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Kristin Scott Thomas - DIOR
Jasmine Saunders - ULYANA SERGEENKO with BULGARI jewellery
Elle Fanning - DIOR Haute Couture
Sonam Kapoor - ELIE SAAB Haute Couture
Jordan Dunn - ELIE SAAB
Charlize Theron - DIOR

Lookie lookie~ Another box split~ 

Puchichoko Vol.2 and to be very honest, I almost wanted to forego this one because I wasn’t sure if I reaaally wanted the Chuya but screw it, any Chuya is good Chuya and calling out to my soullllll~ And since I was thinking the rest of the bbies are included in this volume, so here I am opening a box split for this.

Plus it’s on my birthday month so I got giggly ohoho


Price of the babies: USD4

Price for the babies to fly to you: USD5

How to pay for the babies: PayPal

Can you reserve the babies?: Yes, for only a week - Please make payment by then.

When will the babies be released?: This is a June preorder

Can you pay half (baby first, ticket for the baby to your home later): Yep. If you prefer, you can pay for the merch first. Shipping later when the item arrives to me then I’ll send you another invoice for that.

List of babies taken and available:

*striked = means taken

Chuya (meeeee)

Fyodor ( @jinyuuichii)

Ranpo ( @yuuripean)

Poe ( @yuuripean​)

Dazai ( @shimp92)

Atsushi  ( @shimp92)

Akutagawa ( @rusaruka)

Fukuzawa  ( @rusaruka)





Anything else, please DM me or email me~

Reblogs much appreciated >w<~

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Day 2 - Fan Fiction

Scott Mescudi Stopped Playing Games and Finally Let Me Love Him

“Beautiful morning,
you’re the sun in my morning, babe”
And I never get tired of this greeting
or the sly smirk he gives me just before
reaching over me for his spliff
and giving me a quick kiss.
“Nothing unwanted.”

It’s been years since he first let me see him.
Really see him.
All the rusted and damaged parts he paints over
in melodic metaphors to pretty up
his pain that others may call ugly but
I showed him the beauty in his beast.
He don’t have to be Mr. Rager with me,
I’m cool chillin with Scotty.

And it ain’t all been some enter galactic love connection,
the kind of shit Andre 3000 might sing about-
Nah, there’s been plenty times I thought he might
erase me or I him
but we’ve since found out this love is unfuckwittable.

That’s just us, we love hard.
We take turns playing sun and moon.
Equals who finally found
consistency and balance
in loving each other.


The Sand Snakes:

Omahyra Mota as Obara Sand

Janina Gavankar as Nymeria Sand

Jasmine Sanders as Tyene Sand

Samira Wiley as Sarella Sand

Naomi Scott as Elia Sand

Ulka Gupta as Obella Sand

Ashnoor Kaur as Dorea Sand

Sara Arjun as Loreza Sand