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“Where are my fucking shoes?!!?!!” I groaned getting down on my knees and searching under the bed. I’m gonna be late for homecoming. Why the fuck did I listen to Heather when she said to be fashionably late? What fashion when I can’t find my shoes?

“Damn bitch what the fuck is wrong with you?” Heather held a pair of tweezers up to a eyebrow and plucked a hair. “Shit!”

“What’s wrong is that I can’t find my shoes! Did you see them?”

“No.” Heather answered pulling two lipsticks. “Should I do Bubblegum or Cherry Red?”

“Do what you want.” I sighed walking out of the room. “I’m using Bubblegum though!”

I went into my parents’ room where my mom was naked and my dad was undercovers.

“Eww what the hell?!” I covered my eyes.

“Honey! I was getting dressed!”
Mom covered herself.

“I don’t care. Did you see my gold heels?”

“Yeah i borrowed them. Take them and leave.”

I took my golden heels and returned to my bedroom trying to get the image of my parents about to fuck. Everything has to be perfect. Homecoming is pre-prom. I have to show Chris how great I am at homecoming so he can’t wait to take me to prom.

“How do I look?” I spun around.

Heather snorted jokingly. “Ugly as shit.”

“Shut the fuck up, you fat cow.” I hissed grabbing the lipstick.

“Bitch fuck you. This fat cow is going to homecoming with her dream man.”

“So your dream man busts your sister wide open sophomore year?”

The words left my mouth before I could stop it. I was so angry I didn’t think about what I said. Heather looked at me in horror and I felt a pang of guilt. I frowned.


“You fucked Trell?!” She screamed as her tearducts began to produce tears.

“It was before you guys started dating.”

“But I liked him! You’re a dirty hoe, Jasmine. I wish you weren’t my sister.”

Shit, that hurt. Before I could apologize, Heather pushed past me and went into her bedroom. I knocked on her door.

“Heather, I’m sorry!” I felt some tears roll down. Damn, I really didn’t think it would hurt her that bad.


No answer. I gave up going down the stairs to meet up with Chris who dressed in a tux.

“Damn, Jas, you look hot!”

“Don’t I always?” I smiled meeting with him.

We said our goodbyes to my parents and as we walked to his car, Chris turned to me.

“What’s going on with you and Heather?” Chris asked opening the passenger door for me.

“Nothing, babe. Just sister stuff.” I lied through my teeth getting into the car. This bullshit is not gonna ruin my homecoming.


I put on my suit jacket and brushed myself off. I look too fly.
I might have to get more than one date. My phone buzzed signaling a text. That must be Karrueche. I smiled until I saw it was a text from Ty.


Yo we meeting up McDonald’s b4 we pick up the girls. Come thru.

I placed my phone in my pants pocket and grabbed my canister full of vodka putting it in my suit jacket. Whether Karrueche means to or not, this is going to be an interesting night.

We met up at McDonald’s where all the niggas were.

“Why we here? Homecoming is in 10 minutes.” Chris complained taking a seat in our booth.

“Because you know damn our ladies are going to take forever to get ready.” Trey answered taking a sip of soda. “I know damn well Amber aint ready.”

“True. Jasmine got to be looking like a damn supermodel everytime she go out.” Chris agreed.

“I don’t know about Honey but shit nigga I can’t fuck this up.” Tyga shook his head sitting up.

Trell laughed. “Aww Mikey catching feelings for Honey!”

“Eww nigga. Don’t call me that gay shit.”

“So your government’s gay?” I asked.

Ty turned to me. “So is August. Who tf names their kid after a month?”

“My mama. It don’t matter because Karrueche likes my name.” I smirked sitting back.

“The fuck you mean Karrueche likes it?” Chris questioned with wide eyes. “You bagging her?”

“Well not without the help of this.” I smirked wickedly revealing the medium metal canister filled with vodka.

The crew’s eyes widened as they stared at the canister. I quickly put it away due to the fact I was underage.

“It’s my pop’s. Shit’s filled with vodka.” I answered their questions they were going to ask.

“And what do you plan on doing with that, my nigga?”

I chuckled. “Vodka mixes well with punch. I’m gonna slip some in every cup of punch i give her and then after a few cups, I’m gonna be in between them thighs!”

