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My cat. He’s an adorable lazy bastard <3

His name is Glen Coco (at least, that’s what my sister and I decided)
Everyone at home calls him either Coco or Cat

//made this for school a while ago. The image is so small though. dunno how/if you can zoom in
Edit: youcanclickonthehigherresolutionlinkforabiggerimage?

Look what I’m working on~

freakin difficult jkfkfjksjhf their faces are too pretty, I can’t fully grasp their beauty and expression.
Noses and mouths are so difficult to draw!!

Just sketching it in regular printer paper right now, planning on tracing it to aquarel paper later. I have this brilliant picture in my head, but I don’t think I could accomplish that ahaha /sob

Realised I hadn’t even posted this thing here. (used a part of this one for my background)

I made this almost a year ago for a school art class assignment. The subject/theme was “creatures from the shadows, monsters of the night”. Something like that. I remember how weird I found the formulation. 

Anyways… kinda liked this one in the end. Since it’s not exactly something I usually make. 

(I did not paint those clothes of the animals obviously, I found them in this magazine (national geographic I think) and scanned them and played around with the colours etc.)