Because when the stars call, you answer. Even if you don’t know if they really called you. Even if you don’t believe that they can call anyone. Even if maybe you were just outside, like normal. Just looking up at the sky, normally. And the stars were as they always are. But you weren’t as you always are. Because the stars didn’t change, you did. And once you were different, you couldn’t live like you were the same. You had to live differently. You had to. You had to.
—  Alice Isn’t Dead, Part 1, Chapter 6: Sylvia

You make a good point. It may be time to move past just the catalog of violence that most narratives portray. But the fact remains, the silence around slavery is an extension of its brutality. And we aim to put the issue into every Northern home that refuses to see what’s really happening. Well, the narratives raise awareness. And the rallies. And the bake sales to raise funds, and abolitionist prints like The Liberator. All forms of disruption.

Looking for a good TV show?

Watch “Fringe”.

Here’s why:

- It’s finished. No waiting on episodes, they’re all there.
- It’s wrapped up after 5 seasons in a way that makes sense; it wasn’t cancelled.
- It’s science-fiction. Packed with mystery, unexplained occurrences and all the other stuff that make your curiosity perk up.
- It’s created by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Burk and J.H. Wyman. Some of these you might know from making the Star Trek reboot or the sci-fi TV show “Almost Human”.
- Main character is a female. She’s an FBI agent. She isn’t sexualized. She isn’t masculine. She isn’t a cliché. She isn’t made fun of for being a female agent. She is actually very intelligent and very appreciated by her co-workers.
- Her boss is a male POC.
- Another female agent is a POC as well.
- John Noble. The ‘mad scientist’ of the show.
- Leonard Nimoy. Yep. He’s a recurring character.
- Sebastian Roché and Jared Harris. Also, Blair Brown.
- Parallel universe!
- The love stor(ies) that happen don’t reduce anyone to a love interest.
- David Bowie references. (You’ll spot them, trust me)
- Cases of the week + serialisation
- Have I mentioned the fact that the characters aren’t a cliché?
- Freaky stuff. You’ll love it. It might freak you out but you’ll love it.

…and many, many other things.

Just go watch it. It’s awesome.