Instead of dapping me up like I expected, most of them got up shaking their heads and states they were going to pick their girls. Chris shook his head.

“Nigga, you’re dead ass wrong. It’s one thing to try to sleep with a girl but it’s another to get her drunk to do it. Don’t fucking do it.”

I stood up. “Nigga, why the fuck do you care? Last time I checked, Karrueche hated your ass and she’s going to homecoming with me so mind your damn buisness.”

Right when I said that, my phone buzzed and I pulled it out reading the text notification.

From Kae:

I’m ready.

I smirked holding up my phone in Chris’s face.

“And look at that! She’s ready and so am I.”

External image


I stared longingly at my white and golden dress on my bed along with my gold jewelry and beige heels. Shit. Why in the hell did I agree to go to homecoming with August? Why? Was I that desparate for a date?

I removed my towel lotioning my body and putting on my panties and dress. I strapped on my heels and put on my jewelry. I pinned my ombre hair up in a updo and applied lip gloss. I sighed deeply before stepping in front of the mirror.

“Wow.” I mouthed at my reflection before doing a little spin. I look…..hot.

“Karrueche, baby-”

Mom looked at me smiling wide.

“You look gorgeous.”

I smiled looking down. “Thanks Mom.”

“Anyway, I came to tell you that
We’re not gonna be home.when you get back, remember your key, and no sex!”

I was taken aback then narrowed my eyes smiling. “That was Dad, huh?”

She nodded smiling and left the room. I quickly sent August a text telling him I was ready. As soon as I stepped outside, August was waiting for me cheesing hard. Aww shit. What did I get myself into?

"Well, don’t you look beautiful?”

I smiled a little. “Thanks August. Why are you cheesing so hard?”

“Because I’m really looking forward tonight.” He bit his lip escorting me to the beige Toyota he pulled up in.

When we arrived to homcoming, it was already turnt! Dim lighting, hip hop music playing, and people dancing.

“You want some punch?” August asked in my ear.

“Yeah. Thanks.” I shouted over the music. I scanned over the crowd and peeped Amber and Honey coming towards me.

“Damn Kae! You look fine! I’m not even gay and I want to fuck you!” Amber exclaimed looking me up and down.

“Yeah!” Honey agreed. “Looking like Aphrodite! Work it Coochie!”

“Thanks guys. Where’s Heather?” I asked as August returned with my drink.

“I don’t know but I’ll leave y’all alone and look for her.” Amber smirked pulling Honey away. I noticed August staring mad hard at Amber. I rolled my eyes drinking my punch. Damn that was some good punch. In the corner of my eye, I saw Chris and Jasmine walk in and Chris began dapping up his crew. He looked happy with his group of friends. I guess he doesn’t care about me anymore. I wiped my stray tear looking straight ahead.

“You want more punch?” August questioned taking my empty cup.

I looked at him nodding. “Yeah.”


I drove away from Jasmine’s house gripping the steering wheel.As much as I wanted to push the thought out of my head, I couldn’t. August’s bitchass is really gonna get Kae drunk to sleep with her. That’s a fuck boy move and it makes me really angry. Kae doesn’t deserve to be treated. My angry face and I sighed.

Why do I care so much? Is it because I have a big heart or is because I feel guilty knowing of August’s plans. Knowing August, once he has his mind made up, God and his mama are the only people that can change his mind. I silently prayed that he wouldn’t go through with it because for some reason, it would kill me if Kae got hurt.

“Chris, are you ok?” Jasmine placed her hand on my shoulder. I looked at her shrugging.

“I’m fine. Just deep in my thoughts.”

We finally pulled up in the school parking lot where people were just arriving and taking pictures.

Jasmine pulled out her phone and handed it to someone.

“Come on Chris! Let’s take pics!”
After we posed for many pics, we finally made it inside and danced a little. When we got tired, Jasmine went to her friends while I went towards the crew. I dapped each of them up.

“How’s it going?”

“Man, Honey is a bomb chick! Why didn’t I ask her out earlier?” Tyga cheesed sipping his soda.

“Because you’re a bitch nigga. Where’s Jaz?” Trey asked over the loud music.

“With Amber. Where’s- ”

Trell stormed in and went up to us with anger visible on her.

“Damn nigga did something happen between you and Heather?” Ty looked him up and down.

