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#SOMA au where everything is the same, only Simon keeps making Bioshock references that Catherine doesn’t get. They just keep slipping out and when she goes “Wut” he’s always like “uh nothing”. She finally calls him on it after he’s seen his reflection and muttered “turned into a frickin’ Big Daddy” because no seriously Simon, she’s not letting this slide wtf are you even on. And he has to explain its a video game and they both lament the fact the internet is gone so she can’t look up what Bioshock is. 

and then Simon has to stop and actually conceptualize that the entirety of the internet is fuCKing GoNE

which of course leads to another round of everyone’s favorite game, ‘Catherine telling Simon to Fucking Focus because holy crap they have shit to do’

CR Binge: The Siege of Emon

Mary and Will! Yay!

Keyleth and Kash were so hilariously awkward! Or, well, she was awkward and he was antagonistic. Perfect. :D

Poor Jarrett having to deal with Scanlan. He is soooo not paid enough for this.

Keyleth when they went to the Air Ashari! <3 <3 That was great. I loved the exchange between Vax and her father, too. Both the verbal – “You’re a good man.” “Prove to me you are one, as well.” – and the silent acknowledgement and agreement that Vax would look after her. <3

OMGOMG I wasn’t expecting that scene with Vex and Percy to happen now! Bahaha it was so much funnier than I’d have expected, and so perfect, omg. Vex is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. (And then later, Liam/Vax looking between Vex and Percy and then making that icky face at the camera – priceless.)

They spent so much time trying to delay the inevitable. Can’t blame them! The whole situation is terrifying!

Zahra and Kash had BETTER not be dead.