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Incense for the Theoi

A collection of personal associations. You are more than welcome to add your own, but I don’t want to see any bashing of this list of PERSONAL associations. They work for somebody, deal with it!

  • Asteria – vanilla, mulberry, frankincense
  • Amphitrite – ocean, orchid, coconut
  • Aphrodite – rose, apple/cinnamon, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, coconut
  • Apollo – cinnamon, frankincense, apple
  • Ares – dragon’s blood, frankincense, pomegranate
  • Artemis – lavender, spruce, queen of the night, cedar, sage
  • Athena – green tea, sage, bergamot
  • Boreas – rain, honey, lavender
  • Circe – sage, bergamot, violet
  • Cronus – orange, mint, musk
  • Demeter – myrrh, honey almond, cinnamon
  • Dionysus – wine, jasmine, pine, berry
  • Eos -  jasmine, rain, lavender, orchid
  • Eris – peppermint, apple, violet
  • Eros – apple, rose, gardenia
  • Gaia – peach, oak, myrrh, patchouli, sage
  • Hades – coffee, dragon’s blood, mulberry, cypress
  • Hecate – violet, lavender, queen of the night
  • Helios – coconut, orange, cinnamon, jasmine
  • Hephaestus – sandalwood, patchouli, musk
  • Hera – jasmine, linen, orchid, sage
  • Hermes – musk, sandalwood, strawberry
  • Hestia – amber, cinnamon, sage, frankincense
  • Hygeia – linen, rain, gardenia, jasmine
  • Hypnos – chamomile, vanilla, lavender
  • Iris – strawberry, violet, lavender
  • Khione – lemongrass, vanilla, jasmine, orchid
  • Morpheus – honeysuckle, fairy dreams (Hem), rose
  • Nike – sandalwood, rose, jasmine, sage, cedar
  • Nyx – cedarwood, mint, jasmine-rose blend
  • Pan – cedar, patchouli, oak
  • Persephone – apple cider, rosemary, lavender, mint
  • Poseidon – pine, ocean, rain
  • Prometheus – mulberry, dragon’s blood, chamomile
  • Psyche – wisteria, peppermint, jasmine
  • Selene – gardenia, sage, lavender
  • Themis – sandalwood, sage, patchouli, jasmine
  • Tyche – sage, amber, frankincense, mint
  • Zeus – sage, musk, sandalwood, pine

General Incense for the Theoi:

  • Frankincense
  • Sage
  • Sandalwood
  • Divine Power or Celestial Pack (Hem brand)

With contributions from:

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This lovely post!

Joseph Christiansen wears Giorgio Armani cologne. You know, the nautically-themed one in the frosted glass bottle that topless men clutch to their chest while waves artistically crash against their backs? That’s it.

Bad hookup survival guide

About a week ago I hooked up with someone and I felt absolutely disgusted, used, disappointed, and dirty because I wasnt comftorable, pleased, or happy with the situation and felt scared to say no so for personal reasons and recent experiences, I decided to share a personal lil guide I made that i follow after a really bad hook up.
*Reminder - this is a PERSONAL guide. What works for me may not work for you. Take what you need and leave the rest
1- Deep throating a dirty dick made me appreciate my tooth brush 10x more. I start off by brushing my teeth and flossing, followed by mouth wash. After this i’ll pour myself something to drink to calm my nerves. I recommend tea even tho i’m pouring myself a shot or 5 of vodka.

2- I’ll pick out clean and comftorable underwear, a clean bra, and a big T-shirt to change into for after my bath.

3- I’ll run my bath with warm water and dump ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar in with bath salts. I usually use lavender or eucalyptus. You best believe i’m dumping a shit load of body wash in there too, everyone knows a bubble bath is therapy.

4- I massage a deep conditioner into my scalp because that mofo yanked the shit out of my hair a little too hard and now my heads a little sore and my hairs a little knotted.

5- I scoop a generous amount of scrub and work it onto my legs, arms, belly, etc and rinse it off. At this point i’ll turn on my shower head then dose my loofah with body wash and scrub the shit out of my skin. Maybe a little too rough but it gives me the illusion that i’m washing away what the person I hooked up with did.

6- At this point I usually sit in the water to soak for a bit longer or i’ll rinse off and drain the tub and get out. I dry off and cover my body in lotion and spritz a comforting scent on (jasmine, lavender, vanilla) to get the smell of him off me.