“Yeah because of that bitch she calls a sister.” Trell huffed and I stepped in.

“Chill on calling my girl a bitch.”

“Nah fuck that! She wanna ruin my homecoming? I’ll ruin hers! Chris, you know Jasmine ain’t a virgin, right? ”

I shrugged. “Well I’m not surprised. A lot of girls aren’t. “

“Yeah she ain’t a virgin cuz she lost her virginity to me!” Trell spat out of breath. “It was sophomore year and we were both virgins so we decided to lose it to each other. I’m sorry bro, but I had to tell you.”


Jasmine walked up to me grabbing my arm and I jerked away from her.

“Let’s go dance!”

“You fucked Trell 2 years ago?”

Jasmine glared at him. “Seriously Trell?”

“Karma’s a bitch, Jasmine. Just like you.”

She rolled her eyes turning back to me.

“Chris, it was a long time ago. I’m sorry.”

“I just need some space, Jaz.” I walked out of the gym to the bathroom where August was with Karrueche. She had no balance in any part of her body and giggled like a school girl. August got her drunk. I clenched my fists walking up to them.

“Hey Chris! You likey homecoming?!” Kae giggled drunkenly almost falling on the floor and I grabbed her pulling her close to me.

“August, nigga you make me sick. You actually got her drunk? Was hitting that important? ” I almost screamed.

August grabbed her back and began kissing her neck.

“Augusttttttt stopppppppp you’re my friendddddd!” Kae slurred pushing him away.

“Not tonight!” He pounced on her and I punched him making him drop to the floor. Karrueche gasped and began giggling again. I grabbed her hand and led her to my car.

I drove back to my neighborhood while Kae was babbling and slurring random shit. Once we made it back, We went up to her doorstep.

“Kae, you got a key?” I turned my attention from her door to her, who was struggling to keep her balance.

“I think…..” she was about to hit the concrete floor when I caught her. Fuck it. I have to bring her to my house. Mama isn’t home because of her night shift at the hospital anyway. I carried Kae to my house and once we went inside, I laid her on the couch. Although she was drunk off her ass, she looked like a petite goddess. It’s a damn shame everything got fucked up because of bitchass August.

As I turned to leave, she stopped me.

“No, Chris. Stay.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

She nodded moving over and I went behind holding her tiny waist but I backed up due to the fact we were too close for a nigga in a relationship. Kae turned to face me looking up at me.

“Chris, I miss you.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?” 
Kae began to tear up. “As much as you hurt me, I love you because you’re my best friend. I miss you and our friendship so much and as much I try to hide it…..I just can’t hide what I truely feel anymore. I miss my best friend.”

Even though Kae was intoxicated, I could tell she was speaking from her sober heart. Drunken tongues speak sober thoughts.

“Karrueche, I’m so sorry.” I pecked her lips and held her closer kissing her forehead. “I love you too. I’m sorry. I wish I could take it back. I want it all back. I want my best friend back too.”

Kae wiped her face and smiled widely. “Well she’s right here.”


“Wake up!” I felt someone shake me. I got up squinting my eyes at the small girl in front of me.


She swallowed hard pacing the floor. “Ok I just texted my parents telling them I spent the night at Honey’s. Tell me the truth. Did we sleep together?”

“No!” I exclaimed with wide eyes and looked at the time. 4:30 a.m. Mama still ain’t home.

“Do you remember last night?”

She nodded. “Yeah I remember. Kinda.”

“Well August got you drunk to sleep with you so I brought you here to prevent.”

Kae shook her head. “Bitchass.”

“Do you remember what you told me?” I asked slowly.

Kae sat next to me resting her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah. It was all true.”

“I said-”

Kae grabbed my face making me look at her smirking.

“Chris, I remember. I wasn’t that drunk. I forgive you.”

I smiled widely wrapping my arms around her. “Is my Pikachu back?”

Kae giggled a little before responding.

“Yes. Yes she is.”

5 Seconds of Summer Preferences

AUTHOR’S NOTE~ I am so sorry that i haven’t posted in forverrrr!! I am going to start posting a lot now. Requests are open for anything.

