I love your blog and you guys are so cute! So I drew you a domestic picture~

Piper: @mystery-twin-nations jasl;dkfjasldfkjas;dl


I am having a hard time processing this, I cannot express in words how happy this makes me. Thank you so much.


2am in Chaldea, Jeanne is asleep in bed. JASL is snoring quietly next to her. Jalter fell asleep on the floor.

The door opens, slowly. Someone crawls into bed and latches onto Jeanne’s leg. She feels a wet sensation and jolts awake, pulling back the covers…

Atalanta, sobbing: “I’m o s  orry, eJa;anne,  I..Ididn.’t mean tto;; ttry   and haveS ppArtauu sskill you  please forgi;ve,, mee”

I, Too, Eat At McDonald’s Every Day To Support Jeanne, Jalter, and JASL.

Make sure that you, as god-fearing, hating, or ambivalent French 15th century peasants, pay homage to them as well by ordering exactly seven and a half (7 ½) Mcnuggets™ and four (4) french fries. Sauce allowed.  Drink allowed. 

Jeanne, Jalter, and JASL not responsible for weight gain or cholesterol buildup. All rights reserved. This is a sponsored message.

Fate Jeanne really is just so goddamn pure though to spontaneously and without any thought whatsoever immediately accept and love a bastardized copy of herself created by a crazy fanatic that has killed hundreds as a “little sister”.

Jalter HERSELF is still Jeanne in there somewhere, too, to varying degrees. She KNOWS what she is, and she hates it, so she has a terrible inferiority complex, but apparently still does have a degree of affection for this insanely loving woman that just accepted her without any thought whatsoever.

JASL comes in and actually just feels pathetic because she doesn’t have the tragic backstory her older versions have and feels denied of purpose beyond “fake santa” but Jeanne goes out of her way to make sure she feels valid and real (”You have your own dream…”) and Jalter feels super uncomfortable around her because she’s essentially a reminder of Jalter’s own insecurity and failures but she still tries her best to give advice in the most tsundere way possible, because under all the edge and apathy and resentment she’s still Jeanne at her core

Their whole dynamic is so weird and intricate it’s incredible to think and write about, I love them so much

fangusklot  asked:

In your professional opinion does Santa Jeanne insist she's a big girl and can sleep alone, but ends up in Jeanne's bed every night?

Oh, that’s both her AND Jalter.

“I’m not tired, and I hate you” says the JASL, as Jeanne’s aura put her to sleep and she snuggles closer.

“I hate both of you” says Jalter as she hands Jeanne a cup of warm tea and her favorite book before laying at the foot of the bed. Don’t judge her. She has back problems.