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24 karat goals,

back from asia, i said brb, but it was kinda bbl,

that was almost 2 weeks ago, who cares?

i fell into a sleep spell that lasted an unmentionable amount of time- i travelled to the southeast and back again, by way of the hands of time, or arms, or dreams, or a bit of all those things,

can’t believe how breezy these nights are,

feel like toronto can’t wait to get its cold on,

and i can’t even say, ‘chill tho!’ because that’s exactly the problem,

tadanori yokoo is pretty cool, 

it’s september- sevenember if you don’t parlay français,

i had a thought last night about how sleep attire changes over the seasons, tees and shorts right now, but eventually flannel and duvets within these next few weeks,

my phone’s speakers broke so i’ve been watching shared videos with no sound, it’s a bit maddening,

but have you watched videos without sound?  some of it is really funny, sometimes probably funnier because you can take it farther in your head-

my sister must have a blast watching youtube videos,

i’m going to that amsterdam place this month for a show- if you’re in the area, come say, hi, hello, do you do the dew?

we were at the park late, talking about finding a bag of money and having lunch with oprah- 

there were people building a bonfire when we came, guess by the time we left it was sept embers-

it’s friday for criminy’s! go outside and do something! and here’s the info for the show-