How You Two Meet

Luke~ Online

About a year ago Luke Hemmings followed you on twitter and started to D.M. you. After a month of direct messaging you two became close. You guys eventually exchanged phone numbers. A few months later you and Luke were really close and he considered you kind of like a girlfriend, but he was has been on tour and you guys have never officially met in person. He tried to Skype you everyday, but that was the most you two have been to physically close. It was around the time Luke usually calls and you were just finishing cleaning your room. You hear your laptop ring you were quick to answer it.
“Hey Y/N.” Luke said with a giant smile.

“Hiiiii!” you sang with a bigger smile

“I have got a surprise for you!” he sang, biting on his lip ring.

“You do?” you asked slightly confused.

“The boys and I are coming to LA for a bit to work on some new songs and they are gonna let us come to your city to hang out for a couple days!” he almost screamed with excitement.

You were almost to shocked to reply. You never actually thought you would be able to meet Luke. You smiled and with all the excitement in you, all you could say was you couldn’t wait. The rest of the night you and Luke worked out the details of him.

About two weeks later you were standing in the airport waiting for Luke to get off. You were some jeans and a loose maroon shirt. You looked down at your phone and Luke texted that he had just landed. You were waiting at the terminal for Luke. A few minutes have pasted and you haven’t seen Luke yet. Then you felt two arms wrap around you. You turned around with his hands still around your waist. You look up and see Luke with the biggest smile on his face. He leans down and kisses you on the cheek.

“I have been waiting to see you.” he whispers smiling into your cheek.

Your wrap your arms around his neck.

“Me too.” you breathe.

You and Luke faintly heard the screams of fans coming to greet you guys.
“As much as I love hugging you, the fans are coming so we have to go talk to them.” he told you.
You nodded and walked to the crowd of fans and greeted them

Calum~ Walking Dogs

“See you in a bit!” you said to her neighbor. You took the last dog you and put the end of the leash in your hand. Every Saturday you take the dogs on your block for a walk. You were halfway through with your walk when you stopped at a park to give the dogs some water. You were about to get up to put the last dog on the leash when it saw a rabbit and took off. You took the end of the other dogs’ leashes and took off after the dog. You were running when you accidentally tripped over your own foot. You luckily held on to the rest of the dogs leashes when you tumbled down. AS you began to gather all of the leashes a you heard a voice from behind you.

“Need any help?”

“Um, no thanks I think I got it.”

Right as you stood up another dog yanked you back down. You sighed in embarrassment, and the boy giggled. He let out a hand to help you up. 

“My name is Calum.”

you finally made eye contact with the boy and you felt like you were going to melt. a cute boy, a very cute boy had talked to you and you had just fallen straight on your ass. You looked down and something caught your eye. He was shirtless. You might of been staring for too long because Calum forced a wimpy cough to break the awkward silence.

“Oh, um I am y/n.”

“Well nice to meet you, y/n.” Calum said with a huge grin.

You smiled back at him.

“So when you fell I saw a dog run off.”

“Oh, shit I forgot, well it was nice meeting you but i have to go find the dog -”

“I will help.” Calum interrupted, and grabbed his shirt.

“Are you sure because, I can do it by myself I don’t wanna bother you -”

“Yes c'mon!!” Calum chimed as he grabbed some of the dog leashes out of your hand and dragged you along with him.

“Okay what does the dong look like?” he asls

“She is a black lab.” you explain.

It took a couple hours but you finally found the dog in the backyard of someone’s house an hour away from when you started. Calum got the dog on the leash and brought it back to you.

“Thanks for the help.” you tell him

“Oh no, we aren’t finished yet we have to bring them all back to their owners!” he explained.

“But they’re on the other side of town!” you  protested.

“Well I wouldn’t be a good date if i left you by yourself.” he smirked.

“A date?” you asked shyly.

“Yes.” he smiled

“Now c'mon we have some dogs to deliver!” he shouted proudly whilst grabbing your hand.

Michael~ Restaurant

Today you and y/f/n were going out to eat.

“Where should we go?” you asked

“I heard there was a really good Chinese place around the corner.” she explained.

You guys began to walk to the place and when you arrived you could tell it was busy. You guys still walked in and ordered. You two decided to take a seat while they cook your food. There was only one seat left behind two tall boy, one with red hair, and the other with dark brown. They were very cute. As you took your seat your friend bent over the table and whispered

“Don’t look now but the guy with the red hair is totally checking you out.”

You blushed in excitement and slowly turned your head around. You locked eyes with the boy and he quickly looked away. You frowned and looked back at your lap.

