jarvis's sunday service

Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service.Julian Barratt.mp3
Julian Barratt, one half of the phenomenally successful Mighty Boosh sits in for Jarvis Cocker, bringing his love of eclectic tunes to the show. With a love of music that ranges from Scott Walker to the Silver Apples, this is a rare chance to share Julian's record collection during the Sunday Service. Julian began his career winning the BBC New Comedy Award in 1995. Alongside Noel Fielding, he created The Mighty Boosh, originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 before three successful series on BBC TV.

hey guys I never saw this on youtube or on tumblr so thought you might want to hear this!!! My friend sent this to me and it’s a Godsend. Its two beautiful hours of Julian Barratt taking over for Jarvis Cocker (sometime in 2011) and playing some of his favorite songs. It’s amazing and you must listen to it.

He calls himself Julio Barraccio at one point. Please.

scottishghostlywombat replied to your link “Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service.Julian Barratt.mp3”

Aaaagh more Julian…every day is new Julian stuff…dreading going cold turkey after 5th May when all his publicity stops and he disappears into his private life not to be seen again for years……

@scottishghostlywombat I KNOW I was just talking to a friend of mine and thought how odd it is that i’ve only see Noel once but by next week, i’ll have seen Julian 5 times

and like that is so Bizarre considering most people have seen Noel several times and Julian maybe once

it is truly an amazing time for Julian fans and I am very very sad to have it end soon…..but at least we have a new season of Flowers coming at some point….and maybe once Noel finishes with Bake Off, a collaboration will be in order…..