okay FINALLY done with this. And surprise! It’s boy for once. Now you may do whatever you want with him.

um…I don’t really have a anymore, except that his parents were Irish immigrants and he works in a factory. He can also have some kinda of…super sniffing ability to match the others lol. I’m sure I can think of more later if you need it xD


So I was driving to work today, and I randomly thought of that…conversation a bunch of us had in the hall of VFS, about “fingering”, and what it meant. Do you guys remember that? omg I laughed so much in the car, I was almost crashing.

It started because of when Miranda and I went camping and had to drive with Garry, and he cut off another driver or something, and she must’ve flipped him off because he said something to the effect of “that old lady just fingered me”. It was so confusing and hilarious.

ANYWAY then that came up later in said hallway conversation with a group of us, and we were all debating what “fingering” was considered, and then Hino just made that GESTURE with all ten of her fingers all like, bursting forth, and ahahaha….I can’t explain it. It was like this though: 

And I think even the guys winced.

Oh man, it’s hard to reminisce over the internet, and even harder when it require a visual device, but I hope you guys know what I’m talking about? Because you gave me such a good laugh. So yeah. Thanks oTL

jashiku asked:

What are the top 5 songs u listen to on a relaxing day?

Possibly not the definitive top five, but here are five:

  1. Runaway - The National
  2. On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons
  3. Santa Fe - Newsies
  4. Daniel in the Den - Bastille
  5. Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits

Bonus song: The entire Les Mis soundtrack, complete with gross sobbing

Thank you for asking!

kittykeoko replied to your post: WOW iMovie makes no sense to me. I need to make a…

JUST GOOGLE YOUR QUESTIONS BBY. i learned that program a long time ago and while I was at a vid camp once… its not that hard you just need to…calm rotfl

jashiku replied to your post: WOW iMovie makes no sense to me. I need to make a…

Saraaaahhh it’s okay! Just lookat tutorials on youtube or something. Im sure theres something oAo. Or even like a student version of premiere.

Okay, I will do that *deep breath* thanks, you two ;______;