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Divination Enhancing Candle

I’ve been dressing candles for years now. This is one I just began when I felt that I was strong enough to handle the spirits in my home, but it has been nothing but helpful with my divination work more than anything else I have. You can snuff it out and relight it as needed to hold as much energy as you feel comfortable with– Plus, always nice to, yanno, not have a fire threat going for seven days!

The things you will need:

- A purple candle. I suggest a seven day, but a three day works just as well for a shorter time period. 

- A mix of oils. I use quite a lot, but feel free to pick and choose the ones that call to you. I have a bit of a collection so I use all I have to heighten the strength. I used lavender, jasmine, rose, vanilla, house protection, spirit guide, frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, patchouli, rosemary, sage and nag champa (just because I adore that smell.

- Silver pigment

- Sandalwood

- Saint Michael powder

- Black salt. I use volcanic but feel free to use your own home made that I see everyone using.

- Lavender seeds? Flowers? The not oil variety.

- And rose quartz chips. If you want. TBH I just like them.

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🌟 Take a skewer and drive it down into the length of the candle in order to allow the oils and herbs to move down the entire body of wax. If you are using a candle not in it’s own glass holder, I recommend carving your intention into the wax.

🌟 Apply the oils, whichever one’s you have chosen. If you are using essential oils, only use a few drops then twirl the candle to let the oil move down the shafts you created.

🌟 Apply the powder, sandalwood, black salt and lavender pods. Smush em around if you want– I don’t. I think they’re perfect ~just as they are~.

🌟 Coat the top of your candle in silver pigment. Sprinkle on a few quartz chips or add a small piece of stone that makes your heart sing.

🌟 Trim the wick to about 1/3 of an inch. Again, let’s not start a fire beyond the one in the wax.

As you light the candle, envision the oil of the candle forming a protective surface of herbs and light building around you, so slick it doesn’t allow anything negative to touch you while you work. See the flame reflect into the silver pigment, fill void of glass with your energy. As you work, allow your energy to mesh with the space between the top of the candle and the hot wax, building a thick cloud of power that you and the spirits you allow can access. 

When you finish your practice, do not blow the candle out. Instead, snuff the light. This will seal the energy you have supplied your candle in the smoke, meaning as soon as you light it again, you can continue to build on the work you were doing last time.

This candle only becomes more powerful the longer you use it. Always do your own protection when it comes to magic work. I don’t know where I would be without this recipe, so I hope to see some photos of your own soon! If you need help applying this to a chime or free standing candle, don’t be afraid to message me with any questions.

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Mashed up Disney Princesses with Harry Potter for our outfits at San Diego Comic Con this year! <br><br>

Left to right: Belle (@SashaAlsberg), Rapunzel (Me- @CarmenSeda), Aurora/Sleeping Beauty (@XtineMay), Jasmine (@Tashopolis)

We picked our house based on ourselves and not our character:)

Skirts & bows are from @damselduds (@damsel_duds on instagram!)



“It’s not the project of any one person. America is what we make of it. And we only need to look at this cast—performing in front of George and Martha—to know that…our founders couldn’t have dreamt up the future that they set in motion. And it’s only by exercising their greatest gift to us—the gift of citizenship—that we keep our democracy alive, and continue the work of creating that more perfect union.” —President Obama at a performance of Hamilton.

Disney Princess Sorting

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“How dare you?!  All of you!  Standing around and deciding my future!  I am not a prize to be won!” ~Jasmine

“Sometimes its better to be alone.  No one can hurt you.” ~Meg

“Some say fate is beyond our command, but I know better.  Our fate lives within us."  ~Merida

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19 with aria and jasmine

hope this is okay :)

“That wasn’t for anyone else, but you.”

Jasmine has cried more in the last 48 hours than she has in the 18 years Aria has been alive she thinks, not ready to bring her baby girl to college the next morning. Most of their living room was filled with boxes of things that she would need, Anthony packing the car piece by piece, also not ready to let his little girl go.

Jasmine waits until the house has settled down and Anthony and Maddox are watching baseball in the living room to call her little girl into her own room, walking over to her jewelry box. She pulls out a necklace she had been keeping safe for years, making her way over to the bed where Aria had sat down.

“You’re not going to start crying again, are you?” Aria teases, Jasmine laughing as she shakes her head.

“Not right now at least,” She promises, getting a little more comfortable on the bed. “So, you leave in the morning, and I know you want to go see friends right now, but there’s something I want to give you,” Jasmine smiles, uncovering the necklace for Aria to see.

Aria gasps at the single diamond on a silver chain, a necklace that she had loved when she was little and Jasmine would wear it all the time. “When I moved away to school my mom gave me this, it was from her mother. And I always said that when my little girl moved away to school I’d pass it down to her.” Jasmine explains, handing the necklace to her daughter. Aria looks back up at her mom, smiling.

“You’re my little girl, Ari, and I know Dad and I have cried enough tears at the thought of you leaving us in the morning, but I promise I won’t cry. Your dad’s a bit of a crybaby about all of this,” She teases, Aria laughing as she nods.

“We’re so proud of you, Ari. You’re going to thrive in college. You’re going to make so many friends, and although you probably won’t miss us that much, we’re going to be just as excited the days that you come home.” Aria nods, leaning over to rest her head against her mother’s shoulder.

“I know I don’t say it enough, but I’m really going to miss you. Even though you and Dad can be a little overbearing sometimes, and Maddox annoys me sometimes, I’m going to miss you a lot. Who am I going to come to in the middle of the night with boy problems now?” Aria feels the tears coming, and for the first time since they began to pack her things, she’s the one crying.

“You call me. Any time of the night, if you need me, you call me.” Aria nods slowly against her mom’s shoulder, looking at the necklace in her hands once more.

“When you wear that necklace, you can think of me, and your Nan, and your great Nan. We all love you, and I know your great Nan would’ve been so proud of you. You know how proud Nan is,” She smiles, Aria nodding.

Rather than saying anything she just lets the tears fall harder, burying her head into her mom’s neck. “I love you, Mama,” She whispers, Jasmine’s heart breaking as her daughter cries into her shoulder, the reality of her leaving setting in for all of them.

Jasmine waits until her daughter calms down and she pulls away, watching her rub under her eyes, taking a shuddering breath as she smiles.

“That crying,” She references, taking the tissue from Jasmine’s hands to rub under her eyes, “That wasn’t for anyone else, but you.”

Jasmine laughs at her daughter’s statement, nodding quickly. “Your secret is safe with me,” She promises, Aria nodding.

Jasmine watches her daughter slip out of the room, putting the necklace on as she walks. She doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to her daughter moving away the next morning, but knowing that Aria really was going to miss them was enough to make her realize that they were all affected by this, but it was all going to be okay.