7- after this I know my pussy is hurtin. When a guy cant get you wet and rips your dry pussy up it can take a toll on you and your pussy’s emotional health. I’ll take a wet warm wash cloth (please no soap) and gently press it on my labia for any swelling. Then i’ll rub on some coconut oil and put on my panties. No masturbating, let her chill for a bit and recover

8- ok so now that ive done all this i’ll put on my bra and Tshirt and get into bed. I like to write how i’m feeling or honestly just bawl my eyes out and remind myself of these 5 things-
~Who I sleep with doesnt define me
~How many people Ive slept with doesnt define me
~What I do in bed doesnt define me
~I am not less of a person
~I will be okay. My body will be okay. My heart will be okay.
This was kind of a messy little list I put together. Ive been meaning to write this and once I did I cant even put all my thoughts and routines into something that makes sense. But bad hook ups can really take a toll on you. They take a toll on me. And I want to give some kind of supports to others who find themselves in the same situation. Its a kind of misunderstood thing where you feel awful because you agreed to what you were doing but you still feel violated.

jupiters-alien  asked:

Which incense can be associated with each of the gods?

So, this is all personal preference or what I feel like the deity suggested! 🌼

  • Odin - nag champa, cedar, sage
  • Frigg - rain(you can usually find a rain/mist/moss one in most stores), frankincense, lavender, jasmine, sage
  • Freyja - rose, tangerine, myrrh, sage
  • Freyr - vanilla, patchouli, jasmine, literally anything with “enchanted” or “forest” in the name ✨
  • Loki - cinnamon, dragon’s blood, cotton candy(he likes sweet from me)
  • Hel - mulberry, wine, apple, pine, musky scents
  • Bragi - raspberry, sandalwood
  • Baldur - violet, lilac, lotus
  • Thor - amber, chamomile, rain
  • Tyr - opium, evergreen
  • Heimdallr - sage, “sugar and spice”
  • Sif - honey/honeysuckle, rose

To help you preserve your feelings for each other

Especially when you are physically away… but it can also just be because you want to show your love to your significant other<3


  • a red or pink bag with a red ribbon
  • the Two of Cups from your favorite tarot deck (a printed version if you don’t want to ruin your deck)
  • rose petals
  • rosehips
  • rose quartz
  • amethyst
  • mint
  • vanilla
  • rosemary
  • cinnamon
  • jasmine / orchid flowers
  • sugar
  • cinnamon
  • a photo of you two
  • seashells

When to do it?

During a waxing or full moon preferably.


Quite simple!

Take the time to meditate and focus on your intent (all the love you feel for your partner), on how they make you feel, all the memories you have together, the joys you shared, the happiness they are bringing in your life.

Then add all of the ingredients (cleansed with the method you prefer) in the bag.For each ingredient, take the time to stay focus, to feel the loving energy in your entire body. Only think of all this relationship means to you.

Once this done, close the bag whispering:

“ With this charm in hands, may we feel close

Whenever we are apart”

and it’s done!

Now you can offer this bag to your loved one so they can place it at home and feel all your love for them

How to make it even better?

Do two bags, one for your lover and one you’ll keep to yourself!

How to make it even better than better?

Do it together! you and your partner! And then, exchange the bags between you!

When you feel sad, when your miss your other half, take the bag, remember all the feelings inside it, how your partner makes you feel. Take the time to smell it and receive all the energy put there in the first place.


Spell of Manifestation

There are times in a witch’s life where patience just isn’t going to cut it. You need that one thing to happen, and you need it right now! For those times, try out this simple spell of manifestation! This would be most effective during the waxing moon, or the new moon just before it begins to wax (on a day such as today, for instance!).

What you need:

* Fire (candle, cauldron, fire pit, etc)
* Paper (any kind will do, but the more elaborately decorated it is, the better this works)
* Incense of any kind will do, though certain herbs will work better for certain thoughtforms/wishes (see full list below)

The chant:

Waning, waxing, pull and push
Bring forth my vision, my solemn wish
Let it manifest into my destiny
As I do will so mote it be!

The process:

Close the blinds, lock the doors, or go outside somewhere where you needn’t fret about the judgmental eyes of others. Get a good fire going in your cauldron or fire pit, or light your candle. Sit and focus on your desire, envisioning it happening. See yourself holding what it is you want or experiencing the happening as realistically as you can; mind that magic has little recourse in the world of fantasy, as fantastical as it seems at times.

