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Quilt — Held in Splendor (Mexican Summer)

When writing about the quietly psychedelic, it’s easy to start encountering types: the band that sounds like they could be a lost classic from 1973; the lost classic from 1973 that sounds like it could have been made yesterday. Held in Splendor, second album from the Massachusetts trio Quilt, runs up against a few of these ledes. 

There’s a properness to their precision, and some unabashedly transcendental lyrics ready to be crooned. And, yes, let’s get it out of the way: this is a specifically blissed-out brand of psychedelia, abounding with vocal harmonies and lush melodies. But there’s also a welcome structural surrealism here, a willingness — on this album’s best songs, at least — to tinker with expectations and structures as a whole.

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