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Disney Princesses Hybrid Hogwarts Houses

Slytherclaw: Megera, Elsa

Slytherdor: Jasmine, Mulan, Merida

Slytherpuff: Tiana

Ravenpuff: Aurora, Cinderella, Belle

Gryffinpuff: Snow White, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Anna

Gryffinclaw: Ariel, Moana


Being a Kid

A Regular Day 🚋🏫

  Monday marks the beginning of a new week. The weekend was great but, as the saying goes: “all good things come to an end” and it’s time to come back to work, school. The old routine…

- Jimmy, hurry up! I don’t want to arrive late at school. – Shouted Marie.
- The school is not on fire! Unfortunately. – Mumbled Jimmy.
- Stop being a jackass and hurry up. I still want to clear some doubts with Pixel before the bell rings. – Stated Marie.
- Boring! – Said Jimmy.
- Jerk! – Yelled Marie.
- LOL, that’s because you’re my sister! – Affirmed Jimmy.
- Who puts up with you? … your teddy bear, oops! – Played Marie.
- Bitch! – Cursed Jimmy.
- Hey! What’s that all about? – Questioned Jasmine. – Hurry up or we are going to miss the station.
- Mom, just give me one more minute, because I am already finishing printing the book summary. – Requested Jimmy.

- Good studies! – Said Jasmine while saying goodbye to the children. - Good luck with your test Marie.


- Hi Pixel, did you put a lot of efforts on your studies of sciences? - Asked Marie.

- To be honest, no. I hate Mrs. CumpleBottom so much! - Replied Pixel.

- Tell me about it! I think the only thing she’s good at is to show off her pearl necklace of the time of Queen Victoria because as a teacher she’s the Devil herself. - Commented Marie while laughing out loud with Pixel.

- Silence! The girls are in a Library. - scolded them Ms. Belle.


- Good morning class. I hope you have studied. I only want to see over your desk a pencil and nothing else. I will provide you a draft sheet signed by me and with the stamp of our college. I inform you that I am going only to read the test once and, as you know, I will not respond to any doubt there after. That’s why you must pay attention as I read it. - Commanded Mrs. CrumpleBottom. - Silence Alexander! Stop being the class clown and let me explain the test to your colleagues.


- What a difficult test! - Thought Marie. - She didn’t include anything I studied, old witch.

I Know

Pairing: Daveed X Reader

Summary: Anthony and Jasmine threw a house party, you have no idea as to why.

Word Count: 2805

Warnings: Lots of drinking, some angst

A/N: Part two soooooon??? Mayyyybe???? Hopefullyyyyyyy?? Shout out to @musicalmoriarty For pushing me to write lol

You twirled the little red straw in your whiskey glass, the ice knocking gently on the glass.

You were gonna do it, you told yourself you were going to do it, and now you couldn’t relax.

The familiar noise of metal and clanging wood filled your ears as the backyard fence opened, to your delight and fear in he walked. Daveed.

The man you’ve watched and adored for the last ten years of your life, the one you promised yourself you would confess you feelings to tonight, the one you’re completely afraid of in this moment.

You body suddenly ached and you couldn’t decide if you should stay still or walk away from the awkward situation that was only playing in your mind.

In turn you decided to glue yourself to the grass you were standing on, and awkwardly lifted your arm to give a half wave.

His eyes fell on you and he smiled brightly, he looked extra charming in his white dress shirt with his sleeves half rolled up tucked neatly in his black dress pants, his hair down and natural, and his thick rimmed glasses on.

He came made his way towards you, reciprocating the wave, all you wanted to do was run.

You had no idea why Anthony and Jasmine were throwing this party, it was a semi formal dinner party for absolutely no idea, it was probably to show off their new house, but you still felt awkward in a floor length burgundy dress standing in the backyard, your heels digging into the soft grass, with whiskey in your hands.

“Y/N. Hey!” Daveed said finally reaching you through the crowded yard, his arms wrapped around you, you stayed still as your arms were pinned down from his excited embrace.

“Hey, Daveed.” Just then his girlfriend appeared at his side. “Hey, Y/N” you took a sip of your drink allowing the burn to hide your passive aggressiveness. “Hey Lauren.” You said almost too peppy. “Babe, I’m going to get a drink, want anything?”She said tilting her head up towards him flashing a bright smile, Daveed shook his head and waved his hand. “I’m good, thanks.” You watched her sway away, her long gold dress slid gently on the grass. You couldn’t hate Lauren, she was nice, but she had the one thing you wanted more than anything.

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The Sand Snakes:

Omahyra Mota as Obara Sand

Janina Gavankar as Nymeria Sand

Jasmine Sanders as Tyene Sand

Samira Wiley as Sarella Sand

Naomi Scott as Elia Sand

Ulka Gupta as Obella Sand

Ashnoor Kaur as Dorea Sand

Sara Arjun as Loreza Sand