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i brought the kids back for this one, hope that’s okay! :)

“I love you the most so you can love me the second most.”

There were a lot of things that Anthony found stressful in his life, from the long hours of rehearsals and finding time to write music to hopefully record on his days off, but the one thing that he never found stressful was spending time with his two children, both of them making everything seem as if it wasn’t as important.

Four month old Maddox sat in Anthony’s arms while three year old Aria danced around the room to the movie that Anthony had put on for the two of them, giving Jasmine some time to get some things done around the house that she wasn’t normally able to do when she needed to be with both kids. It was evenings like this that Anthony cherished the most, realizing that his children weren’t going to always be this small and it was going to fly by in the blink of an eye.

“Daddy, you see the princesses in the movie?” Aria questioned as she pushed her hair out of her face as she paused from her dance routine, Anthony fixing Maddox’s pacifier as he nodded.

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