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Yes, I kind of forgot to put this up for sale post x_x; lots of shit happens, and I probably best not get into too much of that. But yesss sooooooo

As I mentioned in a post some time ago that it’s true I am trying to secure a box set for this and putting this up for split. 

I am really trying to get my hands on Animate bonus but anyway that’s another story. 

So! Lemme just list which are taken and not taken: 


Dazai - @nicaniiluv

Ango @nicaniiluv

Oda @nicaniiluv

Poe @yuuripean

Fitzgerald @yuuripean


And so everyone else not listed above are…well, not taken XD 

So for anyone’s interested, for this one, I won’t ask for payment on the spot. I’ll ask only when it arrives at my place. 

I ship worldwide, if there’s a country I don’t ship to, I will state.

Price: USD8

Shipping fee: USD6 

Mode of Payment: PayPal only 

Buy more than 2, shipping is free.

I use standard shipping with tracking number. 

SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. If interested, please DM me or/and email me. Whichever most convenient. 

Any other questions, feel free to ask. I don’t bite. 

I would highly appreciate a reblog for this even if you’re not going to buy from me ;w;; 

Thanks in advance and thanks again!