jashen manuel

Mr. Awesome of Tumblr

When I stumbled upon Jashen’s blog, I can’t help but fall in love with his talent! This guy is really Mr. Awesome. His hands seem to have some magic that when he clicks, he captures the subject in a way that only he can ever think of. I am really amazed. Really amazed!

Few months ago, he followed me on Tumblr. I can’t help but feel honored at the thought. Naks! haha. AND when he asked me to “model” for him, I kinda rejected him. ‘Cause I know I’m too lame to be a model. But he insisted until I thought I want really good photos for myself (I’m super vain, I know!) so why not give it a shot? Last Sunday, I finally had the time to shoot with Mr. Awesome. Greatest photographs I ever had:

I can’t believe that the photo turned out this way. I mean, I thought I was being too lame but loooook! He has turned me into something interesting! Hahaha.


I have a fetish for collar bones. Thans Jash for this!

He really does magic!

And my favorite of all:

This photo is just too uggh can’t even put into words! Basta! Sobrang galing!

All throughout the shoot, I was being lame and awkward. Asking what to do next, as if I have not experienced shooting models who asked directions from the photographers. That’s annoying, well, for me. Since I think the photographers/hobbyists thought of you as a good subject and there you are not doing any justice!! Chos. That was just me anyway. But hey! It was my second time (or third if you count the one I did for Mega Crew FS) to model so I guess, I can still be excused? Haha.

So I was lame, but look at how Jash has captured me! I swear this guy would be greater than he already is. One day, he’s gonna be known. He’s gonna make a name for himself. And that I would forever be glad I said yes to his request of capturing my….beauty. Chos. Ang kapal ko forevs!

Some of the lines I would never forget that he said:

“Ang photography, wala sa camera yan. Minsan pwede kang kumuha gamit ang mga mata.” (Not the exact words though, haha)

“ Inspiration is everywhere.”

Madami pang iba e, pero sa sobrang tawa ako ng tawa at hampas ng hampas sa kanya, nakalimutan ko na!

Go follow Jash. And if he asked you to be his subject, just go for it. He’s Mr. Awesome, for crying out loud!!