Once you have your vision firmly in your mind’s eye, write it out on the paper, as well as the date, and your religious name. Bless/consecrate the paper by any rite you wish, and then when you feel ready, feed it to the flame. Imagine is as a glowing orb which grows larger as the page burns up. Dance around it and chant the words above as it grows, letting your energy latch on the energy of the paper burning. Finally when you have generated enough energy, release it into the world with firm belief in its success.

Tell no one of your rite until the wish comes true.

The herbs (obviously there are more than this):
* Financial/material gain - patchouli (also fertility), sage, mint, basil, clove, cinnamon, pine
* Love/relationships - cinnamon, jasmine, musk, rose, lavender, vanilla
* Health/Vigor - orange, amber, frankincense, eucalyptus, lilac, ginger
* Spiritual growth - myrrh, sandalwood, frankincense, cedar, anise, magnolia, rosemary (dreams)
* Protection - sage, camphor, frankincense, dragon’s blood, parsley
* Purification - thyme, sandalwood, cedar, pine, sage

Non-binary Fragrances: Tip 1

Looking for a fragrance but have trouble finding anything non-binary?

Here I’ve collected a few of the unisex fragrances for any genderqueer person.

Some of the fragrances have muskier tones whereas others have a lighter or even floral scent. That’s why I’ve included a list of scents to describe the products and help you narrow down your try-out list.

Acqua di Parma
(bergamot, lemon, lavender, rosemary, rose, cedarwood)

Marrakech Intense
(wood, florals, spice)

Black Saffron
(pepper, black violet, leather, raspberry, juniper)

Calvin Klein
(wasabi, jasmine, wet cobblestone)

Fresh Laundry, Rain, Skin, Warm Cotton, Shower Fresh…
Most of the fragrances by Clean can be worn by anybody. You get what’s written on the label. Personal favourite: Cool Cotton

Comme Des Garçons
Blue Santal
(sandalwood, juniper berries, blue pepper)

National Scent
(hibiscus, jasmine tea, amber, patchouli)

Ex Nihilo
Cologne 352
(citrus, rose, wood, lily of the valley)

Eau de Narcisse Bleu
(daffodil, orange blossom, wood, musk)

Jo Malone
Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne
(sea salt, sage)

Original Musk
(orange blossom, musk, rose, lily)

Le Labo (three amazing fragrances so I’ve included all of them)
Neroli 36
(orange blossom, musk, vanilla, rose, jasmine)
Fleur D’Oranger 27
(orange blossom, musk, bergamot, petit grain, lemon)
Patchouli 24
(patchouli, birch, vanilla)

Cargo de Nuit
(ambrette, cedar)

Tom Ford
Oud Wood
(cardamom, amber, wood)
Mandarino di Amalfi
(mint, thyme, grapefruit, black pepper)

Yves Saint Laurent
(black pepper, bergamot, patchouli, lily of the valley)



Distraction pure and simple, not that he minded at all. In fact he lived for it, made him want to be a better man for you, because you loved him regardless of his past. Though right now none of that mattered as he watched you lean over your laptop busy working. Bucky couldn’t stop himself from coming up behind you, drawing his fingertips over your exposed shoulder watching you shiver. Both hands one warm the other cold gripping your shoulders, keeping you in place, “Need you so much doll.”

“James,” playfully whining using his given name, knowing how much he loves hearing it drip from your lips. His touch only served to heat your blood, skin tingling from each patch he landed on.

Leaning down tongue sliding out to draw the tip over the same path his fingers traced. “Break time baby,” other hand sliding through your loose ponytail, gripping the strands lightly giving a slight tug.

“I can’t too much to finish,” brain telling you to push Bucky away, body craving his touch.

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Marichat May Day 13: Sin

This is lame, but I’m tired and late. Sorry. Also there is nothing explicit, honestly, this thing could barely count as M let alone E. But under the cut just in case.

Adrien groaned as he tried to open his eyes. In all honesty, he didn’t want to. Really didn’t want to. The bed was smelling so nice, like jasmine and vanilla and something sweet so… so Marinette. Wait… Marinette?

His eyes snapped open and his right hand instinctively reached for his mask. Still there. Good. Did he fall asleep in Marinette’s room? Damn. He hoped he didn’t get her in trouble or something. He looked at the skylight, blinking in surprise. It was still night. Huh, did that mean he slept for little? He certainly hoped so, he didn’t want to take advantage of her hospitality. Just when he was about to get up the trap door opened. Luckily, it was only Marinette. Wearing a pink bathrobe.

