peacock blue, saffron, periwinkle blue

Favorite Animal: doggos

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: all of them i’ll literally drink anything, but i drink a lot of coffee

Average Sleep Hours: who is she??

Cat or Dog Person: dogs 100/10

Favorite Fictional Character: too many to list, but top ones are katniss everdeen, hermione granger, moana, and jane villanueva

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: just a comforter (i live in canada,,, why is it like this)

Ideal Trip: probably what i have been doing the last few days, staying in a hotel room on my laptop and eating a lot

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the signs as smells
  • aries: pencil shavings, lavender, log fires, rain
  • taurus: new paper, real christmas trees, orange cloves, rose
  • gemini: bbq from the house next door, suncream, fresh paint, coconut
  • cancer: burning wood, coffee, cotton, christmas pudding
  • leo: old spice, fresh bread, aftershave, cinnamon
  • virgo: dr pepper lip balm, fir trees, old books, babies' heads
  • libra: citrus, vanilla, jasmine, new books
  • scorpio: honeysuckle, pizza, fresh bedsheets, sea
  • sagittarius: sparklers, petrol, hay, s'mores
  • capricorn: crayons, fresh dirt, tomato leaves, pennies
  • aquarius: your home, fresh wood, cotton candy, doughnuts
  • pisces: cut grass, watermelon, mango, ginger

The perfect Valentine’s Day bath cocktail! 💘 lushcosmetics’ Floating Island luxury bath melt and their limited edition for Valentine’s Day Floating Flower bath bomb!

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Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 followers you would like to get to know better

Name: nathan
Nicknames: just nate I guess, not one really calls me anything else 
Zodiac sign: scorpio sun, cap moon, and leo rising
Height: 5'9″ish
Orientation:  panromantic asexual
Ethnicity: white 
Favourite fruit: banana i guess? i’m not huge on fruit
Favourite season: fall!!
Favourite book: i don’t know if i have one??
Favourite flowers: roses, daisies, and jasmine
Favourite scent: vanilla, old books, new shoes/tires??
Favourite colour: baby blue nad  baby pink
Favourite animal: black panthers and tigers!!
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee, but i also love hot chocolate
Average sleep hours: between 8 and 10
Favourite fictional character: remus lupin from harry potter
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1, but i have like 4 on my bed
Blog created: late november of 2015 

im not tagging anyone so do it if you want!! 

The Signs and their Signature Bath & Body Works Scents

Aries: Carried Away. Raspberries, jasmine, vanilla, hints of orange and lemon. This scent was inspired by the way true love sweeps you off of your feet. An Adventurous, innovative, ambitious, and fun, Aries is indeed quick to sweep you off of your feet, and this is a scent that celebrates life’s adventures. 

Taurus: Sensual Amber. Orange, amber, musk, sandalwood, rose. This scent is sophisticated, earthy, warm and feminine. Taurus is well grounded and down to earth, and would most likely be drawn to this scent. 

Gemini: Midnight Pomegranate. This is an eclectic blend of ruby red pomegranate, citrus, cinnamon, and blackberry spice. This signature Bath & Body Works fragrance is every sense of unexpected! When you’re with a Gemini, you can only expect the unexpected. 

Cancer: Japanese Cherry Blossom. Pear, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and sandalwood. Not only is this one a classic, traditional and well-loved scent, it is a very warm and welcoming fragrance. Your average Cancer is a very warm, inviting, and caring sign. This signature Bath & Body Works scent embodies those traits of a Cancer very much so. 

Leo: White Citrus. White Citrus is a blend of crisp citrus, grapefruit, tangerine and water lily. This signature fragrance was inspired by the sun-drenched citrus groves of the Mediterranean coast. Leo happens to have a big presence and they tend to turn heads when they walk into a room. They love to be admired, and this scent is very fitting for Leo!

Virgo: Warm Vanilla Sugar. Vanilla, white orchid, brown sugar, and sandalwood. Virgo is the practical sign of the Zodiac. They are the analyzers, and the planners. The Demeanor of Virgo is welcoming, nurturing, and calm, as the scent of Warm Vanilla Sugar. 

