Grounded: the Untold Story of Peter Pan & Captain Hook

Hopeless, James looked up, meeting Peter’s eyes.

“We make a promise,” Peter began, pacing around in a circle. “A pact, never to become them, never to forget, never to grow up.” Then facing James, he added, “Promise, James. Promise me you’ll never grow up. Promise me you’ll never forget.”

Silence shrouded over them.

“I promise,” James finally said.

Modern World Peter Pan // white collar criminals and street thieves

They don’t belong in the same world – the quiet thieves and the violent kids – but somehow they always end up crossing paths, working on the same marks, or different targets in the same places.

Hook leads his men with confidence, they come to do the job well prepared, they’ve got it all worked out – guards’ schedules, gun silencers, security systems, cell jamming devices. They come in and leave quietly, no traces left, except for a few bodies, and no one even notices anything missing until they’re long gone. They go back to their daily lives and their rented floors on Wall Street. The company is called Jolly Roger Inc. and they open their doors for the authorities with smirks on their lips.

Farther away from the sparkling offices and white collars, on the other side of the river, it’s the Lost Boys’ land and they don’t share. There is no CEO there, and no vice president position either, Peter is a god to the Lost Boys and his word is law. He’s been on the job since he was twelve, going on sixteen now and well known from the cops and the FBI and the acronym’d authorities. Only problem is, they can’t find him. Heavy weapons in hands, they don’t go gently into the night. For them it’s live or die. Peter decides on a place and a target and they gear up. Well cared for, their getaway car is the only thing he checks in advance, Wendy he calls it. Bodies drop like flies with them, to tear gas or bullet sprays, nothing matters. No masks, no gloves, just teens with guns and a car waiting for them. If someone doesn’t make it back to the car, well, too bad for them. After the heist, they go underground, to their little home called Neverland.

The first time Hook and Peter ran into each other, one was thirteen and the other twenty-eight, things had gone awry really fast. Same painting, two different approach and one confrontation right in the middle of the museum with the alarms ringing. It had not been unlike a Western duel, both sides armed to the teeth and staring at each other defiantly. In the end, Hook had gone off with the prize when Peter’s still inexperienced boys had panicked at the sound of the police cars. Since then they had faced each other twelve times, five won by Hook, six by Peter and one where hell had broken loose and everyone had had to retreat.

Both groups loathed each other, and kept tabs on each other, quite an easy fit considering they worked with the same reseller. Still, they had come with an agreement early on, everything was permitted during the heist but not before, to break the rules would be bad form and lead to war.