Huh, that was a little bit weird.

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Essential Oil blends

—Alive and awake oil—
1 pt rosemary
1 pt mint
1 pt orange
½ pt lemon
½ pt thyme

Magical association: happiness, health, protection, energy

—Patience oil—
1 pt rose
1 pt lavender
1 pt pine

Magical association: peace, harmony, love

—Clear decisions oil—
1 pt pine
1 pt rosemary
1 pt sage

Magical association: clear thinking ,harmony, health, protection

—Prosperity oil—
1 pt mint
1 pt basil
1 pt cinnamon
1 pt pine

Magical association: movement, energy

—Health oil—
1 pt thyme
1 pt eucalyptus
1 pt pine
1 pt ginger

Magical association: health, communication, strength

—Peace oil—
1 pt violet
1 pt lavender
1 pt jasmine
1 pt sandalwood

Magical association: meditation, spirituality, harmony

—Protection oil—
1 pt sage
1 pt sandalwood
1 pt Angelica
1 clove
Pinch of salt

Magical association: prosperity, wisdom, purification

—Love oil—
1 pt rose
1 pt jasmine
½ pt geranium
¼ pt vanilla

Magical association: love ,harmony

Source[ Ann Murphy-Hiscock ]

Adekan Fragrance

Yoshiwara Shiro

Top - Lemon, Lime, Lychee
Middle - Jasmine, Muguet, Lily, Casablanca, Mimosa, Lavender
Base - Musk, Amber, Woody, Vanilla

Yamada Kojiro

Top - Lemon, Ozone, Armoise
Middle - Lavender, Basil, Rose, Jasmine, Lavandin
Base - Musk, Woody, Amber

Yoshiwara Anri

Top - Lemon, Mandarin
Middle - Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Muguet
Base - Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood

A Little Love and Lots of Laughs// Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by fangirlhani

I’m going to try to fill most of my requests today: so here’s the first one!

Requested by @undiscoveries

It’s been five years since you met Sherlock Holmes, four since you fell in love, and three since you married. To top it all off, you have a son and daughter who are the clone of you and the Detective; they happen to love picnics and swimming and spending time with their cousin Rosie and Uncle John. What’s better than a family day?


y/s/n - your sons name

y/d/n - your daughters name

  *This is set several years after Season 4, but the two of you met in Season 2 right before the Reichenbach. So in hindsight, Rosie is probably about five or six.

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firebyfire  asked:

Can I ask for “What did they do to you?” with Newt? Either as the one asking that question or being asked it?

@firebyfire - you most certainly can!

Graves wasn’t sure how he ended up sitting beneath the shade of a massive tree, legs splayed out in front of him as he watched a herd of beasts he couldn’t identify graze in the field ahead of them. All he could remember was not being able to breathe, suddenly. As though all the air had been removed from the room like a vacuum. He remembers the fierce thump, thump, thump of his heart jackrabbiting against his chest and how his skin felt cold from sudden perspiration. He remembers his knees feeling like jelly and becoming light headed. Everything being too bright, too loud, too much. And then everything bleeding away, the world falling back into the cold and the dark and the pain of the lash and—

“Here,” said a voice, abruptly pulling him from his thoughts. Graves flinched, but the hand holding the cup of tea out to him did not. It remained steady in front of him, steaming and welcoming and warm. Graves tried to ignore how his hands trembled as he took it, but his own voice was firm and familiar as he thanked him.

“You’re quite welcome,” Newt said before moving to sit next to Graves at the base of the tree. “I’m sorry it’s not coffee. I have some, but I didn’t think the caffeine would help you…calm your mind.”

“I don’t mind. My mother loved tea. Doesn’t tea have caffeine in it, too?”

“Not this one. Jasmine and vanilla, and a little bit of honey for taste.”

Graves took a soft sip and felt the warmth of it hang pleasantly in his chest. He smiled, smally.

“That’s nice.”

“I’m glad,” Newt said, his smile large and genuine from Graves’ praise. He took a sip from his own mug before looking out at the creatures grazing. Mooncalves, Newt had called them. They looked like simple beasts. Fluffy and wide eyed and bleating. Relaxed and confident and unaware that in the wild, any number of predators might kill them. Here, they were safe. Happy and fat from Newt’s attentions.

It must be nice, to be able to protect something so innocent.

Graves flinched as large dark eyes flashed into his mind, eager and hopeful and pleading.

