jasmine redesign

oh no, that new jasmine costume is real.

i found a photo of it in the boo to you parade. it’s just so bad looking, not at all up to the bar set by the other redesigns which actually have been an improvement for the most part. it photographs poorly, it looks like it doesn’t fit right, it’s made of cheap looking fabric, the design overall is just ugly and unflattering and not at all reminiscent of the character. at least now i don’t need to feel bad about insulting some random guest’s costume. i just expected better of disney, and it sucks because designing a more modest outfit for her that still looks recognizable wouldn’t be difficult at all. what are they going to do when kids are asking who she is because they were waiting to meet princess jasmine, not whoever that is?? her previous costume was, in my opinion, one of the best designs in the park. why in the world would they replace it with something so damn ugly? and why the crap did they mess with the wig? the bangs are just sloppy looking! it looks like a mistake!