Libra: Velvet Sugar. Red velvet créme, strawberries, sugared musk, pink jasmine, and pear blossom. This scent is fun and flirty, and when it comes to an innocent scent such as this one, too much is never enough, just like Libra! Libra is social and affectionate, and most of the time has a large following. Velvet Sugar appeals to Libra’s feminine and flirtatious side.

Scorpio: Dark Kiss. Black raspberry, rose, balsam, vanilla bean, and plum. For Scorpio, this is one is a no-brainer. Dark Kiss is a seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean. This scent is sensual, passionate, magnetic, and sophisticated, yet dark.

Sagittarius: Wild Madagascar Vanilla. African pear, wild jasmine, ruby apple, clementine, musk, and white sandalwood. Sagittarius are the adventurers and the risk takers of the Zodiac, and Wild Madagascar Vanilla is a bold and fun mashup of world scents. 

Capricorn: Cucumber Melon. Cucumber, honey, grapefruit, musk. This scent is fresh, traditional, straightforward, refreshing, sensible, and also happens to have a fun side, just as Capricorn does! This scent is one of Bath & Body Work’s most iconic scents, and it’s simple. Just as Capricorn!

Aquarius: Secret Wonderland. Strawberry, goji berries, raspberry, vanilla, sandalwood, white amber. This scent is whimsical, and fun. This unexpected combination of everything from berries, to amber speak to Aquarius’ strive for innovation and adventure. 

Pisces: Paris Amour. French tulips, pink champagne, apple blossoms, strawberry, peach, jasmine, and water lily. Pisces has a wild imagination, and really are hopeless romantics. It’s a complicated, imaginative combination, very much like Pisces is! Paris Amour is a fun and romantic scent, and what better scent for Pisces?


Its that time again.. here’s my favorite fics I read this week. Enjoy!

taking tips and getting stoned by alison 24.5k:

Louis drives a taxi. He hasn’t seen Harry in eight years when they have a chance meeting.

A lot has changed in that time. But not everything.

All the kids at school (they were wishing they were me that night) by LikeYouAreInLove 4k:

“Are you sure that you two aren’t dating?”

Louis forces his gaze away from Harry’s scrunched face and looks to Nick, already rolling his eyes, “Yes, Nicholas, we’re sure. There are these neat things called ‘friends’, perhaps you’ve heard of them, and me and Harry are the best kind and best kinds of friends don’t screw each other on the sly. ”


Getting voted 'School’s Hottest Couple’ when they aren’t actually a couple complicates things a bit.

From Vanilla to Jasmine by kikikryslee 9k:

Louis could just tell Harry that he was only looking for scents because Zayn had told him to get to the store and not return until he found something that would stop making their apartment smell like ‘the inside of Bob Marley’s underwear drawer.’
But that just would’ve been too easy.

Basically, the AU where Harry loves incense and thinks that Louis does, too. But really, Louis just buys it to cover up the smell of his weed.

Tickle-Me Pink by anomalation 10k:

AU where hair color reflects your mood. Naturally, Harry’s doesn’t. Fluff fluff fluff.

One last sneak peek at the RPG soaps before we list them all tomorrow!

Pictured from top left to bottom right:
Bard (cypress berries)
Mage (cotton and vanilla)
Druid (barnwood and moss)
Cleric (peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary)
DM (whiskey, clove, and ginger)
Paladin (lemongrass, green tea, sandalwood, and ginger)
Ranger (basil, herbs, and pine needles)
Rogue (jasmine, orchid vanilla, rosewood, and musk)!

Along with the soaps, there will also be roll-on scent versions so you can smell like your favorite class all day long.


Here’s the first look at Katy’s new fragrance “Mad Potion”.

 Top notes: Vanilla Orchid, peony, Apple musk 

  Heart: Bourbon vanilla, jasmine, fluffy musk 

  Base: Vanilla, Amber, Sexy Musk 

 Out in Fall 2015. 

 Credits to @kpdaily for the find!