A hand at his forearm drew him back, anchoring him to the present. His eyes fell to that hand – callused and scarred. But… the scars didn’t end with his hands. They trailed up his forearms and beneath the rolled sleeves at the magizoologist’s elbow before they finally disappeared from sight. Thin and too articulate to be from creatures alone.

“Sorry,” Newt said. “Thought I lost you, for a moment.”

“You nearly did,” Graves admitted, eyes trailing up to catch Newt’s.

“I know it’s not my place to ask,” Newt said, voice soft and tentative but genuine. “But Tina’s been awfully worried… I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, but… is there a reason why you couldn’t enter that room?”

That room… ah, yes. The board room.

Graves could remember it, now – the trigger to his panic attack. He had touched the handle of the board room’s door and been floored by the smell of someone’s new cologne – Grindelwald’s cologne. Thick and heady and smelling of amber and spice, and it had pulled him back to memories of the man. Filling the room with his pleasant, expensive stench as he whipped him and beat him and tore fragments of memories from his mind despite his best defenses. The smell of him at his back, entering him against his will, bringing him pleasure despite his struggles to ignore the mounting heat, and kissing him gentle despite having beaten him mere minutes ago to keep him from fighting back.

Graves shuddered.

“It wasn’t the room. It was someone’s cologne. His cologne.”

“Oh!” Newt said suddenly, excited for some odd reason. Graves blinked and at his strange look, Newt held up a hand to hastily explain. “Apologies, I’m just excited because I think I can help. I had that trouble once, too. Couldn’t handle the smell of apples after what happened, but the unicorns and pegasus love apples – the Niffler too, actually. So I made a potion that can eliminate a certain smell. I can give you the recipe, if you’re interested.”

Graves blinked again, surprised. He opened his mouth, words caught on his tongue.

“That… that would be appreciated, thank you,” he said, words trailing off as his eyes fell once again to Newt’s scars. “You said ‘what happened’. The apples and your scars… you were captured?”

Startled, Newt automatically moved to tug down his sleeve before stopping – as though catching himself in a bad habit – and smoothing the sleeve instead, leaving it at his elbow. Newt smiled gently, and when he finally looked up to catch Graves’ gaze, there was an oldness there Graves could relate to.

“Once, yes. There was a man – a dealer of rare collectibles, he introduced himself as. He had somehow heard of me and wanted to buy my case and all the creatures in it. I said no, of course. But I had some dealings in the city about a herd of Peryton and couldn’t just go. So I hid the case with a trusted friend before seeking out my contact, only to get kidnapped on the way there,” Newt said, fingers gentle and calm as they traced a specifically garish scar over the front of his forearm – eyes distant. “They weren’t too happy when they found out I didn’t have the case on me.”

Graves watched him for a long moment, every scar beneath his own clothes suddenly molten hot where they brushed against the fabric. He wondered how long it took Newt to feel comfortable with rolling up his sleeves. He wondered if he’d ever be able to, too.

“What did they do to you?” Graves asked, eyes on Newt’s fingers. “If… if you don’t mind me asking.”

Newt looked up at him and smiled.

“Enough,” he said, cheerful despite the morbidity of their conversation. “They did enough.”

“How did you escape?”

“My contact sent an owl to my brother,” Newt said. “And he brought a team of aurors to rescue me. Wasn’t long. Two days. Maybe three.”

“But it was enough,” Graves said softly.

“Yes,” Newt agreed, then returned his gaze to the mooncalves as he sipped from his tea. “It was enough.”

“You didn’t give up your creatures though,” Graves pointed out.

“I’d die before I gave such a filthy man my case,” Newt said simply, as though pointing out the color of the sky. Graves smiled bitterly.

“I admire that.”

Newt’s gaze fell slowly upon him.

“Resisting a beating is far different than resisting a skilled occumulist, Mr. Graves.”

“I know,” Graves sighed. “That doesn’t make it any easier.”

Newt watched him for a moment.

“Does this?”

“Does what?”

“This? The case, the field, the mooncalves?”

Graves cast his gaze out once more and smiled ever so slightly.

“Yes. Surprisingly, it does.”

“Then you’re welcome here any time, Mr. Graves.”

“Thank you, Mr. Scamander,” Graves said, and for the first time in a long time, he felt genuinely at peace. Even if only for a moment.

“Please, call me Newt.”

“Thank you, Newt,” he said, head back against the tree. “Call me Percival.”

“You’re welcome, Percival.”