“See I told you!” your friend smiled.

You weakly laughed. You weren’t very good in the dating division so you didn’t now how to act.

“Go talk to him!” she suggested

“What? no!” you protested

“Yes! He is obviously into you. He keeps staring at you and its kinda creepy. Plus you could hook me up with his cute friend.” She debated

He looked at you again and this time your friend but on a huge smile and waved directly at him. You were curious to who she was waving to and turned around, but when you caught eyes with him again he smiled at you.

“ORDER IS READY FOR Y/N and Y/F/N!” the cook yelled through the restaurant.

“I will go get it!” you almost yelled.

When you walked up the red haired boy’s order was too. He slowly followed behind you.

You looked back once more and saw that the brown haired boy took your seat.

When you grabbed your order you walked back to the tables you heard the brown hair boy say

“My friend likes your friend so we are gonna make them sit together.”

your friend nodded in agreement.

You walked to the seat taken by the brown haired boy.

“Umm..” you awkwardly say tot he table.

“Y/n this is Calum and we are gonna have lunch together while you have lunch with Michael!” she chimed.

“Oh no.”

“Oh yes’ she smirked.

You gave her the food she ordered and slowly sank into the chair at the other table and began to eat.

You felt someone sit down but tried to focus on your food. 

"Hi, I’m Michael.” he smiled.

“I’m Y/N.” you shyly answered putting your head down.

“You’re really pretty” he blurted

You started to giggle at his awkwardness.

Once he realized what he said he shot straight up

“Oh i didn’t mean to- I promise I am not- I’m so sorry-” he rambled.

you kept giggling and forgave him,“

After eating you exchanged numbers and texted the rest of the day.

Ashton~ Disney World Princess

"ASHTON LOOK!” Harry pointed. “ITS PETER PAN!” He screamed, and went up to hug him.

Ashton giggled at his little brother and turned around to see his mum and sister taking pictures with Minnie Mouse.

He smiled and began to walk towards a food cart to get some candy for his siblings. After he handed out all the candy his siblings begged to go to the other side with all of the princesses. His mum gave him permission and she began to take more pictures. Ashton walked off with his siblings and they bumped into Princess Jasmine.

“Ashton take pictures!” Lauren ordered.

Ashton laughed and grabbed his phone out and took some pictures.

They all thanked Jasmine and walked away to the bench.

“Can we see the pictures?” Harry asked.

Ashton grabbed his phone out of his pocket and clicked on one of the pictures he took. He was laughing about with his siblings when something caught his eye. He looked at the picture again before handing it to Harry and zoomed in. He saw CInderella in the background take a picture with some other kids. He couldn’t take his eyes off the pictures. He thought you were so beautiful.

“Ohhhhhh, she’s pretty.” Lauren said looking at what Ashton was staring at.

“I know! I need to find her!” He said loudly

“Woah.. I said she was pretty, not that you needed to go rescue her.” Lauren smirked sarcastically, earning a giggle from Harry.

“Look how pretty she is.. I wanna go meet her.” Ash replied in awe.

“WE WILL HELP YOU!” the kids shouted at him.

“it will be just like a fairytale.” Lauren whispered. 

Ashton giggled as the walked away. 

“Do you know where Cinderella is?” Harry asked Goofy.

Goofy shook his head and Ashton, Harry and Lauren walked away to go ask some others. 

“It’s been forever!” Harry whined “How lost can a princess get?" 

"Harry! True love takes time!” Lauren insisted. “We have to find her!" 

"No Harry is right, its been a long time. Lets just go home.” Ashton mumbled in defeat.

“Ashton…” Lauren and Harry whispered pointing.

“What are you guys look at-” He said turning around.

“IT’S HER!” Ashton screamed running towards you.

Harry and Lauren chased after him.

You turned around to see 3 people running towards you and you started to giggle.

‘I have been looking for you all day.“ Ashton attempted to say out of breath.

You giggled and Ashton introduced him and his siblings.

"Hii, I am CInderella.” you cheerfully told them

Ashton grabbed your hand and kissed it.

“Cinderella you’re the most beautiful princess i have ever seen.

You could feel your cheeks start to turn red and Harry and Lauren giggled walking away.

"Can I have your real name?” Ashton asked.