jasmine ababwa

Sometimes we see how people are different from us. But if you look hard enough, you can see how much we’re all alike.
—  Princess Jasmine💫, Aladdin

Salma Ababwa is the daughter of Aladdin and Jasmine, and is a twenty year old junior in university. Her sexuality is up to her player. Salma grew up in Agrabah. She looks a lot like Shanina Shaik. Salma is currently open!

Don’t just say yes to tease me, do your utmost to please me…

From a young age, Salma was a world traveler. Her parents couldn’t get enough adventure, and had no qualms about taking their toddler with them. She traveled to Budapest, Singapore, Hawaii, and China, all before her fifth birthday, and the countless other countries and cities only grew as she did. Due to her upbringing, Salma became very welcoming and friendly. She loved being a princess for the sole reason of being able to help others as she could, and offering hospitality in the often inhospitable desert climate. Travelers from all over were welcome to visit the palace, and when she wasn’t abroad, Salma was there to greet them herself.

Because of her kind and loving nature, people sometimes tried to take advantage of her, but her best friend, Taj, was often there to keep away the creeps. Taj was there for Salma all of her life, as his father, Rajah, remained a close friend and confidante of her mother. Salma and Taj went on plenty of grand adventures together, exploring new cities, trying new foods, and truly experiencing the culture and everyday lives of the natives in each country. They got along famously, but Salma felt, at times, that Taj was a little overprotective. She confronted him in a friendly manner one night, asking why he was so protective of her, and he explained that he cared for her immensely, and just didn’t want to see her get hurt, because the world was full of shitty people. And then he proposed they get married.

Salma was completely taken aback, and immediately turned him down, distancing herself from him straightaway, trying to figure out if she’d given any signs that she had felt that way toward him. He was her best friend! Why did he have to ruin it all with a proposal Salma started going out into town, alone, to try and come to grips with it all. There, she met Inaam, an older gentleman and the first man she saw in the seedy club she’d wandered into. After a couple drinks, she plucked up the courage, and took him to bed. From there, she started sleeping around; traveling to new cities where no one knew her name and where word wouldn’t get back home. However, word did get back to Taj, and he was furious. She was so startled when he confronted her, shouting and waving his hands, getting very close to her face. Finally, he slammed out of the door, saying he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Salma told herself she didn’t care; that this was what she wanted, but nothing made her feel more empty than Taj’s disappointment and judgment. 

I don’t mean to be sleazy, being you can’t be easy …

Salma is glad to get away. Home is a constant reminder of hurting her childhood friend, and even though he would be attending Elias Prep as well, she knows she’ll feel better being away from the palace. She is bringing her parent’s magic carpet with her; if she needs a late night excursion, it can take her thousands of miles away in an hour, and have her back by her first class. When her parents saw that she was genuinely excited to start a new school, they figured she could handle the responsibility of the carpet.


+ Kind, Friendly, Adventurous

- Naive, Brash, Doubtful


Something told Jasmine she already knew. From the moment Jasmine had arrived to Corona she could feel Rapunzel’s coldness towards her. Not that she could blame her what she had done was horrible, twisted even but Rapunzel never mentioned it.

It wasn’t that Rapunzel was outright mean to her and throughout the week she continued to tell herself she hasn’t spoken out on it because Rapunzel was always on the move. Weddings took work she knew that well herself.

But now the day came and she had no other excuse- if she didn’t tell Rapunzel now before the wedding took place she would never forgive herself for it. She sneaked into Rapunzel’s dressing room and with a smile offered to help her. After Rapunzel was ready and she had a glass of wine in her system she finally broke the tension.

“I kissed him. I-I kissed Mozenrath,” she lifted her head and saw a strange look flash before Rapunzel’s eyes so before the younger princess could speak she continued.

“I didn’t mean- I’m so sorry Rapunzel, I don’t know what I was thinking. He was there and with everything- but that’s no excuse, I shouldn’t have. and-”

“You want my forgiveness?” Rapunzel interrupted in a calm voice.

“I don’t deserve it. I just thought you should know.”

“I’ve known for a while… he told me I made him tell me.” This time her voice caught in her throat but the sigh of relief she let out helped Jasmine take a breath of her own.

“You have no idea what that did, to me and to us. I was so angry at you two. T-this wedding almost didn’t happen because of neither of you. This whole time I’ve been comparing myself to you trying for once to be good enough for someone. I should hate you for that- and I wanted to but I can’t. I forgave you the moment he told me because it wasn’t just you- he should have pushed you away before it even happened.” As she spoke Rapunzel picked up the blue and white bouquet of flowers and held them in both her hands. When she returned her eyes, Jasmine could see a change in her gaze- a determination she hadn’t seen from her. Was this what Mozenrath saw in her?

“But just remember one thing- that is the last kiss you’ll receive from Ma'el. I brought you your husband back, so stay away from mine.”