shout out to my fellow genderfluid kids who sometimes still feel comfortable with their assigned birth gender!! you all are incredibly valid and important!! also shout out to my fellow English second language kids who struggle to find words to explain gender and pronouns in their mother tongue. keep trucking, we’ll all get there one day.


After seeing the adorable furry OC that @martinhello made for me recently, and since I need to practice anthro characters anyway, I decided to design myself a furry OC (or fursona, if you really wanna call it that, whatever -3-). Of course these are just basic designs, but they show roughly how the final versions should look like. However, I can’t quite decide which one I wanna use, and which represents me the most ;3;

So I’d like to hear what you guys think, which represents me the most in your opinion? And for this purpose I set up a quick poll:

Tell me what you think! o3o

Now this is just a poll to find out what my followers and friends think. Despite the results, I may still pick a different one, but I’d like to know what you guys think regardless.


Jarv & Steve talking shit about Russell & Nick, 1991 (x)
(not Candida tho cos she’s perfect)

After 2 very long years of having this background drawn, and it being blank, I finally finished it.This is a major accomplishment to me because it took me so long.

Also yes, before you ask, I drew EVERYTHING in this drawing, including the mountains, buildings, hills, etc. I used MULTIPLE references when it came to drawing this background, so I’ll try not to take credit for everything.

You may also recognize the people in this drawing as; Krinomi/Kribbles (First Link is SFW, the second is NSFW), Glacier, Whoop(NSFW), Slendidnt(NSFW), and Järv(NSFW), That last pony on the bench next to Krinomi is my character which was made by Krinomi.

All of these people in the drawing are people I am so very happy to call my friends, and I really hope they will enjoy being in this drawing.

I am so happy to be back to drawing on Tumblr, and I hope I can just continue posting whenever I’m free, and whenever I get around to making good looking art. I am just hoping to make this blog more like Glacier’s blog, where he kinda just does what he wants, whether it be answering asks, or just posting whatever he freely wants to.

I hope you all enjoy it! ^w^

even though i’m a woman

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