jarrett walker

Because there is an operating company that is responsible for transit, people get it in their heads that transit is a thing that TransLink does to us and isn’t actually something that is ours. I have this issue with municipal governments all the time. They’ll sit down to do their own transport planning and will want to talk about the things that they control which is cycling, walking and roadways. Because they don’t control the transit, it can often seem like they don’t think through how decisions they make about cycling, walking and roadways may not actually be good decisions from the perspective of making the transit system work. Because it’s easy to think of it as, “Oh, that’s just TransLink. That’s not part of us.” You just have to break past that. The transit system belongs to everyone who uses it.
—  Jarrett Walker of Human Transit, in conversation with The Buzzer Blog. (Hear, hear.)

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