jasmine starfire

eazythegriot  asked:

Who is your favorite cosplay so far? Whose cosplay got you the most compliments? (I wear geeky teeshirts, and I've noticed some get compliments vs others get confusion.)

hmmm, this is a tricky one

I think my favorite is probably still Starfire.

 I feel such a connection to the character and being able to embody her always fills me with a lot of joy and confidence. Plus I got to meet Hynden Welch in it so that was amazing!

I get the most praise and attention when I wear Jasmine, 

which is nice because froma sewing/design standpoint I’m the most proud of that one. I spent months on it developing my own design that tells the story of the character thematically, and hand embroidered and stoned it. It was also my most complicated wig build. And I interact with the most little girls in that one, it makes me feel really lucky and special

And Vanellope gets extra points for being the comfiest! plus I get to make silly faces which is fun