jasmine cooke


The smell of food hits her as soon as she walks down the stairs. With quick steps, Samantha heads to the kitchen and sits down on a bar stool at the counter. “Morning,” she says moodily as she watches Jasmine cook.

Jasmine hums a “good morning” as she flips the grilled cheese currently sizzling away on the pan. Without turning around, she continues speaking. “So how are you feeling today, Miss Braxton?”

So this happened today.
My painting skills are slowly but surely returning.

It also seems that I have cast Stephen Moyer as ‘The Rake’ in the Hazards of love.

And for those of you that don’t know:

RAKE- A fashionable or wealthy man of dissolute or promiscuous habits.

Sometimes I write as well... first poem in what feels like ages.

You are a storm in the night sky.

You shake my hollow insides like thunder,

rattling off my ribcage

deafening my ears

thudding against my heart.

You are the lightening that flashes across the night sky,

leaving it ablaze with electricity

and ever longing to feel the next bolt.

You wash over me

bathe me in the warm summer rains from an endless cobalt sky

sweet and unstoppable.

you mingle and melt into the stars above who have watched over this place for as long as the universe has existed.

You touch everything.

You become everything.

I yearn for the rain.

I crave the crash of lightening

I ache for the roar of thunder to still me yet again.

For without you the fields grown barren and I will wilt, 

and I will perish like the Crocus in the meadow.

Make your rains ceaseless,

for without them it is the end.

as it is with them.

-Jasmine Cooke