jasmine house


Being a Kid

A Regular Day 🚋🏫

  Monday marks the beginning of a new week. The weekend was great but, as the saying goes: “all good things come to an end” and it’s time to come back to work, school. The old routine…

- Jimmy, hurry up! I don’t want to arrive late at school. – Shouted Marie.
- The school is not on fire! Unfortunately. – Mumbled Jimmy.
- Stop being a jackass and hurry up. I still want to clear some doubts with Pixel before the bell rings. – Stated Marie.
- Boring! – Said Jimmy.
- Jerk! – Yelled Marie.
- LOL, that’s because you’re my sister! – Affirmed Jimmy.
- Who puts up with you? … your teddy bear, oops! – Played Marie.
- Bitch! – Cursed Jimmy.
- Hey! What’s that all about? – Questioned Jasmine. – Hurry up or we are going to miss the station.
- Mom, just give me one more minute, because I am already finishing printing the book summary. – Requested Jimmy.

- Good studies! – Said Jasmine while saying goodbye to the children. - Good luck with your test Marie.


- Hi Pixel, did you put a lot of efforts on your studies of sciences? - Asked Marie.

- To be honest, no. I hate Mrs. CumpleBottom so much! - Replied Pixel.

- Tell me about it! I think the only thing she’s good at is to show off her pearl necklace of the time of Queen Victoria because as a teacher she’s the Devil herself. - Commented Marie while laughing out loud with Pixel.

- Silence! The girls are in a Library. - scolded them Ms. Belle.


- Good morning class. I hope you have studied. I only want to see over your desk a pencil and nothing else. I will provide you a draft sheet signed by me and with the stamp of our college. I inform you that I am going only to read the test once and, as you know, I will not respond to any doubt there after. That’s why you must pay attention as I read it. - Commanded Mrs. CrumpleBottom. - Silence Alexander! Stop being the class clown and let me explain the test to your colleagues.


- What a difficult test! - Thought Marie. - She didn’t include anything I studied, old witch.



Tailoring and Sewing 🎭👑

- I am really ugly… nothing goes well on me. - Wondered Marie as she looked herself in the mirror.


- How gorgeous is my princess! But it seems to me that this dress needs fitting. - Said Jasmine.

- I’m not pretty at all. I hate these damned freckles on my face. - Argued Marie.

- What’s that all about princess?! Your grand grandmother was just like you. - Repplied Jasmine.

- Quit it mom! - Said Marie angry.

- All right. Let’s go fit this dress. - Demanded Jasmine.

- Might I have a dance? - Asked Jasmine.

Happy Carnival!


Saint Amaro

Goodbye Christmas  ☔️🎄

  Heavy rain pouring outside and the cold wad more intensely felt probably due to the humidity. Willow Creek it was a very damp place because of the vegetation.  Josh left the Hospital earlier that day and decided to go fetch Jasmine at her office to grant her a nice surprise.

- I’ll bring flowers to Jasmine, it’s been a while since I gave her a bouquet. -Thought Josh to himself.


- Surprise!! - Shouted loud Josh.

- You scared me Josh. - Said Jasmine. 


  In Saint Amaro’s day, tradition dictates to disassemble the Christmas tree and remove the decoration, thereby greeting farewell to Christmas. 

- Baby, do you feel like having a hot cocoa or a lemon tea? - Questioned Josh.

- I do, I’d like a lemon tea. - Replied Jasmine.

- A toast drink? - Offered Josh.

- A toast to what? - Asked Jasmine.

- Be criative?!- Answered Josh.

- May our next Christmas be spent in our new home! - Wished Jasmine. 


Mashed up Disney Princesses with Harry Potter for our outfits at San Diego Comic Con this year! <br><br>

Left to right: Belle (@SashaAlsberg), Rapunzel (Me- @CarmenSeda), Aurora/Sleeping Beauty (@XtineMay), Jasmine (@Tashopolis)

We picked our house based on ourselves and not our character:)

Skirts & bows are from @damselduds (@damsel_duds on instagram!)