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10 YA Books That Are So Worth Your Tears

YA books are the life of me. I don’t think I will ever be too old or too cool for YAs because I always need something I can relate to or even some place I can escape to when life is sucking and I need distractions for a bit.

I also love YA books because it makes me feel. My favorite thing about life are feelings. I’m a very emotional person and I want my deepest emotions to always be triggered. I get that from reading YAs. A lot of trivial things can make me cry, things I see or read on the TV, movies, and books. Sometimes I weep for two days straight after reading a really hard-hitting YA book because I’m a freaking marshmallow, and I like subjecting myself to anything that will make me feel human.

Anyhow, here are the ten Young Adult books that made huge, and I mean HUGE, impact to my principles, beliefs and behavior. These books may be sad but they all promise hope. Just when you think the world is just a big blob of desolation, you’ll find comfort in reading these make-believes and relating to fictional heroines.

1. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

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Me:  Who is Belle’s boyfriend?

My 2 year old daughter:  A Beast!

Me: Who is Jasmine’s boyfriend?

My 2 year old daughter: Aladdin!

Me: Who is Rapunzel’s boyfriend?

My 2 year old daughter: My Flynn Rider!

Me: Who is Anna’s boyfriend?

My 2 year old daughter: OLAF!